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Cursed Lark by Sahrishameena
Cursed Larkby Sahrishameena
Qubel, a girl who has suffered for years in order to enter a week of her life, a palace where she has returned to execute her secret wishes. Physolist's palace, where th...
this is a story about a family who couldn't live in peace because of a demon that always disturb them,find out what happened in the main story, thank you
အတိတ်နိမိတ်ဆိုးတွေ သယ်ဆောင်လာမယ့် ရည်းစားဟောင်း  by Cloudy_blueey
အတိတ်နိမိတ်ဆိုးတွေ သယ်ဆောင်လာမယ့် Cloudy_blueey
Translate for fun (◔‿◔) *I don't own this story. Cover photo crd to pinterest
That Time When We Were The Happiest (COMPLETED)  by xL0stD0ggox
That Time When We Were The xL0stD0ggox
Jimmy and Robert finds a weird round metal somewhere. After activating this machine-like metal, they get sent to the future where technology is more advanced. How will t...
Winter:The Green-Eyed White Wolf (ON-GOING) by Dydyyann
Winter:The Green-Eyed White Wolf ( DYDY
In the quiet and dark night, a few minutes before twelve o'clock at night, a strange and extraordinary wolf will be born. White like the wings of angels, as beautiful as...
A world of Fire and Brimstone's by Ann_cuthbert
A world of Fire and Brimstone'sby ann
We are dead. We have sinned. We must suffer.
Midnight Dancer - P.JM AU by Shy-Nim
Midnight Dancer - P.JM AUby Boo!
At midnight when the clock strucks 12 O'clock, an unknown aura spreads across. The atmosphere changes its structure when the veil of light falls over. A low heavenly hu...
The Mystery Of Legacy by osm_reader01
The Mystery Of Legacyby h_e_l_l_o
"Your duty? How can I trust that all this was not your plan to exchange the documents, sell them to my competitors, and then do all this drama, just to prove yourse...
PAIN||Book 1 by _merakiii___
PAIN||Book 1by kashh
ten rich kids, who has it all but still one strong wave can make them fall on their knees.
Strange School by PayalDabholkar
Strange Schoolby Payal💜
About a school where murders are happening.The detective who's handling the case thinks it's a serial killer but the reason behind those murders is something else......i...
Forbidden place by boemgyustan
Forbidden placeby Naegabyeonhae 2079
Kang Star lives in a neighborhood where people talk a lot about a certain forbidden place. Some people think in the Southern part of Seoul, there is a haunted place beca...
Papers And Hearts by authorland
Papers And Heartsby Ruby
When a writer writes, it is not paper and pen. It is paper and hearts. A collection of short stories and more.
The Bite by LuciaOsifo
The Biteby Lucia Osifo
When an aspiring writer leah meets the new hot shot jacob her life is flipped. Jacob has a dark secret and leah has her future written in the stars. Will she follow that...
Moonbel: Snowy Bed by BearlyPossum
Moonbel: Snowy Bedby Stanley Mertens
Ursula Moonbel gets aflicted with something called a "Rotting Curse." Now with an unknown amount of time till her eventual death, she decides to dig old memori...
A Beast with Several Names by CraigPaulGreen
A Beast with Several Namesby Craig Paul Green
Trapped without memories or even a name, the result of an act of unthinkable violence carried out by a Beast with Several Names. A Nameless man wonders across the surrea...
Room 312 by sunshine_girl-1
Room 312by Veah
Are you going crazy? What the fuck is going on? You ask yourself Are you real!! Am I even real!? You mind is racing framed for things you've never done now stuck in an -
kuroko no fantasy by talesofwinds
kuroko no fantasyby Carlo Andrin
What if Tetsuya was send transfer to the magic sport world trying to figure out to get back along his journey he mets the girls however they have bad term can he or them...
Blacklisted  by Jessie_Summers
Blacklisted by Jessie Summers
"Her reflection tells tales of darkness born by flesh and breed by the heart of a lost soul" (On hold)
her lovely purple eyes by _raven_02
her lovely purple eyesby ray
a boy sees a beautiful girl with purple eyes wich seem to be glowing in a way, in his dreams. He tryies his best to find her.