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Rimuru Journey by Rimuru6360
Rimuru Journeyby Chaos Creator
I don't know what to write in the description so just read the story. It's a Fem Rimuru story and she is too op. Main ship - RimuruXShizue and I will add Ciel for fun.
Rimuru Tempest The Void Dragon God(TensuraXOverlord) by Dark_Angel_Lord
Rimuru Tempest The Void Dragon Samael_Sama
This is story is the crossover between Overlord and That time i got reincarnated as a slime and here are some important things you all should know 1: Rimuru will not be...
Female rimuru by Chtwyla
Female rimuruby Chtwyla
Rimuru is a girl she is one of the Ancient demon lords with guy and millim and some others  but they haven't seen her in thousands of years only millim knows it her thi...
Apocalypse and the Restoration  by Dark_Angel_Lord
Apocalypse and the Restoration by Samael_Sama
Rimuru was working in his office like usual doing his.....paperwork that is his worse enemy but suddenly on his feet a circle was created and soon a bright lite shone an...
The Impossible Skill(under editing) by Codyxman
The Impossible Skill(under editing)by Codyxman
What if there was a human that had a skill that surpassed even a demon lord or Rimuru. Would he surpass every single demon lord. guess we will find out (this is right be...