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An Echo in the Mafia (Echo Reid, Reid Family Book #1) by losautenticos
An Echo in the Mafia (Echo Reid, losautenticos
Echo wasn't like her sisters. She knew that when people talked about the famous and fabulous Reid sisters, they weren't referring to her. Quiet, homely, plain and riddl...
Kidnapped: Min Yoongi by delicia_goh
Kidnapped: Min Yoongiby Delicia
He looked me up and down, head to toe. " What! " I asked defensively. " If you can't pay me back today, I'll marry your daughter and you will never see he...
Truthfully Yours by xxsoul06xx
Truthfully Yoursby Soul
Check out the Teaser!
My Love by kennynainai
There be -Mafia au -Obviously babyboy Chanyeol💖 -mpreg -some more stuff
Mafia sweetheart🔥 by NyzaSan
Mafia sweetheart🔥by Jeon Junglice✨💜
ការស្វែងរកអស់រយៈពេល 5 ឆ្នាំ រឿងដែលវាកើតឡើងដោយចៃដន្យនៅសណ្ឋាគារ​ផ្កាយ​5 រឿងកាលពី 5 ឆ្នាំមុនវាដក់ជាប់នៅក្នុងខួរក្បាលនាយតូចរួមទាំងអ្នកកម្លោះផងដែរ ដែល 5 ឆ្នាំមកនេះនាយតូចយកកូន...
Mafia Romance by Abbiegrant14
Mafia Romanceby Abbiegrant14
Aristomache Giannopoulos was raised to believe that life was a happily ever after and of course she knew no better but to believe her parents who did everything they pos...
to the man i never loved this is my revenge (title is a work in progress) by itzjaylahofficial
to the man i never loved this is Jaylah
Before she lurked in the shadows, watching and analyzing his every move. To the public she was the perfect wife, young, fit, and feminine. Her presence adored by million...
The Cold Gentleman by just_glaucous
The Cold Gentlemanby altansarnai
Stranger Marriage Married Mr. and Mrs. Mafia, etc Paano Kung ang magulo kong buhay ay may igugulo papala pero pano kung yung pinakasalan ko pala ay napaka possessive at...
Series 1: Survive as the mafia's wife by Hima-chwan
Series 1: Survive as the mafia's Himawari Uzumaki
Andaming nangyari. Sa di inaasahan, naging asawa ako ng isang mafia boss. Araw-araw kong nililigtas ang buhay ko. Araw-araw ako nangangamba kung kakayanin ko pa ba mag...
Under His Protection by nekotetsurou
Under His Protectionby MissNeko
Mira,gadis yang telah dijual oleh Pusat Penjagaan Anak Yatim St.Marie telah dijadikan hamba di sebuah rumah dikenali " The Black House". Rumah agam yang dimili...
Oh Mya (Mafia x OC) by Peppawastaken23
Oh Mya (Mafia x OC)by pennywastaken
Just a Mafia story bear with me while we finish
Lolita by lejla_xo_
Lolitaby Lejla 🤍
"Lolita" I smirked with my hand extended loving my fake name "Well Lolita wipe that smirk off your face" he remarked knowing that's not my real name...
Till death do we part by EmilyJeanWalker
Till death do we partby Emily Walker
Fae has loved the most beautiful girl in high school, Esme, for as long as she can remember. Esme marries a guy, Viktor, who Fae despises. Esme and Viktor's first few we...
mafia wife by Shitpost_Material
mafia wifeby Bisexual Disaster
Hisashi Kurushimu, a suicidal teacher who just wants his students to pass before he dies. Tsubaki Katsuragi, a yakuza heiress who just wants to leave her past behind. B...
MY SECRET MAFIA WIFE | jungkook ff  by jeonbun_ficswrld
MY SECRET MAFIA WIFE | jungkook ff by dark Desire 🖤
so this is a mafia au this story is based on a secret women mafia y/n everybody knows her expect mafia king Jeon jungkook read further to know more bout this SECRET M...
1. Wife Of A Mafia Boss✔️ by kiramcneil
1. Wife Of A Mafia Boss✔️by Kira
This is the story of Valeria Petrov, the Wife of Russian Mafia Boss, Alexei Petrov and how she got in the hands of his rival, Tony Andiacchi, The Italian Mafia Boss. Val...
Mafia Wife by mariellaruiz_123
Mafia Wifeby mariellaruiz_123
Rosie De Rossi. She was 18 a freshman in college. She was innocent, shy, and the sweetest person you'll ever meet. But once you got to know her she could talk your ear...
OUR LITTLE SECRET by satansslutt
OUR LITTLE SECRETby satansslutt
"SCREW ALL OF YOU!" I yell and give them the finger, as the whole party looks at me like they've just witnessed a murder. "Happy fucking Easter y'all"...