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A Secret Crush by One_story_only
A Secret Crushby One_story_only
This is a shipping that I ship very much. A Mikey x Leatherhead story. Honestly, there isn't enough of these two. That's why I decided to make a fanfic of them. We need...
gators and shells by DragonCrazyGirl
gators and shellsby DragonCrazyGirl
When a flash flood sweeps the city of New York, a five-year-old Mikey is taken away from his family. When a 'Monster' with a heart finds Mikey, He finds himself taking...
The Lost Son by WickedlyTMNT
The Lost Sonby A.G
In an alternate timeline, Long ago before the events of the 2003 series started; Splinter lost one of the turtles to Bishop when he and his men tried to capture them in...
TMNT 2003 Reader Inserts by ivyshadowwolf4
TMNT 2003 Reader Insertsby Chelsea
Here are some one-shots featuring the 2003 version of the turtles. I hope you enjoy! These stories are also found on my DA account. I do not own TMNT.
TMNT 2012 Oneshots by fabuloustrash05
TMNT 2012 Oneshotsby ✧ MarMar ✧
Oneshots for Nickelodeon's TMNT (2012) Just some side stories, "What if?" stories, in between episodes stories/epilogues, or some future AU stories. Enjoy! All...
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Mutant Lizard Reader by Vixy_the_Wolfoxgirl
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja T...by Vixy
Watanabe Ichika was a normal teen, until one day she is bitten by an infected mosquito. Everything takes a huge turn when she learns to cope with her new mutant form. T...
Back to Dimension X (Oneshot!) by Kittymasterofall14
Back to Dimension X (Oneshot!)by Kitty
TMNT-2012 Takes place after the episode 'Into Dimension X' Leo, Raph, and Donnie brought Mikey home from Dimension X and arr happy to have him back. But, Mikey's sad. H...
Controlled (Oneshot!) by Kittymasterofall14
Controlled (Oneshot!)by Kitty
TMNT-2012 Baxter Stockman is back with his mind-controlling brain worms and uses them on the turtles. When Mikey figures out the cure, it's a race to save his brothers...
After End Times, Celebrating to Mikey by Mikey-chan
After End Times, Celebrating to Mi...by MikeynoKawaii
This is after the Episode 4 Season 5 "End Times" . They thanked Mikey for saving the world and gave him a "special" surprise.
TMNT: truth or lie by FireFoxie99
TMNT: truth or lieby Lynn
What happens when two turtles (donnie,mikey) go into the sewers with out their father? When something happens to mikey will donnie say something to his father and brothe...
Dreams Come True (Tmnt 2012 Harem X Op Modern Oc) by Ubuyashiki_Shira
Dreams Come True (Tmnt 2012 Harem...by Ubuyashiki_Shira
This story is about a girl who is kind yet badass at the same time and always help the people whenever she can. And her name is, Shira Lilah. Shira is a simple girl who...
TMNT 2012 OC Characters by Snakefanficmaker
TMNT 2012 OC Charactersby RaptorPower
I felt like it was time for me to give information about my OC characters from TMNT 2012.
Leatherhead x reader (slow updates And Requests Open) book 2 by Lover266
Leatherhead x reader (slow updates...by Lover 26
this is how the rest of the story of Y/N and Leatherhead's goes. if you finished reading the first book it will make more sense about this one.
Pierced (Oneshot) by Kittymasterofall14
Pierced (Oneshot)by Kitty
TMNT-2012 Mikey wants a tongue piercing after seeing people wearing them on TV and has April take him to a mutant-friendly parlor to get it done! And...it's great until...
Traumatized (Oneshot) by Kittymasterofall14
Traumatized (Oneshot)by Kitty
Tmnt-2012-It Came From The Depths Donnie gets cornered by an angry and violent Leatherhead and is completely petrified because he doesn't want to get grabbed by the face...
TMNT: 2003 {COMPLETED} by lilhermit
TMNT: 2003 {COMPLETED}by Cici
Why not just add ALL the episodes of the whole 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series instead of having to write down word by word? Sheesh. -_- Hope y'all laugh, smile...
Her Eyes Are Like Sunflowers// A TMNT Love Story by AlessiaHamatoSecond
Her Eyes Are Like Sunflowers// A T...by EverlastingEclipse
((I do not own the show. I edited the picture on Canva and this is a remake of my last book on my old account)) In this AU, I will make an oc that will have a crush on A...
Accidental Reversal by NeonBlackRoseRevived
Accidental Reversalby NeonBlackRoseRevived
Donatello is working in his lab, when Mikey comes in an messes stuff up. Now Donatello who was somehow turned into a kid has none of his current memories only those of h...