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Marvel Oneshots  2022 (complete) by MarvelFan101
Marvel Oneshots 2022 (complete)by MarvelFan101
Become one with the MCU. Reader X Characters, for different senarios and ages. Just a bit of fun to join the MCU I do not own any of the marvel characters they are all l...
Jujutsu Kaisen One Shots by FanFic-Bookworm
Jujutsu Kaisen One Shotsby Leah
As told from the title this is a one shot book for Jujutsu Kaisen. I do not do lemons, I am not comfortable with writing those but freit not if you have anxiety about th...
Billie Eilish Imagines by -beautysux-
Billie Eilish Imaginesby -beautysux-
A lot of mini series including action, romance, and much more all while including your favorite person, Bil :) *New imagine series continued in another book on my page!*
KiriBaku Stories  by Katsuki_Bakubro_1
KiriBaku Stories by Katsuki_Bakubro_1
A bunch of random (complete) KiriBaku stories I'm going to randomly come up with (if I can keep my motivation). there will be smut and fluff. possibly fantasy, omega/alp...
Mini Omorashi Stories by icxnicxcl0vee
Mini Omorashi Storiesby Clover
A book with many fun short stories about omorashi. Join each character in their adventures of trying not to wet themselves (spoiler alert, at least one person will wet t...
NoCo Oneshots by Chocanila
NoCo Oneshotsby Chocanila
!WARNING! There is a lot of angst in these short stories so, if you don't like angst, this isn't the place for u. NONE OF THE ART IS MINE
○MCYT○ Mini Stories by agrace932YT
○MCYT○ Mini Storiesby agrace932YT
=MCYT Mini Stories for your enjoyment! When your waiting for your creator to make videos, why not read stories of their video ideas that they may create in the future. E...
කාබේරි  by meenunavodya
කාබේරි by මීචා 🍄
අප්‍රිකාවේ කොල්ලෙක්ට ලංකාවේ කලු සුද්දෙක් ගැන ආදරයක් හිතුනොත්... "මේක ඩීල් එකක් වෙනුවෙන් වෙන කසාදයක් විතරයි ඇලෙක්ස් " "ඒ එහෙම හිතෙන්නේ උබට විතරයි... මම මෙ...
BOOK OF LOVE STORIES 💕💕💕 THAI BL by Bluephoenix52
BOOK OF LOVE STORIES 💕💕💕 THAI BLby Bluephoenix52
so this story is merely a collection of various stories based on the love shows I watched while growing up . This fanfic is dedicated to those love stories but with Thai...
Mini Stories by HoarFROST_
Mini Storiesby frost
Mini stories written by frost. All mini stories are Boylove Romance.
Purple Stories | Taekook by BlackdiaryV
Purple Stories | Taekookby Dr Koo~
Book 1. End Of The Contract ✨ Book 2. Assistant Mommy✨ O/s 3. Happy JK Day ✨ ✓ O/s 4. Happy Namjoonie Day✨ ✓ Alert ⚠️ Top ThV Bot A-z Femboy Smut Fluff/ angst Mpreg
Vampire King's Omega Bride by blue-tigress
Vampire King's Omega Brideby blue-tigress
Vampire king Jeon jungkook get married to Kim taehyung, an omega. Warning; Age gap Mini series Grammar mistakes
Bendy x Reader~Bendy's Greatest Moments! by Megalovania9
Bendy x Reader~Bendy's Greatest YaBoi
COVER NOT MINE!! It was made by an AWESOME person named Meow_Meow_Bee! Sadly not only was the top part of the cover cut off, but the credit as well. SO THE CREDIT GOES T...
GRIAN CENTRIC Shorts by What_Am_I_Pan
A collection of a bunch of random ideas I have! There will mostly be angst and the upload schedule will be all over the place. If there is a ship included in any of the...
Crush X Reader one shots by naurbeyur
Crush X Reader one shotsby I see a leif ♡
ever wanted to know what it's like to have movie-like scenes with the one who thinks about the most? welcome to the world of Crush x Reader one shots, come join us and h...
Waiting for you  by blue-tigress
Waiting for you by blue-tigress
Jeon taehyung is waiting for his husband to come back. _______________ It's a very simple short story, nothing extra ordinary.
A Vampire's Maid  by bone_writer13
A Vampire's Maid by bone_writer
Brook always was used to be a maid for her family. Her whole life she always wanted to be a normal girl. But one day a vampire buys her to be his maid and her life chang...
Inflation Mini Stories by witchybif
Inflation Mini Storiesby witchybif
Inflation mini stories, new stories every week or even every day (Some stories may be graphic for some)
Love's sweet symphony by writingsbyroseanne
Love's sweet symphonyby Roseanne
Jennette, the quiet bookworm, never expected her life to change when Stefan, the charming new transfer student, walked into her world. As their friendship grows, they di...