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Meet At Joe's by CFarley982
Meet At Joe'sby Charles Farley
A comedy of errors with unexpected twists, convoluted mysteries, and a touch of romance. This is the fourth book in the "Sharing Afflictions" Trilogy, and also...
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fan by TRobDude
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fanby Trent Robinson
How do you fix a school that's out of control? Easy - get superheroes. Too simple? Try teaching them. One Monday morning, John Parks starts a new job teaching high schoo...
How to Not Succeed in Podcasting While Really Trying by MelainaBlanc
How to Not Succeed in Podcasting W...by M. T. Blanc
So you have a podcast you'd like to promote? That's fantastic! Come along with me, as I painstakingly detail all the ways to not succeed in doing that. Not a podcaster...
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reason by ariceauthor
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reasonby Adam Rice
The fantasy saga you didn't know you needed, but now that you know... you need it BAD.
The Last One by shortweird
The Last Oneby Marcel St. Pierre
A once great and storied hero and adventurer now finds himself a little older, a little lonesome and a little irrelevant. But are his best days behind him? Or do his gre...
The Avengers Parody - The Kanjers by NisarMasoom
The Avengers Parody - The Kanjersby Nisar Masoom
This is the unofficial parody of the 2012 The Avengers movie.
The World's Worst Apocalyptic Romance by ThankfulPlanet75
The World's Worst Apocalyptic Roma...by ThankfulPlanet75
By Van Millvele aka ThankfulPlanet75 Delkcoda and her crush, Allen, are making their way through, and they will live their best lives if the robots, zombies, and tanks...
The Good, The Bad and The Silly by ranjitrrk
The Good, The Bad and The Sillyby Ranjit Kulkarni
Get Ready for Swami and Jigneshbhai! The one thing that Jigneshbhai likes is a quite life. But his restless friend doesn't let him have much of it. Especially when it co...
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandary by AAWinterson
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandaryby A A Winterson
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandary, or The Space Tender: A Story for the Perplexed. An adventure novel by someone, narrating a tale of buckled nears and buried olds.
Dating Myself by DTM-writing
Dating Myselfby Daniel Marshall
Browsing through Instagram, I saw a post from someone who had spent an evening out all on their own. Nothing wrong with that - I've done the same, when travelling alone...
Work Experience by cantdrawfortoffee
Work Experienceby cantdrawfortoffee
Something always happens on the first day, doesn't it? Just monitor this radio for a minute, kid...
Naya Chooran or Bust! by Weeklychokus
Naya Chooran or Bust!by Weeklychokus
A twelve-year-old street urchin befriends a kooky stranger who claims he's the new town councilor. But the old man is not who he seems, and neither is the boy. Naya Choo...
The Raven, Part II by shortweird
The Raven, Part IIby Marcel St. Pierre
A lost lover returns, and a certain beleaguered writer's conversation with the raven above his chamber door leads to an unexpected and grisly climax. 'The Raven, Part I...
The Birdperson of Corktown by shortweird
The Birdperson of Corktownby Marcel St. Pierre
Sometimes, that person you've been trying to avoid is exactly the person you need. This is not one of those times. 'The Birdperson of Corktown' was previously published...
Faff in the Desert by RobertFitzPatrick13
Faff in the Desertby Robert FitzPatrick
It is 1922 and as the sun is beginning to set on the British Empire, young archaeologist Archie Plunkett-Pfaff lands the opportunity of a lifetime in southern Egypt. A n...
The Goodridges: A One-Act Murder Mystery by ClearlyNotFanfiction
The Goodridges: A One-Act Murder M...by ClearlyNotFanfiction
Dolores Goodridges expected a regular dinner party. Instead, her husband has disappeared and dead bodies keep showing up (as well as a drug dealer expecting $8,000 in ca...
Please Refrain: A Fairytale for Bad People by InPowderAndCrinoline
Please Refrain: A Fairytale for Ba...by William Guynn
Q is a young man of little consequence who, after a series of magical incidents, is thrust into the role of a fairytale hero. However, this is not a normal fairytale. Th...
A short story collection with active, three-act stories from a variety of genres, plus two bonus stories. Tagline: Reading. Why not do it for fun sometimes? There are pr...
Cops and Robbers by KeithBDarrell
Cops and Robbersby Keith B. Darrell
* A Quirky Crime Drama * A pair of FBI agents set up a bogus movie production as part of an unlikely sting operation to snare a mob kingpin. They buy the worst scrip...