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One with the Force (Holocouncil x Male Force Sensitive Reader) by random_idiot223
One with the Force (Holocouncil x...by Random_idiot
(Y/n) is a force sensitive individual, he doesn't consider himself Sith nor Jedi, at most a Grey-Jedi. In his past his town was attacked by a group of raiders for any go...
The multi-purpose personnel of the Company (OC x Hololive) by TheVoiceBehindAll
The multi-purpose personnel of the...by The Voice Behind All
Meet Duc TheEntity. The multi-purpose personnel of Cover. He has been in the company the longest. But only Yagoo knew he. What will happen to him when others know th...
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OC by ThePotat420
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OCby ThePotat21
So this is what happens when the man, the legend himself, Yagoo, kindly asks an infamous assassin...a killer for hire to work as a body guard and house keeper for five c...
The Hololive Council (a Hololive Fanfic) *Completed* by ArlWrites
The Hololive Council (a Hololive F...by Arl
Are you ready? "The Council has decided your fate!" Concepts of the universe manifest into anthropomorphic-like beings are tasked with maintaining the struct...
Patient Vampire by NyxLau
Patient Vampireby NyxLau
Kronii is from a Noble Vampire family. Who rebels against her family's old teaching and wants to live together with the humans. But then, she meets Mumei, who will bring...
Hololive's Big Brother by SeramLumie
Hololive's Big Brotherby Sick
There exists a shrine in the inner reaches of the darkest forest, a place you're only allowed to see if the guardian deity lets you. Saiai Shinrin the nine-tailed God th...
Roommate Wanted. No Betrayers. by nayarune
Roommate Wanted. No Betrayers.by Rune
Ouro Kronii lives alone in a big empty house, with only anxiety and abandonment issues for company. This needs to change. KronFauMei with background BaeRyS
Fauna ❋T'Challa by BoosCorner
Fauna ❋T'Challaby Boo's Corner
Welcome to the romantic story of T'Challa and Fauna. Fauna is the woman that every mother warn their sons to stay away from and never bring home, she is the lady of the...
Wardens love potion by HadenSfer
Wardens love potionby Haden
This is a Kronmei Fanfic ~~~~~~~~ Kronii is the most known in town for being a businesswoman with the most chaotic friend of hers, Hakos Baelz. tho she never found true...
The Puppets, Their Creation, The Puppeteer (HoloCouncil x Fem Reader) by dimph21
The Puppets, Their Creation, The P...by dimph21 ☄️
After finding out about her origins, (Y/N) is reminded of her purpose: to save her creators. Along with one of them, the Guardian of Civilization, they are to free The C...
Rose's from 1970 by BaeSimp
Rose's from 1970by BaeSimp
Bae,Sana,Fauna,Kronii and Mumei are just a group of humans who just moved in a new neighborhood but there was a telephone in one of the bedrooms which was bae she keep...
Tiramisu by Lazyumu
Tiramisuby 메이
Love has a subtle sweetness with the perfect amount of bitterness just like a Tiramisu~ Nanashi Mumei, Ouro Kronii, Hakos Baelz, Ceres Fauna, and Tsukumo Sana are all n...
Hololive English x Male Reader by Phi1903
Hololive English x Male Readerby Luna VN
Hi, it's me again. This is the 2nd book written about Hololive English just a short story. You can see my first book of Hololive oneshots on my profile. Hope you enjoy...
The Triangle by MizuchiYoruka
The Triangleby MizuchiYoruka
My First Fanfic of a love triangle between, and owl, a warden of time and mother nature.
A Nightmare ( Hololive x male reader) by DancingMosquite
A Nightmare ( Hololive x male read...by DancingMosquite
You fought the coucil until you finally lost, they sealed you away and years later you managed to break the seal and go to earth and meet people from the supernatural an...
Holocouncil incorrect quotes by BaeSimp
Holocouncil incorrect quotesby BaeSimp
just some incorrect quotes I think of
HoloEN X Male Reader by KazuiKuro
HoloEN X Male Readerby KazuiKuro
After Y/N had saved his Lover Mori Calliope from Getting Killed by a foe who can even kill immortals, He died and suddenly woke up 1000 years in the future. This is a ha...
Grasp of Nature by Parkerring
Grasp of Natureby Nick Parker
A Boy and The Mother Nature. Credit: Plot: Me Writing and Cover: Arrosto
Amelias Troublesome Case (Reader Insert) by Boatcist1
Amelias Troublesome Case (Reader I...by Cmf
(Y/N)'s life got flipped upside down so quickly that he almost missed the fact that he had somehow avoided going to jail for committing a crime. He also apparently has p...
adopted by the god of chaos and hope (bae x Irys fanfiction) by FriendlyzGhost
adopted by the god of chaos and ho...by "Friendly"GrimReaper
a 15 years old girl that all her life only know about being a experiment finally finds a loving family. But what happened when her trauma won't let her open up to her ne...