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The Yellow Alchemist (Riza Hawkeye x Male Reader) by GreninJoker
The Yellow Alchemist (Riza GreninJoker
(Y/n) (L/n) is a man born from Xingese descent. His mother was born in Xing and moved to Amestris, where she met his father, who was a State Alchemist. (Y/n) later sets...
Dearest Darling [Greedling x Reader] by sweeven_2
Dearest Darling [Greedling x 💀
While in the amidst of her travels, [Name] bumps into the man she harbored utter hatred for: her ex, Ling Yao. Blinded by her hatred towards the man, as soon as she sees...
BRAIDED   HAIR   . by shesfana
ᵃ ᶠᵘˡˡᵐᵉᵗᵃˡ ᵃˡᶜʰᵉᵐᶤˢᵗ ᵇʳᵒᵗʰᵉʳʰᵒᵒᵈ ᵒᶰᵉ⁻ˢʰᵒᵗˑ
The Not Quite Truman Show by The_Turquoise_Writer
The Not Quite Truman Showby The_Turquoise_Writer
"You say I haven't lost anything, going through the gate," I say, sneering, pointing my finger right in his face, "but here you are assuming that the loss...
Our journey: FMA ship oneshots (mostly Ling Fan) by StarSapphire37
Our journey: FMA ship oneshots ( ☆|| Sapphire ||☆
I was not happy with the amount of FMA fanfics there were on this place, so here is another one! I don't own FMA, or the pics Currently on ep 50 Slow updates, my inspira...
"It's all my fault..." A LinFan FanFic by LingFan_Is_Bae_2015
"It's all my fault..." A LinFan LingFan_Is_Bae_2015
It has been one week since Ling, LanFan, and May returned to Xing. It is also the day of Fu's funeral. After a sudden outburst from his granddaughter, what else will hap...
Limerence || FMA: Brotherhood by guresumoon_
Limerence || FMA: Brotherhoodby on hiatus
limerence; the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person. Kira, the Red Alchemist, is the apple of a certain anti-hero's eye and always will be, even in...
The FMA guys react to ships by LeaferyTeaferyTea
The FMA guys react to shipsby Leafytea
Basically what the title says, Ed, Al, Roy and Ling's opinions on ships from their own show- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood enjoy
No sign as yet, by hamletcat
No sign as yet,by In which ..
in which lan fan cannot protect ling from everything (was "a catalog of interactions between an emperor and his most loyal servant"!) (being revamped- dec 2021)
Two dense fools by Almayandnalu
Two dense foolsby Almayandnalu
Ling yao x lan fan story of how the two love birds can't confess to one another (disclaimer I do not own fullmetalalcamistbrotherhood or the characters in this story al...
LingFan one shot's by SylviaFullbuster1007
LingFan one shot'sby Sylvia Fullbuster
a series of LingFan {{Ling Yao x LanFan}} one shots
»| Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Oneshots |« by Frostbite-_
»| Fullmetal Alchemist ❆.*↬ frostbite ↫*.❆
·|· A bunch of FullMetal Alchemist one shots. Will only contain x Readers uwu -!- Please enjoy my fanfics and if you ever want to request, either; PM me or Comment on t...
The Emperor's Lost Daughter by FanfictionalGeek
The Emperor's Lost Daughterby FanfictionalGeek
A talented, bright young girl from Xing has committed an awful form of Alchemy. Mesmerized by the Amestris form of Alchestry, and desperate to have her mother back, she...
Ling's choice by BruceReee
Ling's choiceby BruceLeee
Ling is now emperor, and he now must find a women to bear his children. Who would it be?
LACUNA . Lingui by sunsetpixels
LACUNA . Linguiby Max - Avid Writer
[ A contest entry for Chayse! ] [ LACUNA - NOUN: - A blank space ; a missing part. ] Chiui has been missing Ling for a while now, ever since Greed had forcefully inha...
Alchemy: The Fibers of Our Being by Majora-sama
Alchemy: The Fibers of Our Beingby Majora-sama
This story continues after Alchemy: The Center of Our Souls. This story will also follow the plot of season 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. You are Anelle Jayne...
Greed's Start (Fullmetal Alchemist) by ackermannx
Greed's Start (Fullmetal Alchemist)by ackermannx
How did Greed walk away from the other homunculi? How did he create the Devil's Nest and most importantly, Why?