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UTØPIA | TomTord | by _Sleepyboyy
UTØPIA | TomTord |by ᴇ.ᴊ
3 - 4 years after The End... "Do you know who will have the greatest impact on this planet? You will. Because you will massacre over 7 billion people." As Red...
A Servant's Security by FloppyFries67
A Servant's Securityby FloppyFries67
Isabel, once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, is trapped in servitude to Lord John Goodwin, a man who is rumored to be terrifying. Her circumstances are made even wor...
Sick & Tired by jpsthepoet
Sick & Tiredby J.P. Silva
For those who are sick & tired of this culture... A poem every day till December 31st!
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy) by skzultra
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy)by Shea ☁️
Melanie desperately tries to get away from the crowd, shielding her face in pain as she falls to the ground. Almost suddenly, she feels leather hands grip her body and...
Reborn into another life as a twin(Butterfly reign x Passerine/Tommy!Reader) by vickyfox1243
Reborn into another life as a vickyfox1243
YOU are passerine Tommy but being reborn in the butterfly reign Au as Theseus twin and your name is also different when being reborn as the younger twin and how will you...
Ticktock Love by AndreaBrightAuthor
Ticktock Loveby Andrea Bright
After a prank gone wrong, a high school junior unintentionally becomes a TikTok star and inspires protests against gender-biased dress codes. ⁂ How to go from a high sch...
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x reader ) FLUFF by TheMegane
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x ~s t a r~
(This story is discontinued) This is another fanfic of that tall guy from the protest but this one is really fluffy and for yall ace muh fukers and kiddos you...
The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis Fanfiction|| by OutsidersObsessed_
The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis ❤️Katy❤️
Kacie Jones, Soc by blood, and greaser by act, hates her life. Her mother killed herself when she was young, and her father ended up marrying her best friend's mother, r...
T-68 by Khloe2570
T-68by Kitler
Shortly after wwiii,Song-Jiy has live in American occupied North Korea,and has decent expectations form the guards. Serkui Kokitsu lives in Japan,and helped the America...
Poopy Protesting by Dipetoboy
Poopy Protestingby DL_Ant
Everyday and all around the world there are protests. Yet no one ever thinks,how do these people who sit almost still barricading roads for many hours go to the toilet...
Spec Ops One Shots by bajavoca
Spec Ops One Shotsby bajavoz
We out here doing God's work. Have a few short stories about our favorite modern revolutionaries known as The Spec Ops.
When Dead Men Breathe | Dead Men BOOK 2 by renesmeewolfe
When Dead Men Breathe | Dead Men K. Weikel
"It's hard to forgive yourself when twenty-twenty hindsight is like your disease." This isn't the same world it used to be. Now that humans have once again cas...
The Usual  by Tkdageneral
The Usual by TK
Being black in America or anywhere is always a danger. The color of our skin is seen as a weapon, regardless if we carry one. We die by the hands of police more often th...
Tank x reader by lqvly_
Tank x readerby iloveyouu
Soooo...this is a little fan fiction of the tall specops guy from the bml protests. They're might be a little smut in here but it's mainly just gonna be some fluff! :) p...
Haikyuu Protest AU by User_Sagittarius
Haikyuu Protest AUby Meteorite_Madness
Ships: IwaOi, MattsuHana, KinKuni, KyoHaba Characters: Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Mattsun, Hanamakki, Kindaichi, Kunimi, Watari, Makki's Parents, Ushijima, Tendou, Semi, Shirabu...
POETRY OF NO GENRE - PART 2 (Roses From Ellah) by LifeOfEllah
Seat-Belt.. Check! Take a ride with me.. in my train of thought No rules, No brakes! Just Another Cruise with Ellah! POETRY OF NO GENRE - PART 2
Bliss by unlockedkeys
Blissby •nandika•
This is a book containing my personal opinions on politics, ethical dilemmas, and more light-hearted topics such as celebrities and food. And also memes. Feel free to a...
The Anonymous by Naraiju
The Anonymousby Naraiju
A bunch of college students want to expose the dirty secrets of the government. Fortunately for them, the famous hacker group, The Anonymous, is on their side ...or are...
The tall mysteries: a spec ops fanfic by WeDunnoHer
The tall mysteries: a spec ops WeDunnoHer
Idk what this is but I've heard that there are a lot of anon fanfics so I figured I'd make of for the spec ops. Please note that the title might change seeing as there a...