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A Giant's Grace by GT_SR_
A Giant's Graceby
In her first year of living alone, Grace makes a fatal mistake. She ends up encountering a giant, which the tales have made out to be cruel beasts. "Grace was start...
A Giant Mountain (g/t)  by Soya_Sauce
A Giant Mountain (g/t) by Sawyer
After trying to run away, Émelie gets captured by a giant. He brings her to his world where she cannot escape. The giant teases her, so she learns to dislike him. But af...
Bigger Things by bittersweet6532
Bigger Thingsby amber 💜
Willow is a loyal gatherer for her local village of wildfolk, a race of four inch tall people living in the forest away from the monstrous "giants" who seek no...
Legalities Of A Situation by TheCrystalInkwell
Legalities Of A Situationby Darby Foy
Edward is the prince of England and heir to the throne, or at least he was. An incident that is not quite known has led him to a very different situation. This world wa...
Beauty and the Giant by enbygirlinthedark
Beauty and the Giantby enbygirlinthedark
A giant prince cursed to wear his true, dark appearance for the rest of his life. A human girl living in a village, striving to grow into a strong, independent woman. Tw...
The Dying Generation by DezWeasel767
The Dying Generationby Colorful Dreams Productions
Clayton, a Ten year old girl who wakes up in a place unknown to her. She has no memory of her past or really where she came from, how she had ended up in the strange pla...
G/T Oneshots  by TankyAsh01
G/T Oneshots by TankyAsh01
All's in the title, but my main specialization are giants. Cover made by my sister.
Living in Fear by e1m2m3a4BA
Living in Fearby Emma Barrow
He thought all humans were afraid... She proved him wrong... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whatever he wanted, he got. To put it simply he wanted her... Not for looks o...
The King's Servants by KaytheAppreciator
The King's Servantsby KaytheAppreciator
Art by JessicaRae3 on DeviantArt Hey Everyone! This is the my very first book that I've written here. I published it on DeviantArt but I decided to share it here as we...
Legend of Zelda BOTW; cooking accidents. (g/t) by lenbear
Legend of Zelda BOTW; cooking lenbear
These will have short chapters and I don't know how long they will go for. I'm also doing this from the top of my head, so don't expect it to be good or make sense. Set...
Betty's Son by thundercat2016
Betty's Sonby thundercat2016
I know I wrote this in short stories, but I really want to write more about these two so here we go! The cover photo is when Jensen is older
Mass Emotions by giantsketches
Mass Emotionsby giantsketches
Virgil and his family work to keep the balance inside the mindscape as the giant dark sides scheme to cause Thomas mental harm with their negative traits, but is it real...
Delicious Stories by VorishEgos
Delicious Storiesby Vorish Egos
Stories, which will bring you joy, sadness, disbelief and mostly warmth, because it can't be cold inside the tum, right~? So sit, relax and enjoy written creations~ ﹏﹏﹏﹏...
Miraculous "tiny" LadyBug!(CANCELLED) by yomamaschesthair
Miraculous "tiny" LadyBug!( yomamaschesthair
I got tired of waiting for some one to make a miraculous ladybug fanfic, of lady bug getting shrunk down to tiny size. So, I decided to quit my waiting and complaining a...
G/T OneShots by JustSmolThings
G/T OneShotsby SmolBean
A one-shot book containing all the scenarios I can think of involving my ocs! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Some chapters may link back to a few of the books th...
MHA G/T Shots by kita2101
MHA G/T Shotsby YaoYao
Hi there! I'm YaoYao, although you all can call me Yao. I'm here to bring you charmastic stories, I'm used to write G/T stories, although it isn't a problem to write jus...
Scars (a G/t story) by thatsdree
Scars (a G/t story)by thatsdree
Despite constantly peering into the fascinating lives of humans, Fyn feared those giant creatures. They caused nothing but suffering for him and the other fairies in his...
Hunting with Prey (G/t)(on hold) by Crystalk17
Hunting with Prey (G/t)(on hold)by CrystalK17
What happens when a Predator and it's Prey are forced to work together? The answer. This story. Giants. Giants are considered one of the grandest prizes to hunt. Along...
G/T Short Stories by GT_SR_
G/T Short Storiesby
A collection of short, one chapter giant and tiny fluff stories.
a Giant and tiny story by dead_account_Quit
a Giant and tiny storyby gone
again if you don't like don't read