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Meghan and Kara by babychanged
Meghan and Karaby babychanged
9 year old Kara is tired of being harshly disciplined for her occasional wetting accidents but she has a new weapon to battle against those who would diaper her. She ha...
The Mighty Morg by knotanumber
The Mighty Morgby Knotanumber
When a knight-in-training sets out on a dragonquest to win the hand of a fair princess, he expects to return in time for a pavilion wedding in the fall. But after fifty...
Worth by SeventyMurphy
Worthby Stephanie Murphy
When an eccentric old neighbour dies and names Violet March in his will, she is even more surprised than his estranged and spoiled family. To make matters stranger, she...
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fan by TRobDude
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fanby Trent Robinson
How do you fix a school that's out of control? Easy - get superheroes. Too simple? Try teaching them. One Monday morning, John Parks starts a new job teaching high schoo...
Reincarnated Memories by Rianel_Lewrej
Reincarnated Memoriesby Jerwel Adrian
Book Two: The Continuation of Not Your Ordinary Gangsters. The Gang is back to their home with additional members of their Family. But that is not all, the leaders are...
The Last One by shortweird
The Last Oneby Marcel St. Pierre
A once great and storied hero and adventurer now finds himself a little older, a little lonesome and a little irrelevant. But are his best days behind him? Or do his gre...
The Seduction of Isabella Trotsky by JereKrakoff
The Seduction of Isabella Trotskyby Jere Krakoff
In this first chapter of the published novel The Chameleon Shuffle (Open Books), High Court Justice Franz Babel dons a fake mustache, assumes a false identity, and attem...
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reason by ariceauthor
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reasonby Adam Rice
The fantasy saga you didn't know you needed, but now that you know... you need it BAD.
Repast by jreinc
Repastby Pat Egan
Recent Grad decides to join the workforce but quickly gets caught up in a murder
Mind Your Manors by DB_in_ink
Mind Your Manorsby Donovan Brooks
The Lord and Lady of the manor are absent. Their estate is in decline. Beleaguered by sloth and incompetence, Bosworth, head butler, must take charge before it is too la...
December 23rd by dhariwama
December 23rdby dhariwama
A brief Christmas farce.
Farce Effect by VarrusGakarian
Farce Effectby Varrus Gakarian
A lieutenant who's a total punching bag. A chief who's an alt-right, conspiracy theorist. An asari scientist who's a complete tweak. And a smoking hot, turian mall-cop...
Felisha and The Ratchets of NIMH by forbiddenutopia
Felisha and The Ratchets of NIMHby forbiddenutopia
Felisha has had her weave stolen by the Ratchets of NIMH and needs to get it back. Will she get it back from The Ratchets? Princess_at_heart_xx contributed to this story.
This is an idea for a play I want to write...but I'm not sure if it's good enough. Any tips and critiques are welcome! This is just a very small excerpt.
Manor of Convenience by unwillingadventurer
Manor of Convenienceby Katie and Claire Lambeth
It's 1925 and Toby of Elmwood Manor loves a man named George who most certainly loves him back. And although they're married to two wonderful ladies- Meg and Sophia- the...
Wattpad: The Wattpad by judewalker09055
Wattpad: The Wattpadby judewalker09055
A farce-ish romantic-comedy that spoofs the cringy nature of not just popular Wattpads such as After and Kissing Booth, but the entire genre of teen romance! Watch as pe...