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kamen rider double x senki zesshou symphogear (male reader insert) by Dekaconvoy
kamen rider double x senki Deka convoy
Y/n wakes up on a bench with a strange suitcase next to him. He suddenly gets ttacked by strange creatures called noise. How will he survive in this strange looking worl...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zero-One x Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Toward The Dream by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zero-One x KR_Fanfic
The story is about Hiden Haruto - Hiden Aruto's younger brother. Haruto arrives in a parallel world where a deadly alien race known as the Noise exists. These creatures...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Geats x Symphogear: Desire for the Next New Wφrld! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Geats x Ten_Fanfic
The story is set half a year after the Symphogears' war with Shem-Ha and the liberation of humanity from the Curse of Balal. At this time Kohinata Miku also became a Gea...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Geats x Symphogear: Songs For Next New Wφrld! by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Geats x KR_Fanfic
An alien race called Noise with the ability to turn everything into ashes is threatening the peace of mankind. Fighting against Noise consists of Amou Kanade and Kazanar...
Kamen Rider Zero-One x Symphogear: Songs of Dreams! by Tensei_Fanfic
Kamen Rider Zero-One x Ten_Fanfic
The story is about Hiden Haruto - Hiden Aruto's son and Amatsu Hana - Amatsu Gai's daughter. Haru arrives in a parallel world where a deadly alien race known as the Nois...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x Symphogear: New Generation Swordsman by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x KR_Fanfic
Set 11 years after the last episode of the Kamen Rider Saber series. At this time, a mysterious enemy suddenly appeared and attacked the people along with strange creatu...
The Fairy of Night: Book 1: A SAO Story by IcetheHedgehog06
The Fairy of Night: Book 1: A SoloRush06
Kirika lost her family when she was very young, along with the rest of the spriggans, making her the last of her kind. She must always be on her toes and sleep lightly...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Revice x Symphogear: The Contarct With The Devil by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Revice x KR_Fanfic
Amou Hayato, a young man contracted with Vice a demon hidden in his body to become Kamen Rider and fight an alien race known as Noise. On his journey to battle Noise, Ha...
Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Symphony Of The Herrscher (REWRITING COMING SOON) by DemonMeliodas987
Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Ohma ZI-O
(Planning For Rewriting) Inspired by the various Kamen Rider x Symphogear stories In this world, humanity was being threatened by a mysterious Alien race of creatures kn...
Zero One unlimited XV( Malé readers x Senki zesshou symphogear) by Arthurpendragon285
Zero One unlimited XV( Malé Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
three brothers who are sons of Zero one who was Taken by honor from ichigo to kuuga to Zero one, the older brother become ichigata, the middle brother become Zero one, t...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x Senki Zesshou Symphogears: Trio Swordswomen! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x Ten_Fanfic
The story is set 1 year after Symphogear's battle with Shem-Ha. Right now, Hibiki's group lives their normal days and spends their days peacefully. But one day, Hibiki a...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Evil/Live x Symphogear: The Flower of Songs by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Evil/Live x KR_Fanfic
The story takes place half a year after Hibiki's group's battle with Shem-Ha. Right now, the world is entering a period of peace and the girls are enjoying the peace eve...
symphogear x male symphogear  by ZekePennywork
symphogear x male symphogear by Zeratussprotos
I'm a boy who likes music and I have a certain power that no one knows about taking but one thing is to know super power great responsibilities
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Wizard x Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Songs of Hope! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Wizard x Ten_Fanfic
A year ago, a strange ritual happened to Yatogami Hikaru, causing him to witness the deaths of many people as well as the birth of beings known as Phantoms. After that r...
Shin Tenshi Zesshou Symphogear WW  by Elqueselapone
Shin Tenshi Zesshou Symphogear WW by Joichiro Joestar
(Description: Senki Zesshou Symphogear x Male Symphogear User Reader) Lose something or someone has never been something that people get over it so easily. It's always...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Ex-aid x Symphogear: Game of Destiny! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Ex-aid x Ten_Fanfic
Three years ago, in another parallel world, humanity was infected with a new virus, the Bugster Virus, and turned them into creatures known as Bugsters. In the present t...
The Song Of Survive  by JakTsu3
The Song Of Survive by JakTsu3
8 friends have a normal boring lifes until each one have an accident that cause them their lives. When they throught that their lifes where over someone grave than a sec...
Symphogear: Reverence ...The Day When God Chose You by ShadowPixels
Symphogear: Reverence ...The Day ShadowPixels
This is a Symphogear re-write idea I've had for awhile. It is my own take on how I would write the story given everything we know since the story concluded.
Symphogear in Halkegenia by Celashcole
Symphogear in Halkegeniaby Hikari Subaru
The symphogear users plus Miku are summoned in Halkegenia. Familiar of Zero and Senki Zesshou Symphogear Crossover
Kirika x Dino by mashimaronutjelly
Kirika x Dinoby JELLYBEAN
Based off my other pairing in my other fanfic, Hibari's little sister, this one focuses on Kirika and Dino's relationship and how they met at first!!! (Dino Cavallone x...