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Mafia  Princesses by Lavish_577
Mafia Princessesby Lavish_577
[Book1] My name is Isis Stone, daughter of Octavia Stone and Derrick Stone the Don and Donna of the American Mafia, sister to Iris Stone, Steven Stone, James Stone, Vic...
Amid The Rathores by _Aditiwrites_
Amid The Rathoresby Aditi
Complicated ! This is what describes the Rathore Royal Family and their Relationships ! And to make The matters worse The three Rathore Brothers are much more complicate...
Born With Power by jesuissurlalune
Born With Powerby
There was a girl named Theodora Noor. She was constantly moving around the World to different boarding schools with her father for his job. But one unexpected day her f...
Kings On The Horizon (Vol. 7-9) by MyWickedWays
Kings On The Horizon (Vol. 7-9)by AUTHOR_N
[Contains Volume 7-9] There are different types of kids. There are kids who play around, kids who bury themselves in books, and then there are kids who have no other rol...
Loving the Heir by Mikha_aiah
Loving the Heirby LazyWriteR.
They only know me as a nerd in black.
Ŧɦę ÇɾØŵŋ by Rain_Shine17
Ŧɦę ÇɾØŵŋby Rain
What kind of crown will Hana choose to wear? Will it be money? Love? Power? Hana's decision to return to Korea tagging along with her closest friend Kim Tan, she was not...
Taking Away Your True Love あな : The Highest Form Of Love - A Novel by adeseries by adeseries
Taking Away Your True Love あな : Th...by A
[UNDERRATED] Anata Koishi investing her entire life in the Lou family's class system and their leftist beliefs. She was forced to do everything they wanted in their fami...
ENCHANTED TO MEET YOU(THE HEIRS BL Universe) by Bluephoenix52
Baek Hyun Woo is F4 Kim Somun's cousin and heir to Baek Group . Unlike he's cousin who is calm and collected , Hyun Woo is the opposite and struggled to be composed with...
Voilets For Roses  by kid-next-door
Voilets For Roses by She's a meanie
Witness the lives of 4 Rathore heirs with their wives. Will they be able to accept each other or will these marriages sink at least as deep as the Pacific Ocean.Who will...
A betrayal of a different type by AcaciaMoon12
A betrayal of a different typeby Meredith Something
Harry Potter the abused golden boy whom the hat saw cunningness and bravery in.Cunning he had to be to survive ,but where did that go once he entered the wizarding worl...
Harry potter the master of death by mevelynn01
Harry potter the master of deathby mevelyser
adopted from YU5UF12 Hadrian Potter has returned to change his future He has learned the truth about his 'friends' from Death and Fate. After training for years and rece...
The Mystery of Scarlett by theoneandonly9240
The Mystery of Scarlettby theoneandonly9240
Scarlett has always been a mystery in the world of Lux, where supernaturals live in uneasy alliances and in kingdoms. The fae with fae, werewolves with werewolves, and...
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealed by night_fallz
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealedby night_fallz
The mist is gone. And the Giant War has been won by the demigods. They have faced many hardships, but can they handle HIGH SCHOOL? I wrote this when I was 11/12. So it s...
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina• by potatoejung_
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina•by [sleeping]
The forbidden love of a pre-engaged heiress and her butler unravels into a tale of love and betrayal. But can their love survive the challenges that lie ahead? *Contain...
The Heir to my Heart • Completed by raisinggays
The Heir to my Heart • Completedby singto's bitch
Last night, Kongpob remembered drinking and partying hard. Morning the next day, a newspaper is laid out in front of him, on it is the headline written in black and bol...
I Am Aurora, Queen of Serpents. by Apvalentine
I Am Aurora, Queen of Serpents.by Bgirl
Book 2~ Second year. Another year is here and Aurora Euphemia Potter is ready for her second year at Hogwarts. She hoped for a nice, peaceful year filled with friends, p...
His Bad Luck Charm by SuzyDaye
His Bad Luck Charmby Suzy
River Yates lives by the rules, striving to keep his slate clean. Azra Lydia Grace, on the other hand, is known for her wild antics and chaotic reputation. When their pa...
The Love Triangle by Fallenfromtheskies
The Love Triangleby Fallenfromtheskies
A rouge lioness joins the Pride Lands to have a better life, sadly encountered by the reign of Scar. After beating him, Simba comes to power, but problems start arising.
( Editing) When two different worlds collide and find out that one can't exist without the other. When the maid meets the son of her employer. What will happened? Wh...
HOTD: The Stag Dragons  by Loke123stark
HOTD: The Stag Dragons by Loke123stark
Princess Alice is the niece of Rhaenrya Targaryen, Daughter of Rhaenrya's Late Twin sister who was married to a Baratheon. She was born in 117. She and her little brothe...