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Oh! My D E A D (GxG, Lesbian) by FallinginReverze
Oh! My D E A D (GxG, Lesbian)by :)
"l'll tell you a secret" I said to my friend almost whispering, she leaned closer then looked at me interested. I sighed heavily before speaking. "I see d...
A Second Chance by KissesOcean
A Second Chanceby Sunfish
Luck was never on her side, she died again for the second time and in her third life she came back as Catriona Oceania Kendrick once again. Will this second chance lead...
(2yeon)My Number 1 Bully by AuthorGraph20
(2yeon)My Number 1 Bullyby ᒪOᑌ᙭Y
This story is about 2yeon/NaJeong Fanfic. This story also contains Bad grammar so please excuse this issue if you came across one. There also some typos that I might not...
LIRA: Book I by MaxineLaurel
LIRA: Book Iby Maxine Laurel
If we are still in the 90's and someone will approach me and say "You're a descendant of a Goddess," I'll most likely answer "You need some serious help...
Dark Prince by TroyGonzales20
Dark Princeby Arvin Troy Gonzales
The story starts with an angel that disobeyed God's order, then planned to kill God and replace him and take all over the other realms, worlds and universe, But there ar...
HERA (GxG, Lesbian Story) •Ongoing• by FallinginReverze
HERA (GxG, Lesbian Story) •Ongoing•by :)
Hero Sinclair is an egoistic and sexist senior student in Brent high school. He despises women so much that he uses his charm and status to break their heart. His streak...
CAPTIVE by MaxineLaurel
CAPTIVEby Maxine Laurel
Twenty-one year old Ana is minding her own business when suddenly strange men declare one night that she needs to die. Trying to escape to protect her dear life, she som...
Where I Belong by KissesOcean
Where I Belongby Sunfish
As she became one of the Cortez, Mab's fate had already decided. Will she be a wife of someone she doesn't know or will she take charge and choose her own fate as Calvin...
When Adrien wanted to have a work, he doesn't mean to work as a personal assistant. He believes that it is not his thing. But Jace, on the other hand, wants Adrien to be...
The Guardian (GxG, Lesbian Story) [Coming Soon] by FallinginReverze
The Guardian (GxG, Lesbian Story) :)
Coming soon - The real Guardian story, A.K.A Lee/Elise
The Love Between Us  by StarlightNight5
The Love Between Us by Starlight Night
(COMPLETED) Si Micko ay isang gay na kung saan nakilala niya si Lucas na kanyang naging kaibigan at nag poprotekta sa kanya hanggang sa nagbalik si Ashton at nagdala ng...
From: Your Secret Admirer by MaxineLaurel
From: Your Secret Admirerby Maxine Laurel
Seventeen year old Kyla Marquez is not like the rest of the girls her age. She is cursed of not ever finding true love and happiness. But during one of her boring colleg...
SURVIVOR'S JOURNALby Catherine Delos Santos
I am alone. In a Zombie Apocalypse. I'm on a self-journey to find more survivors or trying to find a safe place. Or I'm just living through it and surviving all by mysel...
death and decay to all goblin ( Minecraft X Goblinslayer ) by FlameAssassin2
death and decay to all goblin ( Flame Assassin
i dont owner of Minecraft , goblin slayer , photo just the oc your hybrid of human and the wither one of the most powerful mob in minecraft
Mon Amour by samgyupsalqueen
Mon Amourby Hani 🖤🔥
This is a story about two half-sisters who are in the midst of a life crisis. It isn't your typical boy meets girl or your perfect cliché love story. It's about the auth...
A second chance ( Sheen & Shine True Story ) by SheenDespondent
A second chance ( Sheen & Shine Sheen D.
It's about two couple who met twice after not having contact for several years.
2 Years To Become Erin by lazypenmanship
2 Years To Become Erinby lazypenmanship
Gab and his sister, Jeany, have been orphans since kids. Jeany works as a personal servant to a young girl named Erin from a very influential family. At the spark of co...
Love Is Not Enough by strange_writer_0321
Love Is Not Enoughby Strange Writer
Isn't love enough? Yes, LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH ---------- Hindi sapat kung pag-ibig lang ang panghahawakan ng dalawang taong nagmamahalan. Sa mundong marahas, mapanghusga at...
7 MIDNIGHT SONGSby Catherine Delos Santos
What happens when seven modern American English girls get transmigrated and reincarnated into another world? Into a world of fantasy, magic, and mystery? And then the s...
Lata [Short Story] by darkwarriorkeita
Lata [Short Story]by kiiittaaannn
Ang pagmamahal ng isang kapatid ay walang katumbas. Pero paano kapag nabibilang na lang ang kanyang panahon sa mundong ito? Anong gagawin mo. P.S. Kung nagustuhan mo m...