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No Means No by theyoungfluteplayer
No Means Noby the young flute player
She was supposed to speak up. He was supposed to listen. No means no. This is a true sexual assault story. Some things mentioned may be a trigger so please read with cau...
Rockstar cookie x mint choco fanfic nsfw by chocolate_girl3329
Rockstar cookie x mint choco kayla supergirl🦸🏾‍♀️
hello guys I am this is my new fanfic. my newest one. I am inspired by other person told me to make this. they wrote the whole thing for me and I will paste it here. iho...
Royal romance by bigearz
Royal romanceby JGB the writer
Sweetie is trying to right her wrongs but one pup has other plans for her
Scarred by kennedywillread
Scarredby kennedywillread
By Kennedy Rogowski This book is about true a gated community from terrorists.
Short Horror Stories by BrandonMumford9
Short Horror Storiesby Brandon Mumford
Very short horror stories written by me.
Welcome Home (#Starterliste21) by -MakingChaos
Welcome Home (#Starterliste21)by bubblegum
Η Κάθριν ζούσε μόνο με την μητέρα της σε ένα σπίτι κοντά στην εξοχή. Αυτό όμως άλλαξε όταν η μητέρα της παντρεύτηκε τον γοητευτικό και ζεστό Βιν. Προσπαθεί να προσαρμοσ...
I Was Safe, Until I Wasn't  by mrs_mila_jane
I Was Safe, Until I Wasn't by mrs_mila_jane
What will happen when Dalia finds a mysterious box under her parents' bed labeled "Missing Persons" with a picture of her face inside?
Can this be?!?   S1 by keyla_florib_stories
Can this be?!? S1by keyla_florib_stories
Funny💬 Cool😎 Ships😂 Surprise😜 Entertainment🥰 Romance😚 friendship🤑 Luck🥶 Sexual😈
Bad decision........ by anoymounus101
Bad anoymounus101
This was a story about a girl who was 15 years old. Chloe was adventurous and always wanted to explore but after this experience I think Chloe will never explore again.
O2l Sex Slave  by O2L_Lover
O2l Sex Slave by O2L_Lover
When a poor girl gets sold to these boys as a sex slave how will she live !! I will update when I can !
What Darkness Promised by ppaigetravtm
What Darkness Promisedby Rae
The Nordic Goddess, Freyja, lost her memories fleeing from hunters and is rebirthed as a child where she is adopted by a couple who were having problems getting pregnant...
The Wine Glass by food_is_lif3
The Wine Glassby food_is_lif3
"Who would have thought that one tiny thing can change your life, and the people around you? Well, besides me of course." -The Devil When chaos strikes in the...
Safe and Sound... by sophiataly
Safe and sophiataly
Luka and Claire's parents had a tragic car accident and they died,ever since Luka had been Claire's only family but when she gets mad at him she realizes it was never wo...
Hey, Quit Staking Me!! by magconboys_ayee
Hey, Quit Staking Me!!by Emma
Hi this is going to be 10 chapters long it might to a whole for this to be completed so
Galactic Outlaw by SuperbBooks
Galactic Outlawby SuperbBooks
My name is Drake Keller, I am a labrat to the government. It was wasn't my choice. They kidnapped me to the Human Weapon project. It made me something else. Turns out h...
Normal Day by hemmingsapperal
Normal Dayby Oj.
when your little you hear about all the bad things that happen to people, and think that'll never happen to me. Until it does.