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Are you afraid? by Trinitybazan
Are you afraid?by Trinity
Fury has gathered an interesting new recruit for his Avengers project. She's not the most open person and seems to have more secrets then fury does. The team has a hard...
Keep This Secret | The Slump God by cray0nbox
Keep This Secret | The Slump Godby cray0nbox
College dorms, a lot of things can happen. Can she keep what happens between the two of them a secret? Will she jeopardize everything and speak up?
The lucky girl by Susan_price
The lucky girlby Susan_price
Y/N was abandoned at a house as a baby.Lucky for her Hubie Dubois was the house owner.Y/N is now 15 and has a huge crush on Tommy Valentine.Her and Tommy has been friend...
"I'll travel the galaxy for you." (FULL SYNOPSIS INSIDE) A ORIGINAL
Daddy's kitten by softclowd
Daddy's kittenby Kitten
♡︎PLEASE VOTE ♡︎ I try to hold in my moans as I feel a hand slither to My kitty and I immediately know it's daddy's. I try to push it away before I make a fool of myself...
Ocean Eyes by gianna47
Evangeline McLester had a normal life. Senior year...good grades...solid group of friends. Everything was going great for her until she met Asher. At first glance, he se...
Draco Malfoy  One-Shots  by -Sunni-
Draco Malfoy One-Shots by -Sunni-
Just a load of random Draco Malfoy stories :) First ones are a bit crappy so if you want the best ones read my latest ones. Feel free to leave any requests for new sto...
My  Guardian angel by Neru_thesleepy_boi
My  Guardian angelby Neru_thesleepy_boi
It starts of when a boy named yuta tanaka is 7 everyone considers him "perfect" because The boy never makes mistakes and is good at everything his family membe...
The Day I Felt Alive by crash_romely
The Day I Felt Aliveby Sailor Crash
Hailee started working for one of the MCU shows where she meets someone who fascinates her, in so little time she becomes an important person to her, and she does not kn...
The Demon Lord Wants To Take Responsibility Of Me! by BB_Lover__
The Demon Lord Wants To Take Boys Love Manga
Yu Yin transmigrated twice, once again he has returned to his original world of cultivation, but the moment he gets back he gets scammed by a demon lord he doesn't recog...
Team max  by kai_writer97
Team max by Kai_writer97
A smooth voice started talking through the box " welcome, this is dungeon-scape, every individual will get the weapon they are choosing, the more they play and achi...
Our Future ( Child reader x Remarried empress ) by Vermillion2005
Our Future ( Child reader x Wolffe
Not only did Navier ask for a remarriage but custody of her only son y/n.
The Ghost Among Them by ghostryder74274
The Ghost Among Themby GhostRyder72472
This is a story of a man, just a man who is the quickest of hands in gunfights, and can kill anyone who does wrong, they call him The Ghost, a ruthless bounty hunter of...
Wake up!... by Puppetsmusicbox
Wake up! You got ✨Ranboozled✨
Hi! So I'll write when I feel like it please don't rush or push me to write. I hope that you like the story! This is also my first time 😅
Buddyfight x series by Mage242536
Buddyfight x seriesby Dragolord232435
This is a video book, it has buddyfight x episodes in it, enjoy
Pandora's Door: Genesis  by KingAccel
Pandora's Door: Genesis by Accelerator
What truth what lie what fantasy what dream A Future king meets a fantom for a wish (My first story to constructive cretics can help) (And yes it is inspired by some an...
Stay with me  by -stilesbae
Stay with me by Stiles_bae
Welcome to district 8. You are safe here. They can't find you here. -I didn't know how much I needed him until he was gone. Best #5- Fantasy 12/28/20
Reunite Foxglove by Izabellaamazing
Reunite Foxgloveby Izabellaamazing
So this is just a story I wrote for extra credit in my language arts class. It's just a short story and it's not that good but I'm sharing it with you guys anyways. I ho...
The Desolate Devotion by Botanphal
The Desolate Devotionby Palin
The Kingdom of Hallownest has fallen due to the rampant infection, but that disease had been finally stopped by a once thought to be imperfect Vessel. Hornet, a survivor...