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The Smurfs: The Smurfy Adventures by krisalyn598
The Smurfs: The Smurfy Adventuresby Krisalyn
Smurfette, Hefty, Wild, Farmer, Greedy, Handy, Clumsy, Brainy, and more! Big adventures are smurfing right towards Smurf Village! Join the Smurfs to explore the village...
Izuku, Eri and the Smurfs Season 1 by Wicster12
Izuku, Eri and the Smurfs Season 1by Wicster12
When Izuku and Eri end up in a world where a strange race of creatures called Smurfs live they learn to live with these creatures and help protect them from the dangers...
Jester by live0to0be0evil
Jesterby ☆ Baby Blue ☆
"I hate you." She hissed sitting on the rooftop her hands balled in fists her eyes stinging with tears as she stared up at the stars. "I know..." He...
Left 4 Dead Stuff by Watermelon_Bread
Left 4 Dead Stuffby Dead account
Just me....Knowing that L4D is still relevant....And making joked
Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go by theswandrowned
Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Goby Swany ⭐️
Robin needs a ride to a party and Steve is happy to help! As long as he gets to join her.
Haha LOL by Awesomated1
Haha LOLby Awesomated1
And other funny things
Kayles Thomas and the oh for god sake by YouTuberenthusiast
Kayles Thomas and the oh for god Lily Love Bevan
Kayles is basically the most un average person ever in the most un average situation. And doesn't that sound thrilling
Ramdom things about my life by dragonfire2003
Ramdom things about my lifeby dragonfire2003
dragonfire2003's life. have fun. don't die.;) Dedicated to my friends.
Allergies by wakeupandbeyourself
Allergiesby Angel
Death is inevitable, so try not to take it seriously. Or if you do, just don't be sad about it. ~ A short, jokey, death poem.
The Angel With A Shotgun by Argo_the_ranger
The Angel With A Shotgunby Argo_the_ranger
First things first, this is just practice for me so don't expect something grand like cotton eye joe. The story is around a boy 15 years of age in grade 9 he just moved...
The Normal One [joker&harley cz] by suicidenox
The Normal One [joker&harley cz]by suicidenox
Předtím byla jen doktorka Quinzelová. Trávila dny tím, že se snažila vyléčit blázny. Nikdy nepotřebovala nic víc. Nikdy nevěřila na lásku. A pak se objevil on. --- Upozo...
Tis Es shipping trash by Jackariah_is_bae
Tis Es shipping trashby Jackariah_is_bae
tHE best Book ever!!!!111!!! (This is a joke btw)
Comebacks, dirty jokes, riddles, quotes and pick up lines 2 by vampireluvur
Comebacks, dirty jokes, riddles, vampireluvur
this is the second book you don't have to read them in order because it isn't a story its just for a laugh
Jokes by janell58
Jokesby Janell
Jokes that'll make you laugh!! They're really fun and you can suggest some of your own!! Enjoy!!
Jokes by Sia_H_Maharaj
Jokesby Sia_H_Maharaj
Different Jokes
Joke on by LacieMouse
Joke onby Lacie
Just joke