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Love made Visible by blackswanPooPoo
Love made Visibleby blackswanPooPoo
What Mina thought was an ordinary day out, turned out to be more interesting. Chaeyoung doesn't much like going out, unless she needs to. Good thing she did for she did...
Separate Expectations [A Lost Love Series: Book one] by azriel_writes
Separate Expectations [A Lost Love...by Azriel_writes
this is a gxg story if you're uncomfortable with it i recommend not reading mas mabuti pang huwag nalang basahin para hindi na ma-bother, thank you. Date Started: May 24...
Notice Me, Miss Huxley by Aexiaaa
Notice Me, Miss Huxleyby Aexiaaa
A girl name Xaiji Shin-Coxter, she's pretty-no she's gorgeous. Maraming humahanga sa itsura nya, ngunit pagdating sa kakayahan nya sa edukasyon ay samu't saring insulto...
Runaway Baby | GxG | Under revision by FallenStar3901
Runaway Baby | GxG | Under revisionby ignatius
'Agent G', a conceited agent that was used to be assigned on high-profile missions, was assigned to a lower and easier one: Find and keep Rhian Howell, the perfect and t...
Unexpected Love (girlxgirl) by epiphanylove
Unexpected Love (girlxgirl)by eponine
A queen is meant to marry a king, like a princess who are born to have a prince. How will Gabrielle and Raffaela who are both queens of their own world be able to fight...
Fated to be Yours (Profxstudent) by antlrny_aysel
Fated to be Yours (Profxstudent)by aysel
Aiselle Rain Santos isang dakilang party girl at playgirl. Siya ang nag iisang anak ng may-ari ng pinaka malaki at papular na iskwelahan na Santos University Angeline S...
The Big Sister  by dheroinepurge
The Big Sister by jenzy
Juliet some ordinary teenager, chasing her dreams. Living life. Questioning her sexuality. And falling in love with people.
Scarred Heart (gxg) by oddone_
Scarred Heart (gxg)by oddone_
Anim na taong pagmamahalan, mauuwi nga lang ba sa wala? Carly x Georgia
AVOIDING THE END by shain_nikoru
"Your love was fake, but the pain caused was very real"
A short story of pain, anguish and love lost to unfaithfulness ' TRIGGER WARNING: If you are sensitive to painful things with regard to a cheating partner or spouse, whi...
Ewan by ysnxcnb
Ewanby isennnnn
What Hearts Already Know by sutaru12
What Hearts Already Knowby Tala Ledesma
Dana wants more from life than her father wants & planned for her future, while Alexandra seems no future after her father sold the Family ranch and left she left to fen...
Fell Out Of Love by nannafied69
Fell Out Of Loveby heyitsnanna
After six long years, its over.
Tagpuan (GxG) - The hidden message by Fourthyn
Tagpuan (GxG) - The hidden messageby
"Hindi lahat ng bagay ay literal.. "
Our Impending Sunset by Mzwxdnyltm
Our Impending Sunsetby lzAe
She's my strength that made me gave up on everything, my medicine who made me feel thousands of pain. -Zhavrielle Ryuu Celeste [UNEDITED] Date started: 07-12-2022 Date...