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Started Off With Instagram💓 (Short Story) by jlawish
Started Off With Instagram💓 ( Julia Lawson
Story between Ariana Fletcher x Y/N (gip) Met on Instagram and feel for each other. Will someone get I'm the way? Will y'all end up together? ...
College Teacher Crush by MyMajestyParrilla
College Teacher Crushby Lana Parrilla
Emma swan is a 18 year old girl who was born with a males part , when she starts at her new school things start to get out of hand when she start to fall for her new pro...
for the best...? by puta0623
for the best...?by
y/n y/ln is a rapper and singer who is currently blowing up y/n gp
gotta love blind spots  by tobinpress
gotta love blind spots by tobinpress
Christen and Tobin have sex in the pool
Just want to by tobinpress
Just want toby tobinpress
Christen wants to try something
Cockblocked Bechloe by USWNTONCRACK
Cockblocked Bechloeby m
Beca and Chloe have to take Chloe's little sister trick or treating. (thats just the beginning) Not entirely sure where this is going. but it stems of that. probably jus...
(You Don't) Know Me {Hiatus} by TamiaNichelle
(You Don't) Know Me {Hiatus}by TamiaNichelle
Trouble. Misfit. Unruly. Badgirl. These are all words that have been used to describe Skylar Hampton. She'll be the first to admit that she certainly gives of that vibe...
You're intoxicating  by tobinpress
You're intoxicating by tobinpress
Christen is an assistant at Heath's Inc. She can't stand her job or her boss, Charles Pike, but she needs the money. One day she's finally had enough and ends up ranting...
Friday Nights by anonnymous98
Friday Nightsby A.Nonny.Mous
WARNING: ⚠️EXPLICIT⚠️ One day Jessie and Mal's Friday movie night gets a little heated and interesting ;)
Reunions Suck by USWNTONCRACK
Reunions Suckby m
The Press's are hosting a reunion and someone catches Christens eye. Who brought her?
Clexa - Belts & Buckles by HedaGriffenWoods
Clexa - Belts & Bucklesby h.g.woods
-Warning Lexa has a sex addiction -Lexa means well. -Clarke just wants to help. -(You can't help who you fall for) Lexa kept quiet back in Highschool, for reasons t...
Make Me Yours (GP) by etherealpinks
Make Me Yours (GP)by Yeojin
Jenlisa FF Lisa GP
Imagines by jlawish
Imaginesby Julia Lawson
Female Celebrities x GiP Reader I do take ideas 🤌🏾🖤
Dancing in the Darkness (An F/F Omegaverse Sci-Fi Romance) by Lexa-Luthor
Dancing in the Darkness (An F/F Lexa Luthor
Set deep in the Milky Way galaxy, the beautiful planet, Kander, has been inhabited only by the Kalmar, a race of Alphas and Omegas, until Earth's humans arrived years ag...
Matter Of Time by tobinpress
Matter Of Timeby tobinpress
It's that good ol' cliché of the outcast who fucks the cheerleader at a party. And maybe there's a little more to it. Changed a bit of EvilregalsDamsel story
A Heart Of Gold (Ggukkook FF) by ZoobBTS
A Heart Of Gold (Ggukkook FF)by Zubiya Masood
In this story jeongguk and jungkook are not blood related and it is the femdom GP and BP story. This is a modern type royal story.