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💙Live For Me💙(Optimus!Prime X Female!Reader) by Sana_scarlet9
💙Live For Me💙(Optimus!Prime X Fe...by sana_batool
"Smile For Me" "Live For Me" SPOILERS!! This story happens inside "The Last Knight" Movie, but There will be a follow up of "Transform...
Maybe Meant To Be by -_Purple_Anime_-
Maybe Meant To Beby TheIntrovertedSimp
Optimus Prime X Femme Reader What happens when Megatron's younger sister falls in love with the Autobots leader? What happens then? I do not own the characters of Trans...
All Hail Megatron by PatrickEstvo
All Hail Megatronby Patrick Estêvão
Izuku Yagi lives in a world where only women gain superpowers, but much for his own surprise, he actually had a quirk, but it's not any ordinary quirk. This quirk made h...
Where You Go I Go by InsomiaticFanatic
Where You Go I Goby SkylarkKing
is this another adhd fic? yes. but the rules are gonna match the rules for Wild Ride where it isn't entirely a romantic fic but may be one eventually. ------- transforme...
Wild Ride (Cyberverse Mech!reader X Hot Rod) by InsomiaticFanatic
Wild Ride (Cyberverse Mech!reader...by SkylarkKing
So this book is purely something for my little brain to mess with until my writer's block for the other fics clears up. It may end up being an x Hot Rod it may not idk l...
Her Dying Voice (a Transformers Fanfiction) !!SLOW UPDATES!! by 4eyedbirb
Her Dying Voice (a Transformers Fa...by Sparrow
Melody Witwicky is a mistake. At least that's what she believes. A birth that was unexpected and unplanned. Despite being truly sweet and thoughtful at heart, with wonde...
[Robots and Magic] Between Claws by its_elioo
[Robots and Magic] Between Clawsby its_elioo
"No matter what they have to face in life They will always be by each other's side With friends around, they are undefeated Every task their way will be completed...
Royals and Renegades (tfp Wheeljack X Mech!reader) [Discontinued] by InsomiaticFanatic
Royals and Renegades (tfp Wheeljac...by SkylarkKing
Discontinued While Wheeljack was out searching for members of his old Wrecker crew he stumbles upon a distress signal of disturbing origins. "This is -kzzt- of Vos...
Transformers: Our war Their World by Edgeshot2018
Transformers: Our war Their Worldby Edgeshot_Prime
(Transformers bayverse X Autobot Malereader) Edgeshot is a Autobot from Optimus Prime's team and went to earth with bumblebee
The Futuristic Web-Warrior of Cartoon & Anime by PauloGamenha
The Futuristic Web-Warrior of Cart...by Paulo Ricardo
(Massive Cartoon and Anime Harem x Male Reader Spider-Man 2099) Madame Web decided that Miguel O'Hara was no longer worthy of his Spider Powers, and decided to remove it...
Transformers (Reader Insert) by shortJayWritesstuff
Transformers (Reader Insert)by ShortJay 💜
When returning home from deployment and working alongside William Lennox's team, you go and visit your friend Sam Witwicky who is about to get his first car. You graduat...
Sonic - Equestria Girls (New Version) Canon by BlueAlastor
Sonic - Equestria Girls (New Versi...by Blue Alastor
Sandstorm - Books is a creator of this fanfiction. We both DON'T own Sonic & My Little Pony. All rights(Characters) belongs to Sega(Sonic The Hedgehog characters) & My L...
Look my Way (TFA Optimus x Mech!Reader) [On Hold] by InsomiaticFanatic
Look my Way (TFA Optimus x Mech!Re...by SkylarkKing
Helluva Boss: Machine Wars by TheSpaceGuyGamer
Helluva Boss: Machine Warsby TheSpaceGuy Gamer
what of the Maximals arrived in 21st century earth, met three human teenagers & I.MP and helped them fight against the Predacons & I.M.P's enemies for the fate of Earth...
Transformers (2007) Rewrite by AnimalX23
Transformers (2007) Rewriteby Ben Wilkins
A rewrite of the first live-action Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. this rewrite will remove the juvenile humor and moronic explosions and replace it with mor...
Sonic X MLP by poptheartist
Sonic X MLPby
Dr. Starline is up to no good. After stealing the Master emerald, Starline decides to put his warp topaz to good use... (This story takes place a few months after Hasbro...
#SoarinDash by Yourlocalrock03
#SoarinDashby Yourlocalrock03
After Rainbow wins the 'best young flyers' competitions she spends a day with the Wonderbolts and gets closer to Soarin. After the Grand Galloping Gala they form a speci...
A Gift Just For You // Bumblebee X Reader by Arianna555952
A Gift Just For You // Bumblebee X...by Arianna555952
~~Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall in love with a giant robot from another world? ~~Or being the cousin of the famous Sam Witwicky? ~~How about actu...
Falling In Love (TFP! Orion Pax/Optimus Prime x Hybrid! Reader) by Olivia200312
Falling In Love (TFP! Orion Pax/Op...by Olivia200312
Y/N was not just an original girl in your eyes. She is the daughter of a full Cybertronian with a human mother, making her half-Cyberytonian and half-human. But she is v...
Fluttering Hearts: A flutterdash fanfiction by Sunsets_Necklace
Fluttering Hearts: A flutterdash f...by ....
DISCLAIMER: All the characters not mine except the one who im going to add.All credits belongs to hasbro Humanized story. Another disclaimer: This is all fanon especiall...