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Honey  by JuneJ9
Honey by June
အမွတ္မထင္ေတြ႕ဆံုမႈကေန သံေယာဇဥ္တစ္ခုျဖစ္ေပၚလာတဲ့အခါ ...။
Charm ☘️ by Tharawon_TTH
Charm ☘️by ☘️💛
ဒီဇင်ဘာရဲ့ အချမ်းဒဏ်ဟာ ချမ်းရဲ့ပါးချိုင့်နက်နက်ထဲ ပုန်းရှောင်နေလိုက်မှ သက်သာသွားတာ။ - နန်း နှောင်ကြိုးတွေ။ ဒီသံသရာကန...
The Truth (completed)  by Zafia_lyn29
The Truth (completed) by Zafia_lyn29
Hey guys! another story is here. I hope you'll like it. Enjoy! Most impressive rank #1 #3 #4
Arranged Marriage with You || Chaennie by chaesbaee
Arranged Marriage with You || chaesbaee
In order to advance her career, Jennie married Roseanne, a girl who not only recently became a woman, but was also younger than her by ten years. Since she didn't want t...
Iceberg O said she loves me after the rebirth of Scum A GL MTL by a54m1ismysoulm4t3
Iceberg O said she loves me a5am1s4tois4hottie
渣A重生后冰山O说她爱我 Author:慕慕千寻 Once he was reborn, Pei Nanfei vowed to take everythi...
She tricked me to get me home by imnotyourpalything
She tricked me to get me homeby lian
Cheng Que in love with a young person when this person looks good, good grades, but the cold gloomy character, repeatedly refused her a good show, even several times ver...
A Brand New Life  by Just_Gwendy
A Brand New Life by Gwendy
Lady Lesso x Y/n female reader Y/n had a awful Childhood her father left them with no money or food, before y/n's father left, her mother died cause of this sickness...
Dressed As A Fake Daughter in Xiu Xianwen - MTL by idkyrusogay5moar
Dressed As A Fake Daughter in AllThingsGay&Beautiful
For offline purposes only. We do not own the characters and novel.
Jisoo,a billionaire and a married woman meets Park Chaeyoung,the highest paid seductress in New York.What will this woman bring in Jisoo's life? Started:June 18,2023 End...
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MY REBECCA (18+) || FreenBecky (G!p)  by ReeeXus
MY REBECCA (18+) || FreenBecky ( ReeeXus
People said, if our life turned brighter each day with the person, the person might be our full-time and forever love. But what happened when rebecca feels like she alre...
FAR FROM ERIS  • FreenBecky • by Rolaklak
FAR FROM ERIS • FreenBecky •by Ro LakLak
For you, whom I don't remember, neither your face nor your voice. But whom I carry with me, I wish you come back. ----------------------------- Translation from LEJOS DE...
PROMISE ME❣[Myanmar Fic] by phoenix_x08
PROMISE ME❣[Myanmar Fic]by phoenix_x08
Promise me that you won't leave me, my baby❣ start date: 18.4.2024 end date: ? Both Unicode and Zawgyi Available>>> Book Cover #crd to pinterest
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To Marry an Armstrong[Freenbecky] by gae4freenbeck
To Marry an Armstrong[Freenbecky]by haaaaa
Armstrong is the family name of Freen's girlfriend for almost a year. Her name is Rebecca Armstrong, she is the exact opposite of Freen in every way. However, Freen had...
Stay[Freenbecky] by gae4freenbeck
Stay[Freenbecky]by haaaaa
"Please stay." "Let me go." Converted, original story by ©_coffelatte
daddy's son (gxg)  by itsdesna
daddy's son (gxg) by Desna
Aren kendi dertleriyle sahil kenarında vakit geçirirken kucağına atlayıp bacağına sarılan bir oğlan çocuğunun, kendisine "baba" demesini elbette beklemiyordu...
Her Royal Highness, Leonor: The Years Later by Eramnesia28
Her Royal Highness, Leonor: The Eramnesia28
Few years after that one magical night, only to end in the morning with them deciding to part. Phillipa and Her Royal Highness, Leonor meets again, in a series of events...