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Edward Cullen x Jacob black by AlfieDodson
Edward Cullen x Jacob blackby Alfie
Edward gets excited when Bella isn't around but fortunately for him there is one person around
New Favourite Hotel  by purplepiggybank05
New Favourite Hotel by 🦋 DL
story time 18+ the hotel worker was just my type 😋
Lil huddy smut by juicy_popcorn
Lil huddy smutby juicy_popcorn
The black king rails you in the hype house after going back and forth with Charli.
Fake Hearts Motive by LiveAndLearn100
Fake Hearts Motiveby LiveAndLearn100
💙SaiOuma💜 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈 Kokichi wants to skip his sixteenth birthday. He hates June 21st for as long as he can remember. When the others start...
If I Could by my_innermostthoughts
If I Couldby anonymous
A collection of 'If I Could's.' Lost dreams, nightmares, thoughts, fantasy's. SOME MATURE THEMES
Secondhand Embarrassment by calligraphics
Secondhand Embarrassmentby christina
in which lennon accidentally swipes right for noah on tinder and lands herself in the middle of a very sticky situation
4 DAYS & 3 NIGHTS by lunanliltaegukie
At the arrival of an anonymous letter y/n contemplates on a last minute trip to Italy. But did she expect what lies ahead in the trip?
11 reasons by lamacymasrica
11 reasonsby lamamimasrica
Everyone has their story but mines has 11 parts to it.
Maddox in Quarantine by katfeatherly
Maddox in Quarantineby Kat Featherly
Getting a girl as a roommate was an unexpected surprise for Maddox Carter. A very welcome one, however, as he was a man who enjoyed the company of women. Different women...
M O N T E R O by ChronicMILFLover
M O N T E R Oby Gappy/Bowie
"It was just supposed to be a pointless summer hookup, why'd it come back to bite me in the ass now?" Diavolo is the principle of a high school. I know, it w...
A Knock Away by IvyKix19
A Knock Awayby Ivy Kix
When neighbours Hannah and Vince find themselves trapped in their small apartment block due to lockdown, they form a pact to satisfy all their needs... A Knock Away is...
Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss [Ed Sheeran x Margaret Thatcher] by Edsmeatyburger
Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss [Ed S...by Burger
Worldwide sensation, Ed Sheeran, spends a romantic evening with former prime minister of England and tory icon, Margaret Thatcher 😍 List of ships featured 🥺💗🤞: -Ed S...
A+ by jrjrjekeknen
A+by jrjrjekeknen
Sam a very horny boy from Yester high school is failing in school and his last resort Is showing the teachers a good time let's see how this works out in the long run!!!
Jersy number 12 by Livie_Siren2nd
Jersy number 12by Mimi San<3
Tadashi didn't know he was gay until one of his fellow team mates asks to sleep with him....
Y.A.A.R Camp by lalablissful
Y.A.A.R Campby Diana
Summer Camp. Y(Young).A(Adults).A(At).R(Risk) Emeraude. Matthew. Bella. Alexander. Valentina. and Liam. Hate. Lust. Attraction.Hook-ups.Betrayal.Love. And TRUTHS t...
Just The beginning: Book 2 by damned_by_love
Just The beginning: Book 2by Peyton
(This is a sequel to Pregnant with my Brother's Best Friends baby, so if you haven't read the first book. This one might not make a lot of sense, so go read the first on...
Hook-up and Regrets by baldorangemeh
Hook-up and Regretsby Riley
Kuvira and y/n hooked-up last night, and she regret it. A couple of flashbacks with romance and some fluff. (Maybe recommended to read in one sitting, it would make more...
Roommates at Best by marisayams
Roommates at Bestby marisa
After graduating university with a degree she doesn't care about, Winnie is set on moving to a new city to start her new life. After finding a random roommate via Facebo...
Whispers In The Moment by marsonsupremecy
Whispers In The Momentby marsonsupremecy
- Praising - Hair pulling (Continued)