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Little Beacon- A BATFAMILY X OC FANFIC by JumpyBox13
Little Beacon- A BATFAMILY X OC FA...by Jumpy
Julianne Cress is a foster kid, one that always jumped from home to home, so she's an expert in keeping under the radar and being unnoticed. At her school, Midtown Hall...
Bellator ~ Jason Todd x OC by LyssDawny
Bellator ~ Jason Todd x OCby Lyss Dawn
When a young girl by the name of Maggie Zatara inherits her mother's powers shortly after being born, it drains the life out of her mother Zatanna ultimately resulting i...
Cold-Blooded by _kazred
Cold-Bloodedby kaz
(semi hiatus!) When a Meta-Human with a heavy grudge joins Scarecrow's side, the Arkham Knight finds himself promising the inevitable when the time comes to pass. Dark s...
Fire Phoenix by charlewrites
Fire Phoenixby Charle
"don't do anything crazy stupid, please" "I promise" I own Ember and he...
Love, Peaches by CrybabyLuLu
Love, Peachesby LucyBaby
Peaches Doe the newest member of Titans Tower! Selina Kyle aka Catwoman has dropped her off at the tower saying it better for her to be with other teenagers but in Peac...
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd} by CharmedGirl4
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd}by LoverGirlNicole
Aurora King planned on protecting Central City not training a new Robin. With Central City without a Flash, Aurora steps up. But when she receives a call from Bruce Wayn...
Jason Todd Imagines and One-shots (xreader) by GrimtheReaperxo
Jason Todd Imagines and One-shots...by Grim <3
Pretty much why what the title says (The Cover is a place holder<3). There will be smut in this lol.
letters to the dead → jason todd by dicaprioloving
letters to the dead → jason toddby alessia!
❝Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.❞ [LETTERS TO THE DEAD] [JASON TODD X OC] [ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO DC AND/OR...
DISAPPEAR - Jason Todd (Titans) by adoreglossy
DISAPPEAR - Jason Todd (Titans)by adoreglossy
Jason thinks he will never see the mysterious girl again, until danger follows her and he saves her for a second time. Only this time he needs to introduce himself as Ja...
For The Reason Of Temporary Insanity: A DC Fanfiction by Officialtinyboxtim
For The Reason Of Temporary Insani...by Officialtinyboxtim
When a strange series of murders occur throughout Gotham, the Bat family will find help in a source that no one could have foreseen. Dick Grayson/OFC, Jason Todd/OFC, Ti...
DREAMS ✧ J. TODD by -starfiree
DREAMS ✧ J. TODDby -` timmy d ´-
in which a woman has dreams about her dead lover. cover temp. by @humaneity
Red Moon by CrymoreFics
Red Moonby CrymoreFics
Red Hood X OC. Moon, despite the corny name the citizens of Gotham gave her, is determined to bring justice to small time criminals on the outskirts of the city, out of...
The Ringmaster by SylviatheAssasssin
The Ringmasterby SylviatheAssasssin
(Strong Language) This is the story of my oc named Scarlet, a vigilante named 'Ringmaster'. She has feelings for Jason Todd (Robin) but Nightwing likes her too.
Whereas Ophelia Died | Jason Todd by Tippytoe-
Whereas Ophelia Died | Jason Toddby Kore
After an encounter with the Batman, Red Hood disappears off the alleys and dark corners seemingly without reason. Meanwhile, Jason Todd goes to college, and someone else...
killers don't deserve forgiveness by Loyalala
killers don't deserve forgivenessby 🌂
When the right hand of Talia Al Ghul fails to go through with an assassination, she must run from her past. With Talia hot on her tail, Silvia gains unwanted attention f...
Nightwing: Becoming Batman by aesthetic_satanspawn
Nightwing: Becoming Batmanby aesthetic_satanspawn
[Set after Season 4 of Titans] Batman is dead. With the Titans disbanded and the streets of Gotham descending into even more chaos than usual, Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwin...
Daggers & Flames // DC FANTASY AU by blueasthemoon
Daggers & Flames // DC FANTASY AUby Si
Jason Todd x Fem!OC There will be dragons, magic and wrath.
the war for humanity  by AlonaSanders
the war for humanity by Deathan❤️lover
this is my first story so please don't judge me all criticism is welcome. basically this is a story of my own take on the Justice League apocalypse war movie, there will...
Countdown by DCUniversefan101
Countdownby DCUniversefan101
"We were raised like warriors. We grew up to be warriors. Now, we're gonna die like warriors" Victoria and Jason are now on the run. But they're still in Goth...