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Have Mercy by elysianfieId
Have Mercyby kj
Her smile is skeletal, wholly un-human and jagged. The ghost of a girl that Gansey once knew. The Dream Thieves - The Raven King. elysianfieIds © 202...
The Raven Boys x Reader by cherryBomb379
The Raven Boys x Readerby cherryBomb379
Just a book of TRC one-shots. I've been looking for TRC one-shots for ages, but there really aren't many. So I decided to make my own!
rhinestone eyes by Kalani_kisses
rhinestone eyesby Kalani <3
I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower That you made with plastic power Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away When the paralytic dreams that we all seem to keep Driv...
twitter → the raven cycle by _fabulousfox
twitter → the raven cycleby fox
in which the raven gang are band stans who run twitter fan accounts
The Raven Girl: Ronan X Reader by TheRominer
The Raven Girl: Ronan X Readerby 𝐼𝓋𝓎
A "The Raven Boys" Fanfiction $-$-$-$-$ (Y/N) has always been weird; it helps when you're living with crazy boys who are trying to find something called a &quo...
Sacred Ghost-Gods by Slone13
Sacred Ghost-Godsby Slone13
Once there was a boy whose brother was killed by a flaming dragon, whose mother was lost and whose father was dead. He was a bittersweet mess of misfortune and possibili...
savior complex by purehcroine
savior complexby aimee
in the grand scheme of things, everything is connected. © aimee, 2021. SAVIOR COMPLEX / cover by @vizslas
A Raven Cycle Fanfic  by nealjol
A Raven Cycle Fanfic by Monkey Cracker
I'm no Maggie Stiefvater, but I home you enjoy this fan fiction, because now that the Raven King is out and I've read it... I am sad that it's over. :( so to console mys...
Ask Ronan and Adam (From The Raven Cycle) by it_memes_a_lot_to_me
Ask Ronan and Adam (From The Evee ♡
An ask book. Please comment anything you want to know about Adam and Ronan. Dares are also welcome as well.
College Acceptance (Pynch one-shot) Raven Cycle by ModernMastermind
College Acceptance (Pynch Let me think!
Disclaimer: these characters belong the amazing Maggie Stiefvater. I DON'T OWN THEM Plot: Adam receives his college letters. The results, Ronan's reaction, Adam's react...
The Greywaren and the Magician [Pynch One-Shots] by IWrteFicNotTragedies
The Greywaren and the Magician [ Ashes
Adam and Ronan are magical boyfriends, what more could you ask for? (The chapter "Table of Contents" will give you actual descriptions of each one-shot ahaa.) ...
Separated  by stay-humble-
Separated by Britain 🇬🇧
What if Blue and her Raven boys never saw each other again and were forced to be separated? What if someone breaks this? What if... Or the one where Blue, Gansey, Adam a...
Pynch by Skykoalas
Pynchby Skykoalas
Gansey wonders about Ronan and Adams Relationship. he regrets these thought when he catches them together on the sofa in Monmouth
MORE THAN SURVIVE ( trc. ) by trcsociety
❝ He knew what he wanted. It would destroy him. ❞ the raven boys | platonic oc x gangsey | coming soon
The Raven Cycle fanfiction by AshryversEyes
The Raven Cycle fanfictionby Oakwald Forest
The Raven Boys one-shots . All credits to Maggie Steifvater :)
I'll keep you safe - pynch by whatevershesays
I'll keep you safe - pynchby Lets
Adam wakes up from a nightmare, in Ronan's bed. (short fic, 1000 words, no plot just vibes)
squash squad → the raven cycle crack by _fabulousfox
squash squad → the raven cycle fox
\ this is really bad and was written on a dare lmao dont read it / 1ce apon a tim, ther was 10 losers who caled themselfs teh squash squad. teh squash squad iz incredble...
Social Media by nmh107
Social Mediaby nmh107
What if one day the gangsey found some of Noah's old social media pages! More Noah Czerny oneshots!
The Magician And The Dreamer by harryshufflepuff
The Magician And The Dreamerby amber
Adam Parrish has known Ronan Lynch for almost three years, through their mutual friend Gansey. But what Adam doesn't know about are the feelings Ronan has for him. And t...
tattoos → pynch by _fabulousfox
tattoos → pynchby fox
-punk!adam and pastel!ronan- -intentional lowercase- -ronan pov- -trigger warning for ab*se mentions, drugs/alcohol, and s*lf-h*rm. read at your own risk, and /please/ s...