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After Requiem » Delirium by unreliableturnip
After Requiem » Deliriumby Not a polar bear
Hey fans of Delirium trilogy! I know the third part of Delirium trilogy (requiem) wasn't ended well, it needed either an epilogue or a fourth book. So here it is a fourt...
Starving by maskeddani
Starvingby dani
a short story about my eating disorder. i am in NO WAY pro anything! writing based on my life, and i'll continue as my life grows with my anorexia. ps. if you're dealin...
Eat! by RozalittleDhampir
Eat!by Roza
It all started with a word written on a paper aeroplane - Eat. Alice is battling with anorexia, and paranoid delusions of being ugly. So when she meets Sam, falling in l...
Anorexic!Reader X Male!Crush  by coralinejv
Anorexic!Reader X Male!Crush by cora
Your crush saves you from your anorexia nervosa!
x lying underweight x by writelabyrinths
x lying underweight xby welcome to wonderland
x Lying underweight x Ali loves reading the classics, listening to records, drinking tea and singing along to Lana Del Ray. Ali also loves Ana. This story is about a gi...
Eating Disorder Neglectfully Over Simplified by callitanorexia
Eating Disorder Neglectfully callitanorexia
TRIGGER WARNING This is my story of EDNOS, an eating disorder that is not heard of much.
My Name is Ana by RavenOmgx
My Name is Anaby RavenOmgx
What does it take to become beautiful?
The Gain of the Loss by PoisonousBeauty
The Gain of the Lossby Alyssa
"Up to 24 million of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder(anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder)." I never thought that stat would have anyth...
stalker// joshler by joshspeach
stalker// joshlerby lavender bleach
tyler's first bad date turns into a stalker, while josh is innocently falling in love with tyler.
Cheers To Love by JisooLee2
Cheers To Loveby Jisoo Lee
Have you ever had a daydream, an addiction or a favorite hobby during your teen days, did it lay well with your being. Have you ever felt your inner being or daydream be...
Chocolate milk kids by valia_lala
Chocolate milk kidsby Alex The Washing Machine
"Because I'm fat and ugly, okay? Because I can't even look at myself in the mirror, and the smell of food alone makes me sick. Because I have to become pretty."...
Mirrors (Anorexic story) by star10122
Mirrors (Anorexic story)by Star :D
FAT. You've ever been that? I am. My parents say that i ain't but thats what they're supposed to say. I'm gonna lose weight. I'm going on a diet. No, a REAL diet, and i'...
Mobbing  by YoloChildYoloChild
Mobbing by YoloChildYoloChild
In diesem Buch werde ich mithilfe der Protagonisten einen möglichen weg von Mobbing darstellen. Mögliche Folgen,etc. werden dargestellt. -- Kyrie ist 14 Jahre alt,als si...
Not Skinny Enough by awk0_niki
Not Skinny Enoughby Andréa <3
This is a diary of an Anorexic. I put a lot of time in this and really hope you enjoy. This is my first story on Wattpad so sorry if I made mistakes or something. If i'v...