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Sun/Moon Oneshots! by No_not_today_
Sun/Moon Oneshots!by No_not_today_
Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for head trauma, nose bleeds or the transfer of your consciousness you could gain while reading this. if there is such an event...
Your personal Fun time (Fun time foxy x reader femeal ) by StarFnafLover
Your personal Fun time (Fun time f...by Star☆
I don't really see that much fun time foxy x y/n so I did this and it's my first story ( sorry for my englis if i made some mistakes I am so sorry ) I will add some of y...
Never Alone (FNAF: Delaven x Mangle) by FoxBoy2099
Never Alone (FNAF: Delaven x Mangl...by Delaven Foxboy
In the beginning, young man Del once had a family of his own and a happy life to live in. However, it didn't last since it was all taken away from him due to a strange f...
My Beautiful Art Book (Discontinued) (Not anymore lmao) by sticks_and_bones
My Beautiful Art Book (Discontinue...by B-O-N-E-S
not all of it is batim related, just art. I dont post on here anymore, but if you wanna see my art still, insta is @/oh_skellz No pressure to follow :) SCREW IT IM BRING...
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An Afton Story by Theonlygremlin
An Afton Storyby Theonlygremlin
This is just some story I wanted to wright because I have too many ideas to make semi-wholesome things. In this story Michael Afton is actually a good brother, but Evan(...
(PAUSED)Don't be scared ( Platonic DJ Music man x Child reader) by FunTymeFoxii
(PAUSED)Don't be scared ( Platonic...by FunTymeFoxii
not many people have made anything about DJ music man and he is one of my fav characters so let's show him some love. I do NOT own Dj music man or Five nights at fredd...
So Rockin' | Mike x Reader! Roxy Wolf by L0v3-Sunny
So Rockin' | Mike x Reader! Roxy W...by FuntimeLolbit122
You are Roxxane Wolf, one of the four new glamrock animatronics! When Mike Schmidt becomes the nightguard at the pizzaplex, however, you and him discover something speci...
Art Book (5) by katnotmore123
Art Book (5)by Queen Lux
Huh. My fifth art book. I own most of the art inside
The Bloody Book by FNAFUSER26
The Bloody Bookby FNAFUSER26
One day, Foxy wanders into the woods. He finds a mysterious book. Something takes control of Freddy... Read the rest to find out!
Broken - a fnaf fanfic by TheInsaneFoxWriter
Broken - a fnaf fanficby TheInsaneFoxWriter
The horrifying story of the Fazbear franchise is thought of as a myth by most, simply a scary tale spread around; it's ruled off as fiction by Fazbear Entertainment itse...
UCN by seb4stianol1va
UCNby Sebastian
special thanks to The Oddities Roleplay channel for the randomness, @FierceLC for some of the characters, and @NoLimitsToDreams' book, FNAF random moments, for the inspi...
Purity. || Sundrop x Reader by ssoulsoup
Purity. || Sundrop x Readerby z
Trapped in a giant pizzeria. For six hours. With a sun and moon robot that's partially homicidal. What could go wrong, am I right? total words: 2829
✭ ♡ Jeremike oneshots ♡ ✭  by Ozzitroniczz
✭ ♡ Jeremike oneshots ♡ ✭ by ✭Ozzitronics✭
Uh I might update this but don't except a schedule - COVER-ART NOT MINE - Characters belong to blueycapsules!! fluff ✭ NO SMUT ✭ Enjoy ♡ ♡
Dj music man x reader (ima try and complete it this time) by Simp7654321
Dj music man x reader (ima try and...by Simp
Ok so your a normal woman (yes it's female) walking around a childrens place with your nephew Nick! He wants to see the Dj, your friend comes with y'all, it gets hot, yo...
Oneshots by Phantm_girl_25
Oneshotsby Phantom
I'll write about any fandom.
The Funtimers' and Tormentors' Backstory [My AU] by Amber_Afton_Schmidt
The Funtimers' and Tormentors' Bac...by Amber_Lily_Afton
Sky - Funtime Freddy mask/ Abused by her father and step mother, She doesn't know what happened to her real mother but she wants to find out. Layla - Funtime Foxy mask...
Random Stuff by taya_boxly
Random Stuffby 0boox
this is just a random book its just going to be my gacha ccs random ships and alot of fandoms im in
surprises Thefamousfilms story by lucidwasadream
surprises Thefamousfilms storyby Sora_
read to find out (cover not mine)
william afton x fem reader! by kuromisimp123123
william afton x fem reader!by CLARA AFTON
homie ur fr reading the disc? ok cool have fun this is my first fanfic lol