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Summoning The Terran Federal Republic by Anonymous55550
Summoning The Terran Federal Repub...by Anonymous Writer
The Eagle faltered as the world around it turned to Nuclear Ash. However, it would fly again. This time it would not go down. The Terran Federal Republic is the most pow...
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT into Magitek fantasy by TastefulFeelings
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT into...by TastefulFeelings
The continents of Earth gets mysteriously transported to a larger and more chaotic magitek world, where technology and magic collide. Amidst the turmoil, rising characte...
The British are Coming | Summoning the UK. by Kind-River
The British are Coming | Summoning...by Kind-River
February, 2022 - The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, along with the entirety of her overseas possessions vanish from our planet. In an instant, her o...
Summoning the literal sun by coocatcher126
Summoning the literal sunby
Summoning the literal sun is a satirical fanfiction based off of Nihonkoku Shoukan, or Summoning Japan, where instead of japan a section of the sun is summoned. Maybe t...
Summoning Indonesia by bocchips
Summoning Indonesiaby bocchips
What would happen if a developing country was transported to another world? As the Republic of Indonesia approaches its 80th independence day, the whole archipelago wa...
Convening the American Continental Union by KaiserBR2003
Convening the American Continental...by KaiserBR2003
In an alternative reality, all the colonies on the American continent united and gained independence. Becoming the most advanced society in the world, the largest countr...
Summoning Novinae by oofy_oof
Summoning Novinaeby ufi
The Kingdom of Novinae, home to the strange race of Hovinaes - human-sheep hybrids. One night, a storm swept their nation up into another world, a world with magic and c...
Summoning the Maghrebian Union by Marcus_Couffaine
Summoning the Maghrebian Unionby Marcus
The Maghrebian Union was a historic achievement, uniting all Arab countries in Northern Africa under one banner. From the bustling markets of Morocco to the breathtaking...
THE Supplementary Materials by ngilerjo_
THE Supplementary Materialsby ngilerjo_
Supplementary information regarding the stories, "Just A Reincarnation Story (Summoning Japan Edition)" and "FATE :: YGGDRA". Will be updated as the...
Summoning India: Bhaarat Samman by Aestas-Vivax
Summoning India: Bhaarat Sammanby Aestas Vivax
Give Me Blood, and I Will Give You Freedom." Surrounded by the ruthless and communist foes, there exists a tale of a tiger known to be the world's fourth largest ec...
Summoning The Republic of the Philippines: Thus the Armed Forces Fought There by JudeTime
Summoning The Republic of the Phil...by Jude's Time
It's the 67th Century The Philippines is the 3rd most predominant superpower of the world. Of course it didn't became a superpower without any struggles. Then one day ev...
Summoning Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [ON HOLD] by Lagger90
Summoning Socialist Federal Republ...by Lagger90
SFRJ in another world? And what's worse just a year before their leader's death? How will they fare? Find out for just 9,99 bitc- ahem... This is not historically 100%...
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Summoning Halkegenia by Cityman694200
Summoning Halkegeniaby
Louise's summoning spell fails and backfires, resulting in the transportation of Halkagenia to a world of unknown. Can Halkagenia survive againts a world of imperialist...
Summoning The Pearl Of The Orient [On Hold] by yeeetrt
Summoning The Pearl Of The Orient...by Yeeetrtyaboi
After a civil war in the 70s, an economic crisis in the 90s, and a conflict with the Red Dragon of the East in 2037, the Republic of the Philippines, a rising industrial...
Summoning Iran by DeltaVorz47
Summoning Iranby DeltaVorz47
One way to change the destiny-is to destroy it. Inspired by Japan summons of min-min. I don't own anything except my plot
Dharma Chakra : Kalinga's Battles with Destiny by Selective_Genius
Dharma Chakra : Kalinga's Battles...by Selective Genius
In a flash, the Indian state of Odisha is transported to a New World. Now known as Kalinga, how would this small nation and its people hold their ground against powerful...
World of antanya by Destroyers117
World of antanyaby Red commie weeb
I decided out of boredom to create the entire history/lore of antanya after talking to my friend,which is mostly inspired by his help and advice which greatly motivated...
Pilipinas Shoukan by IsekaiNerd68
Pilipinas Shoukanby
When an Comet hits on the entire United States of Philippines something happens that will rock the entire history of USP and how they will survive in the world they didn...
Notes From The Under by Cubeus
Notes From The Underby Wablonk
Notes from a world left behind. Notes From the Under is a Nihonkoku Shoukan epistolary fanfiction focusing on the immediate aftermath of the summoning on our Earth.
Confederation's Tales: Summoning to a New World by Singapore_Boy
Confederation's Tales: Summoning t...by Singapore_Boy
The United Confederation of Nations is a united human state, with a totalitarian and dictatorial regime and government. Built on hatred and dislike for everything alien...