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Classroom of the Elite: Free Will by Ryz210
Classroom of the Elite: Free Willby Ryz20
In this story, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wasn't the sole survivor of the Demonic 4th Generation. Here, four outstanding students of this generation enter ANHS, each one is pla...
Classroom Of The Elite Class S   by AnjaliGaur995
Classroom Of The Elite Class S by Anjali Gaur
In this story I started with Kiyotaka's background story making things right and moving towards enrolling in AHNS. It will be a little slow paced and detailed. Kiyotaka...
Chronicles of Ayanokouji-The Butler Boy by ISimpMatsushita
Chronicles of Ayanokouji-The MatsushitaSimp
Matsuo sends Ayanokouji to one of his friends instead of to the school and Matsuo's friend is Chiaki's Father. Ayanokouji works for the family as a butler for Chiaki. Th...
A Normal High School Life (CotE Fanfic) by Crunch008
A Normal High School Life (CotE Blitz
As I entered the room, I could see the silhouette of 'That Man' standing with his back turned against me. His face then slowly turned to me. Moments later, our eyes inte...
Classroom of the Elite: True self [On Hold] by Dessati
Classroom of the Elite: True Dessati
My name is Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. There are many of those who claim to understand who I am... What I am. None of them do. Not even me. Worry not, though. My high-school l...
Different heroine (v3) by brian744
Different heroine (v3)by Ilovemisosoup!
This is inspired by @spaceishere fanfic "protagonist" but I will shift away from the story. Who would have thought Karuizawa and Matsushita were thirsty? Or...
Classroom of the Elite: The New Elite by LeppaBerry
Classroom of the Elite: The New Leppa
A fanfic based on the story of the Classroom of the Elite light novel and told through the eyes of a new character: Morimoto Hisashi (OC) This fanfic follows the events...
Prestigious Couple (Matsushita x Ayanokouji) by Nightcore-Senpai
Prestigious Couple (Matsushita x Nightcore Senpai
This is an Ayanokouji x Matsushita (Kiyotaka x Chiaki) fanfic. In this story Ayanokouji can communicate normally with others because he completed everything it the white...
COTE: Indisputable Ruler by Sora_Akiko
COTE: Indisputable Rulerby Sora Akiko
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka always had an urge to conquer what's in front of him, step by step he plans to conquer the world starting from his own prestigious highschool. A COTE...
My normal school life by LIMC46
My normal school lifeby HiyoriSimpAndFollower46
There is nothing more important than my new school life
PlayboyKouji [Discontinued For My Better Fic] by RainSennin
PlayboyKouji [Discontinued For That Eroge Guy
You've all seen Ayanokouji unintentionally create a harem because of his actions and his looks, but what if he actually wanted it in the first place? He can't handle mor...
Magician of Cote by Soumyadeep02
Magician of Coteby S D
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka , Demon of 4th generation arrives at ANHS in search of freedom from his past. He will go to any length to ensure his freedom, even if he has to lead a...
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokōji Kiyone as Teacher of Class D - Discontinued by The_Neet_Weeb
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokō The_Neet_Weeb
This my first published work and I'm not that talented in writing Please expect long updates and short chapters Classroom of the Elite belong to Shōgo Kinugasa
COTE Kiyopon/Kiyotaka One Shots by Yedsds
COTE Kiyopon/Kiyotaka One Shotsby Yedsds
Classroom of the Elite One shots, some might include multiple parts, Who knows? Featuring our boy Kiyopon/Kiyotaka! Disclaimer: Classroom of the Elite belongs to Shōgo K...
Time Flies by HundredBlossoms
Time Fliesby Girasol
After Kiyotaka met his father, he had given up hope. He is free from the burden his teacher had forced upon him, but his demons have caught up. Even though he is unimagi...
Reaction & Alternate Universe! - Amnesia Haven (CoTE x Grimgar) by GrimGuy11
Reaction & Alternate Universe! - TheGrimGuy
Reaction to CoTE x Grimgar, and Alternate Universes, or even the Deleted Crossover before this. Just read it.
COTE-Ayanokouji at 51% by Honaminumberone
COTE-Ayanokouji at 51%by JBLaRoo
What if Kiyotaka uses his godlike skills much more while attending Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Also, he's a womanizer/philogynist here. This is ju...
COTE-Classroom of the elite - Class S (NEW) by shaniceng316
COTE-Classroom of the elite - Hime
Hi, everyone. This book is my rewrite book of the Class S this book. So I'm saying this story is talking about what first !! This story commences in its second academic...
COTE: MR ORDINARY by Fazequtipwugaboi
COTE: MR ORDINARYby Faze qutipwugaboi
Ayanokoji enters ANHS as a student to experience what life would be like as an ordinary high school student. But will he be able to live such a life?
Starting in class C: not completely defective. by Chaoszweihander15
Starting in class C: not Chaoszweihander15
Pretty much what it says in the title. The school decided Ayanokouji wasn't judged as defective enough to be put in class D, so the school decided he should be put in cl...