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Have Mercy by elysianfieId
Have Mercyby kj
Her smile is skeletal, wholly un-human and jagged. The ghost of a girl that Gansey once knew. The Dream Thieves - The Raven King. elysianfieIds © 202...
cigarette daydream ━━  the raven cycle by thepeterparkers
cigarette daydream ━━ the raven 「a」
"i'm exhibiting serious signs of insanity right now, you know that, right?" [ beth st. james is slowly going insane and she believes it's richard g...
Kruczy chłopcy by KessaSaba
Kruczy chłopcyby Pianka~
Wszystkie wspaniałe dziwności o wszystkich wspaniałych i dziwnych chłopcach. Być może znajdzie się także miejsce na dziewczęta. Będzie to zbiór różnych headcanonów, talk...
The Raven Boys x Reader by cherryBomb379
The Raven Boys x Readerby cherryBomb379
Just a book of TRC one-shots. I've been looking for TRC one-shots for ages, but there really aren't many. So I decided to make my own!
coffee war by mqrvelous
coffee warby 🔪
"i swear to fuck if that boy comes in here tonight right before close i'm gonna fucking gut him." blue opened a coffee shop in the city, and gansey just wants...
The Magician And The Dreamer by harryshufflepuff
The Magician And The Dreamerby amber
Adam Parrish has known Ronan Lynch for almost three years, through their mutual friend Gansey. But what Adam doesn't know about are the feelings Ronan has for him. And t...
savior complex by purehcroine
savior complexby aimee
in the grand scheme of things, everything is connected. © aimee, 2021. SAVIOR COMPLEX / cover by @vizslas
Quotes from the Raven Cycle by WrenKarai934
Quotes from the Raven Cycleby Cat
These are a bunch of quotes of funny or sad or sweet moments in the Raven Cycle series, with a few comments provided by yours truly added in. I hope you enjoy!
squash squad → the raven cycle crack by _fabulousfox
squash squad → the raven cycle fox
\ this is really bad and was written on a dare lmao dont read it / 1ce apon a tim, ther was 10 losers who caled themselfs teh squash squad. teh squash squad iz incredble...
Pynch by Skykoalas
Pynchby Skykoalas
Gansey wonders about Ronan and Adams Relationship. he regrets these thought when he catches them together on the sofa in Monmouth
tattoos → pynch by _fabulousfox
tattoos → pynchby fox
-punk!adam and pastel!ronan- -intentional lowercase- -ronan pov- -trigger warning for ab*se mentions, drugs/alcohol, and s*lf-h*rm. read at your own risk, and /please/ s...
The Raven Cycle Oneshots by CelestialKitten55
The Raven Cycle Oneshotsby ᛃ ℂ𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕒𝕝 ℂ𝕒𝕥 ᛃ
You know what this is ;) It's mainly outsider POV's and memes, plenty of Pynch, Bluesey (Janesey?), Henry, The Gray Man, Opal, Noah (and his fam), Adam's college mates O...
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (ITA) by Aargot
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (ITA)by Lady Raven
Per la prima volta nella sua vita, Blue Sargent ha trovato un posto dove si sente a casa. I ragazzi corvo l'hanno accolta come una di loro e lei è sicura che questo è i...
Break Him by cinematicmusic
Break Himby Aspire
(A Raven Boys Fanfic) (This idea was created before the release of the Raven King. Therefore there will be no spoilers for that book.) Adam Parrish left because he was t...
A Raven Cycle Fanfic  by nealjol
A Raven Cycle Fanfic by Monkey Cracker
I'm no Maggie Stiefvater, but I home you enjoy this fan fiction, because now that the Raven King is out and I've read it... I am sad that it's over. :( so to console mys...
Noah Tells Gansey by amphoenix
Noah Tells Ganseyby A. M. Phoenix
A little thought of an interaction between Noah and Gansey which leads to an...interaction between Gansey and Blue. I love these books, sorry. Characters by Maggie Sti...
The Raven's Liar by TheSalvatoresGirl
The Raven's Liarby T
"When she hit Henrietta she broke all of the rules she had set herself, slowly, one by one. She became involved, attached. She allowed herself to find happiness and...
The Raven Cycle Headcanons by princessrose0716
The Raven Cycle Headcanonsby princessrose0716
A small collection of my favorite headcanons. Some are my own and others are from Tumblr. I will give credit to the creators. *SPOILERS FOR ALL BOOKS*