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Kings On The Horizon (Vol. 1-3) ✓ by MyWickedWays
Kings On The Horizon (Vol. 1-3) ✓by AUTHOR_N
[Contains Volume 1-3] There are different types of kids. There are kids who play around, kids who bury themselves in books, and then there are kids who have no other rol...
ONE  by bunnybluewriter
ONE by Bunny
Being the most powerful - and only - man in the world , Derek Lauder owned it all. He ruled over them, keeping the woman in their places and perfectly line as proper you...
Between The Singhanias  by itskritioberoi
Between The Singhanias by Kriti Oberoi
Singhanias, a name that was looked up to and worshipped like God. They had everything and anything they ever set their eyes on. Money, power, authority and respect were...
I Am Aurora, Queen of Serpents. by Apvalentine
I Am Aurora, Queen of Serpents.by Bgirl
Book 2~ Second year. Another year is here and Aurora Euphemia Potter is ready for her second year at Hogwarts. She hoped for a nice, peaceful year filled with friends, p...
The Legendary Forest by legendaryfever
The Legendary Forestby LegendxFrancesa
How far will you go to bring peace to your kingdom? How far will you go to protect your newly beloved? ~~ It was after the war between the two kingdoms of the forest hap...
the heirs. by hiahere
the heirs.by hia
"in the end, death fucks all" .................. a story of love, lust and luxury .................. a romance-thriller mature themes ahead extended descripti...
Loving the Heirs by Mikha_aiah
Loving the Heirsby LazyWriteR.
They only know me as a nerd in black.
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina• by potatoejung_
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina•by mars
The forbidden love of a pre-engaged heiress and her butler unravels into a tale of love and betrayal. But can their love survive the challenges that lie ahead? *Contain...
Harry potter the master of death by mevelynn01
Harry potter the master of deathby the Phoenix
adopted from YU5UF12 Hadrian Potter has returned to change his future He has learned the truth about his 'friends' from Death and Fate. After training for years and rece...
( Editing) When two different worlds collide and find out that one can't exist without the other. When the maid meets the son of her employer. What will happened? Wh...
𝐉𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐀𝐍 𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐓𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐀𝐍 𝐆...by delilalydiaqi
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 Thyme falls in love with Dara like pluto and jupiter are aligned with the earth and he's floating. in hiatus.
The Heir to my Heart • Completed by raisinggays
The Heir to my Heart • Completedby singto's bitch
Last night, Kongpob remembered drinking and partying hard. Morning the next day, a newspaper is laid out in front of him, on it is the headline written in black and bol...
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealed by night_fallz
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealedby night_fallz
The mist is gone. And the Giant War has been won by the demigods. They have faced many hardships, but can they handle HIGH SCHOOL? I wrote this when I was 11/12. So it s...
The Love Triangle by Fallenfromtheskies
The Love Triangleby Fallenfromtheskies
A rouge lioness joins the Pride Lands to have a better life, sadly encountered by the reign of Scar. After beating him, Simba comes to power, but problems start arising.
Azure  by try1ng2B
Azure by Transmission
"It was created years before the founding of Hogwarts- but when it came to light, the founders themselves accepted it as true. Some say Helga Hufflepuff blessed it...
Is it Love? (Choi Young Do) by pastelbattydraws
Is it Love? (Choi Young Do)by pastelbattydraws
This is her big break! Lillian is finally heading overseas for study, and to further her Korean language. However, that troublesome boy is messing everything up. He's ch...
The heirs of the four founders of hogwarts  by castrokatherine806
The heirs of the four founders of...by Maddie/Amy
It all started in fourth year Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, and Draco Malloy they are in a group of friends that nobody knows but little did they know t...
A Queen's War by Fangirl27056
A Queen's Warby Fangirl27056
Woman fight. Royal, woman fight. For many reasons we all clash heads and pens and ribbons for the love and affection of the oh so beloved King. Henry is not a prize wort...
Daughter of the Stars by zaramruiz
Daughter of the Starsby zmruizz
«Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.» ... Once every century since the death of the royal family, the five heirs to the kingdom of Artelya gather to participat...
A Dracas and a Vamalia {Heirs of the Night} Lars x Alisa by cl07ai09re
A Dracas and a Vamalia {Heirs of t...by NCT Dream - 🍬 Candy 🍬
The vampire clan of Germany, the Vamalia, joins the other clans on board the ship, The Elizabetha. Who would have thought that a Vamalia and a Dracas would fall for e...