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DIRTY BEAST by WildNightWind13
DIRTY BEASTby WildNightWind13
After being exiled from the country where he spent much of his childhood, Ronan Seamus Hemming found himself traveling to The United States Of America in search of a new...
LOLA GETS by WildNightWind13
LOLA GETSby WildNightWind13
Pursuing the daughter of any powerful man is something of a challenge especially if one is a known womanizer who comes under the sway of a young lady that happens to be...
WOLF KISSED by WildNightWind13
WOLF KISSEDby WildNightWind13
Born of Calabrian and Sicilian descent, the first born son of a Calabrian farmer is stricken via a curse placed upon him following the heinous crime committed via his fa...
PRIMEVIL by WildNightWind13
PRIMEVILby WildNightWind13
Following a series of unfortunate tragedies, which included being targeted via a disgruntled patient, Adept psychiatrist, Dr. Hadrian S. Rawsone has his life turned upsi...
AMARUS by WildNightWind13
AMARUSby WildNightWind13
After running afoul of a vengeful former lover, an 18th century aristocratic artist finds himself on the receiving end of a cruel and never ending curse.
BLACKGUARD by WildNightWind13
BLACKGUARDby WildNightWind13
Recently divorced and battling an addiction to alcohol following the events of a tragic robbery gone wrong, disgraced Det. Lukas Wyatt is given one last chance to prove...
White Lies - WBL (SamYu) by ucitnov
White Lies - WBL (SamYu)by ucit
Yang Yu Teng a.k.a Yusuke is the heir of respectable mafia in Japan. He has miserable past. To YU, 'Sam' is his first friend, crush, his .. everything. No matter what it...
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by fixmyteeth
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of...by fixmyteeth
"It's fuck all about heat or chemistry or any such shit, Gallagher. You and me...it's just a thing that cannot happen. The sooner we both accept that, the better of...
Overdue Reunion by QEGuysMcDanno19
Overdue Reunionby Ellie & Angela
A story about PI Thomas Magnum & Commander Steve McGarrett navigating through their new relationship. Stay Tuned, To See what happens next.
Making Amends by McDannoLovers
Making Amendsby Ellie & Angela
Steve & Danny finally got together, He realized that he hurt him, as he was dealing with Joe's death, He wants to make amends, Is he successful ?
Burning In The Third Degree: (1st in the Hugh Jackman Series) by AngelStar100781
Burning In The Third Degree: (1st...by Angela A. Twigg
Hugh Jackman meets his match when he gets a new PA for his traveling, & doing promotion, What happens, when they get together ?, Find Out!!!!
the blood is rare (and sweet as cherry wine) by dikshaaaaaaaaaaaa
the blood is rare (and sweet as ch...by dikshaaaaaaaaaaaa
not mine will take it down if the author asks me to from ao3 by Jennifer_kaid "Officer, I see you're giving away my secrets already," Harry said as he entered...
First Date Jitters by QEGuysMcDanno19
First Date Jittersby Ellie & Angela
Cole asks Merrick out on a date, He accepted, What will the couple do now ?
Fire Burns Within by AngelStar100781
Fire Burns Withinby Angela A. Twigg
Steve has been feeling a little protective of his newest Five-O Recruit, Junior Reigns, Will something happen or not ?
Seize The Day by QEGuysMcDanno19
Seize The Dayby Ellie & Angela
Steve's Test Results were not what he is excepted, What happened ?
The Greatest Showman: Love Conquers All by AngelStar100781
The Greatest Showman: Love Conquer...by Angela A. Twigg
A Crisis , The Perfect Life....Finally, For Everyone in the Barnum Clan & Circus.
Heating It Up: Hawaiian Style by AngelStar100781
Heating It Up: Hawaiian Styleby Angela A. Twigg
Stephanie McGarrett has a chance to be happy in Hawaii, when she moves back, The one thing that she didn't encounter is her lover from the past, Will it be okay ?
Anything For Family by AngelStar100781
Anything For Familyby Angela A. Twigg
Someone threatens Mary, & Joan to get to Steve, What happens when Five-O gets involved ?, You don't wanna miss a thing !
Descendants 3: Celebration Of Good by QEGuysMcDanno19
Descendants 3: Celebration Of Goodby Ellie & Angela
Things are good in Auradon, What happens when the celebration goes off without a hitch ?
Days Without // ryden by trovosky
Days Without // rydenby courtney
'Days without Ryan having sex with a random stranger: ZERO' *** Brendon had always prided himself on being a romantic. In this day and age, sex was the new black, and e...