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cigarette daydream ━━  the raven cycle by thepeterparkers
cigarette daydream ━━ the raven 「a」
"i'm exhibiting serious signs of insanity right now, you know that, right?" [ beth st. james is slowly going insane and she believes it's richard g...
The Raven Boys x Reader by cherryBomb379
The Raven Boys x Readerby cherryBomb379
Just a book of TRC one-shots. I've been looking for TRC one-shots for ages, but there really aren't many. So I decided to make my own!
Have Mercy by elysianfieId
Have Mercyby kj
Her smile is skeletal, wholly un-human and jagged. The ghost of a girl that Gansey once knew. The Dream Thieves - The Raven King. elysianfieIds © 202...
The Raven Boys In Love by ganseys-mint-plant
The Raven Boys In Loveby Ale
Hunting for dead Welsh kings and falling in love.
twitter → the raven cycle by _fabulousfox
twitter → the raven cycleby fox
in which the raven gang are band stans who run twitter fan accounts
I'll keep you safe - pynch by whatevershesays
I'll keep you safe - pynchby Lets
Adam wakes up from a nightmare, in Ronan's bed. (short fic, 1000 words, no plot just vibes)
The Magician And The Dreamer by harryshufflepuff
The Magician And The Dreamerby amber
Adam Parrish has known Ronan Lynch for almost three years, through their mutual friend Gansey. But what Adam doesn't know about are the feelings Ronan has for him. And t...
In the BMW (Pynch oneshot) by Pendragoner
In the BMW (Pynch oneshot)by Pendragoner
Adam comes home to Ronan one weekend from college and they find themselves stranded in a torrential downpour while driving the BMW and amorous activity ensues No graphi...
PARADISE ROT  by pelides
Is that a dream of life or a life of dreaming? declan lynch / oc the raven cycle - the dreamer trilogy pelides © COVER MADE BY PALOMA / @wulfhall
coffee war by mqrvelous
coffee warby 🔪
"i swear to fuck if that boy comes in here tonight right before close i'm gonna fucking gut him." blue opened a coffee shop in the city, and gansey just wants...
We should talk.... by uhhhhhhhhhidkk
We should Ireadalot
Adam and Ronan talk about how their relationship will go moving forward.
Pynch by Skykoalas
Pynchby Skykoalas
Gansey wonders about Ronan and Adams Relationship. he regrets these thought when he catches them together on the sofa in Monmouth
Oneshots for the Raven Cycle by Lizzie_The_Angel
Oneshots for the Raven Cycleby Lizzie A
I love the characters from the Raven Cycle so much, so I figured I would write a few one-shots for them! These will probably mostly be fluff! *None of the characters are...
We Have Secrets Too by aesthival
We Have Secrets Tooby Fable
Some domestic Pynch fluff. // Since Blue and Gansey are sneaking around, we might as well too.
Sacred Ghost-Gods by Slone13
Sacred Ghost-Godsby Slone13
Once there was a boy whose brother was killed by a flaming dragon, whose mother was lost and whose father was dead. He was a bittersweet mess of misfortune and possibili...
Impossible by NoahDeservedBetter
Impossibleby NoahDeservedBetter
Richard Campbell Gansey The Third is an impossible thing, he is also a boy, a friend, a brother, a lover, and most recently; a forest...
te amo | the raven cycle by magic-magento
te amo | the raven cycleby noah
"Stop being a mopey fuck, Adam." "Stop being an asshole, Ronan." Adam snapped. Ronan stood quickly; so quickly, in fact, he woke Chainsaw, who began...
Dead Welsh Kings Are Dust And Shadows by NightCourtAssassin
Dead Welsh Kings Are Dust And NightCourtAssassin
raven boys and infernal devices crossover fanfic, don't ask why... BLUE, GANSEY, RONAN, ADAM, AND NOAH ARE MAGGIE STIEFVATER'S CHARACTERS WILL, TESSA, JEM, HENRY, MAGNUS...
If tennis is your sport by void_bellamy_valdez
If tennis is your sportby void_bellamy_valdez
Pynch tennis one shots: Gansey decides the raven boys should go and play tennis together. Strangely, the idea makes Ronan happy, but gives Adam a great deal of trouble...
400 LUX r. gansey by w0nd3rl4nds
400 LUX r. ganseyby taylor swift enthusiast
Gwen Malory didn't want to live in Henrietta, she didn't want to share an apartment with three teenage boys, she didn't want to leave school mid-semester and start over...