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[Classroom Of The Elite] Ayanokoji X Horikita  by AnanoDeprituse
[Classroom Of The Elite]
[Non-Spoiler for anime-onlies] I walk towards the back of the school, holding her note in my hand. It's strange, because Horikita would rarely call me out with the vagu...
Horikita Suzune (One-shots) by Wintriest
Horikita Suzune (One-shots)by Wintriest
This story ships Horikita and Ayanokouji. Simply a collection of one-shots. Ayanokouji and Horikita's thoughts may change, Horikita can become sweeter or cuter. My gramm...
Horikita Suzune (One-Shot) by TylerStudent
Horikita Suzune (One-Shot)by In Tyler We Trust!
A One-Shot About Horikita Suzune Mostly About Ayanokouji x Horikita Feel Free To Copy Or Take A Reference Of This One Shot (Make Sure To Put The Credit In It) But Still...
Horikita Route by SimonDiasanta8
Horikita Routeby Simon Diasanta
Classroom of the Elite standard storyline but with a very heavy emphasis on Romance, specifically to our favorite ice queen. VOLUME 1 END VOLUME 2 IN THE WORKS
Cote Reaction (Ayanokoji X Horikita) by Alexender_Kuuhaku
Cote Reaction (Ayanokoji X Alexender_Kuuhaku
One day Ayanokoji finds himself with all of the First Year and their homeroom teacher in a cinema like place own by someone who has no name so he tell them to call him '...
Ayanokouji President Daily Life  by KenzoTakashi45510
Ayanokouji President Daily Life by Kenzo Takahashi
Ayanokouji Daily Life As An Student Council "President" Of COTE Student Council Member -Ayanokouji (President) -Manabu (Vice-President 1) -Koenji Rokusuke (Vic...
Love.. (A COTE Fan fic!) by Kota668
Love.. (A COTE Fan fic!)by Kota668
A fan fic based on Kiyo And Suzune! Hope you enjoy