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Watching a Demon's path by Mkneel
Watching a Demon's pathby dragneel
(Code geass reaction) Milly, Shirley, Nunnally, Kaguya, Kallen, Euphemia and C.C. watch the future
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED! Reader) by Emmocupcakes
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED...by Emmocupcakes
Your mother died in a car accident and ever since then your father has been drinking and sometimes when he's drunk he will take it out on you. You didn't ever tell anyon...
The Perevell Lords by LordSerpenusBlack
The Perevell Lordsby LordSerpenusBlack
[Fanfiction Crossover] ~Code Geass × Harry Potter~ Harry Potter is the master of Death and is tired of the title and cycle of reincarnation. Lelouch is tired...
The Eliten From Class X by MokeyDSoul
The Eliten From Class Xby MonkeyDSoul
26 students each talented in their own special way apply to ANHS in the same year each with a different purpose and reasons to be in such a prestigious school. Instead o...
[on hold]Code Geass Lovey Dovey Life (luluXoc) by Enj666
[on hold]Code Geass Lovey Dovey Li...by Enj
A love story beween Lelouch VI Britannia and Angel Demonia a new student at Ashford Academy. It starts in the first season from the begininng. I own nothing of code geas...
Code Geass Reacts: The Blame Game by AllHailThe99th
Code Geass Reacts: The Blame Gameby Emperor Lelouch
Reaction fic. A set of three discs are given to C.C by a mysterious woman. Old and new faces meet to see the truth behind Lelouch vi Britannia. Chaos erupts. Any art or...
Cote | Alternative Universe. by LR_Gamer
Cote | Alternative Universe.by LR_Gamer
I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but regardless of that, I will say a few things. Disclaimer: This will be slightly different from what you might expect. What if Ay...
𝐼𝓂 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓻, 𝐼𝓂 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓩𝓮𝓻𝓸 ~ Lelouch x Reader (Code Geass) by drjakelee
𝐼𝓂 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓻, 𝐼𝓂 𝓎�...by DR. JAKE
You like Zero, Lelouch likes you. Lelouch is Zero, and you are none the wiser. You've finally become a member of the black knights at age 18, your life has only been str...
Code Geass: Chance of Happiness by AllHailThe99th
Code Geass: Chance of Happinessby Emperor Lelouch
A Lelouch x C.C long shot. Euphemia goes Missing In Action, C.C defends Lelouch, and the Black Knights receive help from an unexpected ally. Lelouch learns what it means...
The Truth - Code Geass Suzalulu [Completed] by magic_fireflies
The Truth - Code Geass Suzalulu [C...by V
Nunnally seems to have found Lelouch's diary and photo album. What will happen now? ▪︎Mentions of Mpreg and Character death ▪︎May contain inappropriate language ▪︎BxB...
code geass: a new hope by emiya529440
code geass: a new hopeby Prometheus
Y/n Taurus a young teen graduating from college was in an accadent and was reincarnated into the world of code geass in a new body in the royal family as arthur vi Brita...
Lelouch's Other Sister. by TeamWhiteRose100
Lelouch's Other Sister.by TeamWhiteRose100
Her name is Elizabeth VI Britannia and she is the other sister of Lelouch VI Britannia and Nunnally VI Britannia. She's often better then Lelouch and Schneizel at Chess...
Requiem For A Dream by Ashe_Hime
Requiem For A Dreamby Synclaire Battle
Lucia Sai Fante,Princess of the Fante Kingdom is forced into a marriage with Prince Schneizel who is a mass manipulator. Little does he know Lucia cannot be easily used...
Lelouch's Smarter Sister by TeamWhiteRose100
Lelouch's Smarter Sisterby TeamWhiteRose100
This is an alternative telling to what could've been. Such as my other Lelouch's Other Sister Story this will be an alternative. So once again, her name is Elizabeth VI...
Power of the Kings: Round Two by Buttercup-Rosie
Power of the Kings: Round Twoby Buttercup Rosie
Sakura Kururugi has had to play an act for the last year after the Black Knights revolution crumbled when Zero and Infinity left the final battle to rescue a girl specia...
Lost Requiem by Ashe_Hime
Lost Requiemby Synclaire Battle
Dear Readers,this is the second intallation Requiem For a Dream! Please enjoy! One year has passed since the Black Rebellion. With the dissapearence of Zero in the middl...
The White Rebelion (Code Geass X Malereader)  by BindedGinger
The White Rebelion (Code Geass X M...by Bind_Thee_Ginger
all that said is you are getting isekaid to code geass having your own set of geass, and you will be the like the black knights but white, yes you heard me right white k...
c3 (code geass lelouch x oc) by serding12
c3 (code geass lelouch x oc)by serding12
Oh what fun we'll have as the word falls into chaos, glorious chaos.
The Lonesome Prince(bxb) by WriterReborn
The Lonesome Prince(bxb)by Your Favorite Bum
Warning Yaoi is involved a.k.a Boy x Boy. Anime: Code Geass Pair: Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch Vi Britania > Lamperouge. Pair name:Suzalulu 18+ Unless you're a rebel...
Together In Every Life (Code Geass X reader oneshots) by SaikisHairpinDevice
Together In Every Life (Code Geass...by Aloe
a collection of Code Geass X reader oneshots. mostly gender neutral reader but also male and female reader oneshots. A majority of the oneshots are Lelouch X reader but...