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One-Shots // Book Compilation by jolikesgames
One-Shots // Book Compilationby « Jo »
One-Shot's written about any book title I feel like including; yet, know I shouldn't make a one-shot book for strictly that universe. So, since I still want to put the w...
JUST PYNCH by Della1065
JUST PYNCHby Della1065
The title says everything Just all the fucking perfect moments of our favourite couple From all the books With chapter number I know...I know... so amazing Read the sto...
Have Mercy by elysianfieId
Have Mercyby kj
Her smile is skeletal, wholly un-human and jagged. The ghost of a girl that Gansey once knew. The Dream Thieves - The Raven King. elysianfieIds © 202...
twitter → the raven cycle by _fabulousfox
twitter → the raven cycleby fox
in which the raven gang are band stans who run twitter fan accounts
cigarette daydream ━━  the raven cycle by thepeterparkers
cigarette daydream ━━ the raven 「a」
"i'm exhibiting serious signs of insanity right now, you know that, right?" [ beth st. james is slowly going insane and she believes it's richard g...
The Raven Boys In Love by ganseys-mint-plant
The Raven Boys In Loveby Ale
Hunting for dead Welsh kings and falling in love.
savior complex by purehcroine
savior complexby aimee
in the grand scheme of things, everything is connected. © aimee, 2021. SAVIOR COMPLEX / cover by @vizslas
coffee war by mqrvelous
coffee warby 🔪
"i swear to fuck if that boy comes in here tonight right before close i'm gonna fucking gut him." blue opened a coffee shop in the city, and gansey just wants...
Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! {Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle fanfiction} by kuroneki
Inter-Dimensional Traveler!!?!! { уυкιтσ♤
I didn't even want to be here but great!I'm traveling with a bunch of weirdos..A lovesick puppy,a clumsy princess,a ninja with anger issues,a talking bunny ,and a freaki...
[Oneshot] Duyên và Phận by lucyderma
[Oneshot] Duyên và Phậnby Nấm Nhỏ
Đôi lúc, không phải chỉ yêu nhau là đơn giản có thể đến được bên nhau.
If tennis is your sport by void_bellamy_valdez
If tennis is your sportby void_bellamy_valdez
Pynch tennis one shots: Gansey decides the raven boys should go and play tennis together. Strangely, the idea makes Ronan happy, but gives Adam a great deal of trouble...
We Have Secrets Too by aesthival
We Have Secrets Tooby Fable
Some domestic Pynch fluff. // Since Blue and Gansey are sneaking around, we might as well too.
Ask Adam || Pynch by minyardscum
Ask Adam || Pynchby Sam
The soft sound of Gansey's feet echoed through the empty pews in the church. No one was with him. Except they were. Noah Czerny sat silently in the first seat, shoulder...
Golden Memory  by Deejaj26
Golden Memory by Khadija Al Mulla
One of my vague dreams (might add aside what I dreamt), the boy resembled the fictional character Adam by author Maggie from TRC tagsboy, distant, dream, faraway, girl...
Mysterious As The Dark Side Of The Moon by TsubaruKimimori
Mysterious As The Dark Side Of TsubaruKimimori
a little drabble that pokes at Seishirou's and Subaru's first meeting in TRC told from both the hunter's povs
squash squad → the raven cycle crack by _fabulousfox
squash squad → the raven cycle fox
\ this is really bad and was written on a dare lmao dont read it / 1ce apon a tim, ther was 10 losers who caled themselfs teh squash squad. teh squash squad iz incredble...
[trc] Promise by KaiShouri
[trc] Promiseby KaiShouri
[upload z, 2017-obecnie] "Jeśli go odnajdziesz, powiedz mu, że będę modliła się do Dziewiątki, by kiedyś mi wybaczył". Freya była przekonana, że podjęła...
English oneshots by tasenda by tasenda
English oneshots by tasendaby tasenda
My oneshots written in English language. Comments are appreciated.
the pale stars rising | adansey by wilkwlesie
the pale stars rising | adanseyby ☁️ Wilk
komorebi (n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees