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Maid Servant Jen (ON HOLD) by Biabarbie2
Maid Servant Jen (ON HOLD)by Biabarbie2
Maid servant Jen has no idea what is in-store for her and neither do you so read the story to find out.
KINGSLOY' MANSION||JIKOOK by KookiesnMinnies99
"You know my private pool doesn't have cameras on the wall Officer Jeon~ Don't hesitate, kiss me Officer Jeon~" "I will never let you die, Officer Jeon. N...
HIS MAID//KTH ✅ by bananamilk0_7
Taehyung, a kind 8-year-old from a billionaire family, was sent abroad for business studies. After 15 years, he returned, transformed. The warmth he once had was replace...
New is a Maid? ( New wa Maid sama  desu ka? ) ON HOLD..  by jake_birkin
New is a Maid? ( New wa Maid Jake_Will
New is the President of XXX High School, that was once an all boys school, has recently become a co-ed school. However, with the female population still remaining a min...
Working For The Sakamaki's (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by RPM361
Working For The Sakamaki's ( TheWaningMoon
Dina Joilo lost her job recently and is in need for a new one. Even though she doesn't feel pressured, she does need the money. Soon, a strange later shows up, asking he...
Fiocco Di Neve by winterxstormx
Fiocco Di Neveby G.K Hansen
Title is in Italian but the rest of the book is in English, with the exception of some spoken Italian. My therapist wanted to me write stories to cope with things. This...
House of Dark Lovers by DemonsCode
House of Dark Loversby Kaelyn T. Sapphire
"I'm not foolish to the darkness of the world, but I refuse to allow fear and hate to dictate who I am." - Bianca Ivore Bianca Ivore. A farmer's daughter. A...
Jericho the gamer God by ManBigD
Jericho the gamer Godby King Drack Bloodsworn
Jericho is given the ability of the Gamer God. Watch as he goes to his world and changes it for the better... or for the worse Rated T for cursing and a bit of dark them...
My Midget Master (gay) by gay-crocadiles23
My Midget Master (gay)by azazel oliver thomas
!!! involves both femboys and LGBT+ content!!! don't like don't read. cole is a wealthy mage boy with a secret and a seemingly cold heart, xander is a fox femboy prostit...
Like me or not like me by ItsVanessa96
Like me or not like meby ItsVanessa96
read the description for font changes (15+,fluff,slow burn,royal,E to L) Scarlet roselei is a twenty-five year old Woman,she works under the prince named Florian and ser...
"I knew I shouldn't have believed you" "I tried to protect you and your family" "You are a liar like everyone one of them; now I don't want to e...
My Yaya is Beki by Corexalee
My Yaya is Bekiby Vitchinn
Who needs a Yaya like me? Hi I'm Kevin at your service!❤️ Soo Ayuuun.. Salamat Kaffs sa paggawa ng aking Pabalat❤️ @LittleHyuung ( eto yung p...
💚DEKU'S MAID CAFÉ💚 by seanthebookworm
💚DEKU'S MAID CAFÉ💚by seanthebookworm
Deku's maid café fall in love with all your favorite characters while everyone else falls in love with Deku no quirks but the power of being GAY 🏳️‍🌈🌈
YAAYI by AbbySunny0
YAAYIby Abby Sunny
A Tale of Culture. Love. Resilience. Meet Yaayi, a 21-year-old Hausa maid from Nasarawa, thrust into the bustling city of Lagos to work for a demanding Yoruba madam. Cau...
Sex with the maid by ivy_bts
Sex with the maidby ivy
"You think idk about you fucking yourself while saying my name?" "FUCK ME DADDY" "FUCKING SLUT!!!"
All In 45 Days  by Daeyahhhh
All In 45 Days by Meenah
Let me get this straight. You wasted thousands of dollars on a shopping spree and a scam for a polar bear shelter so now your dad's pissed -" I cut him off sharply...
THE HANDMAID by BabyBossybae
Are you a lover of mystery, love triangle, friendship, betrayal and truth? Then this book is for you. Join me as we unravel the life of this innocent handmaid, exposing...
Twisted desires- A Hellbound side story by KittenCasserole
Twisted desires- A Hellbound HazyDreams
Autumn madison, A young girl halfway through high school, was taking a midnight stroll one summer night when by the hand of a dark mysterious demon known as Azatheon, he...
Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her For Me! (By: Shayen S) by DesireInLoveBookClub
Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her DesireInLove ~ Shayen S
Nadia, the barren wife, has an strong urge to have a baby for her loving husband, Tom Mahoney. This desperate wife finally got an idea which she knows it could even real...