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Euphoria  by NotYerDaddy
Euphoria by .
This is unlike my normal content, its a romantic story paired with erotica.
Thankyou master by NotYerDaddy
Thankyou masterby .
How you would be if you were mine❤
Innocence  by NotYerDaddy
Innocence by .
Lay down. Relax. Put on some calm music and enjoy the read as your inner thighs get a taste of your wetness.
Coffee And Sex || 18+ by EroticAnnie
Coffee And Sex || 18+by E.A.
Rory gets a job as a secretary to see to her financial needs but soon enough, she's seeing to more needs as well when she gets involved in an office affair with her boss...
Rose and Rules by vroila
Rose and Rulesby Vroila
~He inhaled sharply and looked as if he's trying to control his anger. He got up and came up to me, I pressed my lip trying to restrain him from knowing that I am scared...
Love through lust by VibinRam
Love through lustby Vibin Ram Narayanan
When you find true love and every moment together becomes special and some of those moments becomes so special, that you could not help but write it down. These are a co...
Erotic Adventures  by SongOfSin
Erotic Adventures by SongOfSin
I have a passion for writing erotic tales. Very descriptive content. Not for people under 18!
The Night at Tierra Fima by ferocearcadia
The Night at Tierra Fimaby Ferocé Arcadia
[Warning: R18+] What will happen when a complete stranger got all of your firsts? First touch, first kiss, first hug, and-first sex?! Astraea Lumiere Laxamana is an inno...
Not The Daddies She Expected by Unusualdee
Not The Daddies She Expectedby Unusualdee
Anna knew it was wrong, it was so fucking wrong. Regardless of this, she couldn't stop herself from signing the contract that was thrown into her face by the twins immed...
JUNGKOOK || THE KING'S OBSESSION (21+) by Silentshiver
•||Ongoing||• Thrusting in an animalistic pace maybe ripping her apart I earn sinful moans from her. Next time do not dare to refuse a king~~ I moaned still trusting and...
The Brat Diaries by LettiLustcraft
The Brat Diariesby Letti Lustcraft
"Over my knee." She's heard those three little words many times - Letti is a brat and she knows it. Wrex is Letti's strict husband and Dominant, but he not-so...
Fell in love with the nightmare by Ana_debbarma
Fell in love with the nightmareby Ana Deb Barma
A prestigious school's teacher was living her life peacefully, until when everything changed, and unpredictably they travelled through a space time including her student...
Breaking in the Pig Skin by Kiss_n_Tales
Breaking in the Pig Skinby Angela Crowe
Miss Mindy is desperate for a vacation and when one of her students becomes endangered of failing. She finds opportunity to make her fantasies come true.
Twisted Kinks Markiplier's Egos Smuts  by phoinexTear
Twisted Kinks Markiplier's Egos phoenixTear
Journey into a dark world of kinks with your favorite Markiplier egos : Noir, Darkiplier, Murderplier . Smut shortish stories. Mature
A Baby For The Beast by Kylie_got_issues
A Baby For The Beastby R.A Higheels
Every 200 years, a virgin is sacrificed to a powerful beast, for breeding. In the previous years passed, no offspring has been produced. It is known that only the mate t...
Soul Snatcher by Sephiibhoo
Soul Snatcherby Joe'Ne
Patti finds herself in a sticky situation unable to control her life anymore. Ever had something so good it takes control of you little by little? Like seriously have yo...
Smutt I Wrote 🤷‍♂️ by urfav_writter
Smutt I Wrote 🤷‍♂️by ur fav writer
After me and lacy get punished in class, I find out that she had drawn a sexual picture of me and her, wich leads to what happens next...
Temptation Series #1: Touch Me Not | Rated R-18 by anonygmaticpen
Temptation Series #1: Touch Me czea ♡
Read at your own risk! A story between a long time couple and her fuck buddy. Started: April 19, 2021 Finished: Book Cover by: czean graphicx Genre: Erotic/Romance
Souls On Fire ~ Erotic One Shots by lostlayabout
Souls On Fire ~ Erotic One Shotsby Sameeksha
"Her flower like cunt seduced his hard manhood" ~ 15 EROTIC ONE SHOTS for y'all! A perfect blend of HUNGER, LUST and DESIRE