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Aide Me by PaperBlanks
Aide Meby Karin [HIATUS]
"Before I show you who I am, I want you to remember what you're fighting for," Aide replied cautiously and gave them all a piercing stare. "Keep an open m...
High by devilandemons
Highby devilandemons
Anna Henderson never really had an interest in guys, rather she found herself more drawn towards girls After she comes back in town, she didn't know meeting her bestfri...
Adventures of Jessa by ShelbyWinds
Adventures of Jessaby ShelbyWinds
An infant is found to be the only survivor of a human village just outside of the elven forest. The elves come to investigate not wanting the dead bodies to cause proble...
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Song of the Marchwarden - A Deathless Death by Haldirs-Melda
Song of the Marchwarden - A Deathl...by Haldir's-Melda
The last of the Teleri is back, and she is back to love and fight. Join the story with Gaeariel, as she finds love in Haldir, and an enemy in an old friend.
The Innocent Mate Of A Dragon by frogishcritter
The Innocent Mate Of A Dragonby Frogish
She's an elvish princess of a small kingdom but what happens when she disobeys her father's orders and wonders into the dark forest where she meets a dangerous creature...
My Wife Is A Nerd From Another Dimension by theehexgirl
My Wife Is A Nerd From Another Dim...by she/they
How a human man deals with having a wife that's a nerd from another dimension.
STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING (book 1) by jupitermoon12
STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING (book...by caitilovebot <3
Hawkins Indiana 1983 a very memorable year for the residents who lived there. As kids go missing and a new kid appear.Francesca Walsh always new something was wrong with...
Elven Princess by Soumi_Sarkar
Elven Princessby Soumi Sarkar
A banished princess from The Eternal Lands goes back to her home and find her mother dying, which is shocking since the elves are immortal beings. A priest tells her tha...
Dairy of a Giantess  by ThatOneBoredAussie
Dairy of a Giantess by ThatOneBoredAussie
War and turmoil have come to earth, by a massive race of Elven warriors. This is the diary of one such, who's found a human to keep...
Bloodbound by Snoozyn
Bloodboundby Snoozyn
-A crown of stars book II- Gilryn Lockelore has made a choice and now she must find her way back to the man she has no memory of ever loving. She will have to face the...
The Forgotten Love ~A Faramir Love Story~ by sarahhhcatherineee
The Forgotten Love ~A Faramir Love...by Sarah Cat
Gwennan knows nothing of her true family. Her past is a blur. She has no idea where her rightful place in this world is. That is, not until she accompanies a young Halfl...
It has only Begun. [Sequel to 'I am no man'] by Annabanana2895
It has only Begun. [Sequel to 'I a...by 伪畏畏伪 Cantacessi
1000 years Legolas has been waiting for his bride to be, Anastasia Forester was born again only to know the world of earth where humans live, she is bullied and picked o...
The Elf and The Dragon (Fairy Tail AU) by tastefultrash
The Elf and The Dragon (Fairy Tail...by 饾枅饾枒饾枂饾枟饾枎饾枅饾枈
A Fairy Tail FanFiction~ Princess Lucy. King Natsu. Both had exceeding power. Both were after the other. When Natsu was a child, King Igneel's reign was already coming t...
The Elven King- not continuing  by elvngrl_
The Elven King- not continuing by Faye
A love story about a king and an elleth. Not continuing 馃挃
Top (Completed) Fantasy Stories by invaderKate
Top (Completed) Fantasy Storiesby Kaitlin
Anything from supernatural, paranormal, and werewolf. Stories on this list only include those of which are COMPLETED. If you want more, check out my reading list for sto...
Lady of the Ring by SettingSummerSun
Lady of the Ringby SettingSummerSun
Precious Anne Wellington was a girl who loved nothing more than binge watching movies in her Netflix playlist while in her pajamas. However, she will discover that her l...
GIF Preferences :: Tolkien by LegolasMyPrince
GIF Preferences :: Tolkienby r;
GIF preferences dedicated to these beloved characters: 路Aragorn 路Arwen 路Bard 路Beorn 路Bilbo 路Bofur 路Boromir 路Elrond 路Eomer 路Eowyn 路Faramir 路Fili 路Frodo 路Haldir 路Kili 路Li...
The Tale of a Hobbit-Elf | LOTR by pippinpeters
The Tale of a Hobbit-Elf | LOTRby Pippin Peters
Semolina Smallburrows of Sandydowns is not your ordinary hobbit. She is only half. The other half is of elvish blood. An old romance between Semolina's mother and father...
Mindful Katie Elven Realm (micro-fiction) by bwabygrrr
Mindful Katie Elven Realm (micro-f...by N. Bush
Quick and easy flash fiction segments about an Elf called Katie. Will you be her friend?
The Dread Wolf took Her by Ealasaid_95
The Dread Wolf took Herby Ealasaid_95
In this alternate ending Solas takes Lavellan with him, and he takes her anchor from her in a more intimate way. This is a alternate ending to Dragon Age Inquisition Tre...