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coffee war by mqrvelous
coffee warby 🔪
"i swear to fuck if that boy comes in here tonight right before close i'm gonna fucking gut him." blue opened a coffee shop in the city, and gansey just wants...
Ask Ronan and Adam (From The Raven Cycle) by it_memes_a_lot_to_me
Ask Ronan and Adam (From The Evee ♡
An ask book. Please comment anything you want to know about Adam and Ronan. Dares are also welcome as well.
Headcannons by mee by 7avendarsi
Headcannons by meeby Lavender
Just some headcannons:) Characters are by respective authors!!!
We Have Secrets Too by aesthival
We Have Secrets Tooby Fable
Some domestic Pynch fluff. // Since Blue and Gansey are sneaking around, we might as well too.
One-Shots // Book Compilation by jolikesgames
One-Shots // Book Compilationby « Jo »
One-Shot's written about any book title I feel like including; yet, know I shouldn't make a one-shot book for strictly that universe. So, since I still want to put the w...
cigarette daydream ━━  the raven cycle by thepeterparkers
cigarette daydream ━━ the raven 「a」
"i'm exhibiting serious signs of insanity right now, you know that, right?" [ beth st. james is slowly going insane and she believes it's richard g...
Kruczy chłopcy by KessaSaba
Kruczy chłopcyby Pianka~
Wszystkie wspaniałe dziwności o wszystkich wspaniałych i dziwnych chłopcach. Być może znajdzie się także miejsce na dziewczęta. Będzie to zbiór różnych headcanonów, talk...
JUST PYNCH by Della1065
JUST PYNCHby Della1065
The title says everything Just all the fucking perfect moments of our favourite couple From all the books With chapter number I know...I know... so amazing Read the sto...
The Raven Cycle Oneshots by vera-gemini
The Raven Cycle Oneshotsby vera gemini...
What adventures did the gangsey face during their senior year of high school, or the summer that followed? How did Gansey meet Ronan, and what adventures did they share...
twitter → the raven cycle by _fabulousfox
twitter → the raven cycleby fox
in which the raven gang are band stans who run twitter fan accounts
The Rebirth of Cabeswater (pynch) by little-xen
The Rebirth of Cabeswater (pynch)by Xen
Ronan Lynch always knew Cabeswater would come back, and when it did, Adam Parrish would be right by his side. The Dreamer and the Magician, finally at peace, were worthy...
In the BMW (Pynch oneshot) by Pendragoner
In the BMW (Pynch oneshot)by Pendragoner
Adam comes home to Ronan one weekend from college and they find themselves stranded in a torrential downpour while driving the BMW and amorous activity ensues No graphi...
Repressed Feelings {RonanxAdam, The Raven Cycle} by 2izzyma0
Repressed Feelings {RonanxAdam, 2izzyma0
Ronan Lynch has had feelings for Adam Parrish for a while, but he's never admitted it to anyone but himself. He's recently adopted the habit of regularly bringing Adam t...
deep in the forest we get lost | ronan lynch/adam parrish by wilkwlesie
deep in the forest we get lost | ☁️ Wilk
Oniryczne drabble z Pynchem w roli głównej. Leśny, magiczny klimat zamknięty w 297 znakach. (Tytuł zaczerpnięty z utworu brother by mighty oaks.)
PYNCH ONESHOTS by hedwigeomfndm
PYNCH ONESHOTSby Hedwigeonfndm
Here are some oneshots of PYNCH (Adam Parrish x Ronan lynch) from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater! I don't own these characters nor do I own the art on the cover!
The Raven Boys In Love by ganseys-mint-plant
The Raven Boys In Loveby Ale
Hunting for dead Welsh kings and falling in love.
Pynch by Skykoalas
Pynchby Skykoalas
Gansey wonders about Ronan and Adams Relationship. he regrets these thought when he catches them together on the sofa in Monmouth
fixed ━ the raven cycle by madmayfields
fixed ━ the raven cycleby ˗ˏˋ eliza ˎˊ˗
𝐅𝐢𝐱𝐞𝐝 | ❝We'll be okay.❞ extended summary inside the raven cycle alternate universe blue x gansey & ronan x adam © madmayfie...
Gossip Line by 1-800-flowerpot
Gossip Lineby 1-800-flowerpot
Everyone's got skeletons in their closet but what happens when those come to the light? Aglionby Academy is shaken up over the new anonymous account exposing all the se...