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Ticktock Love by AndreaBrightAuthor
Ticktock Loveby Andrea Bright
After a prank gone wrong, a high school junior unintentionally becomes a TikTok star and inspires protests against gender-biased dress codes. ⁂ How to go from a high sch...
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy) by skzultra
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy)by Shea ☁️
Melanie desperately tries to get away from the crowd, shielding her face in pain as she falls to the ground. Almost suddenly, she feels leather hands grip her body and...
Felinette Soulmates AU by san-fics
Felinette Soulmates AUby san-fics
'You realize we are not gonna be able to meet now, right?' The voice inside his head said. 'And why is that?' Felix replied into the mental channel. 'Because then you wo...
Surviving The Blues by Purple_Sky17
Surviving The Bluesby Purple_sky15
When the officers who shot three teens in South Bronx faces no charges, protest break out. Two months had past and no one knew about the incident that left two dead and...
IF I WERE YOU.    (Naija  Christian Novel)  by deb-iwrite
IF I WERE YOU. (Naija deb-iwrite
"What is it now?" He yelled above the embers of the flame. Vivian who had crumbled to the floor stayed down, staring as the fire rose in the sky. Bishop Mait...
Spec Ops One Shots by bajavoca
Spec Ops One Shotsby bajavoz
We out here doing God's work. Have a few short stories about our favorite modern revolutionaries known as The Spec Ops.
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x reader ) FLUFF by TheMegane
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x ~s t a r~
(This story is discontinued) This is another fanfic of that tall guy from the protest but this one is really fluffy and for yall ace muh fukers and kiddos you...
Barrister Babu - Fulfilling Dreams (On Hold) by Harshita_V
Barrister Babu - Fulfilling Harshita Vishwakarma
The story is set in the pre- independence era, 1930's. The story revolves around two individuals of two different villages of Bengal, how their destiny make them meet ea...
Gardens For Guardians by FuzzleBumbuzzle
Gardens For Guardiansby Fuzzle Bumbuzzle
Why must life get worse when the status quo was perfect? Perhaps we simply grew blind to the dangers lurking from the start. The world has seen decades of order. Turmoil...
When Dead Men Bleed | Dead Men | BOOK 1 by renesmeewolfe
When Dead Men Bleed | Dead Men | K. Weikel
Humans are nearing extinction. They're hunted by the second worlders, mythical beings that took the world with force. Zeke, a fragile zombie, suddenly becomes an enemy t...
Revolution  by LuckyPandaas
Revolution by LuckyPandaas
You knew what you had to do but was it worth it you didn't know the answer to that question but you knew what was the right thing to do and you protested and stood with...
Anonymous: Shared Ideals by Ezzresse
Anonymous: Shared Idealsby Ezzresse
***Anonymous came out of the woodwork and everyone is simping. I have to admit they do be looking fine tho*** You have strong anti-government views and share them at a p...
The Fount of Dragon Fire by Talia_Rhea
The Fount of Dragon Fireby Talia Rhea
Dragon fire, bright gold, casts rainbows instead of shadows. Camry was gifted with the power of fire by the dragon that saved her life as a child. She hides her gift fro...
The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis Fanfiction|| by OutsidersObsessed_
The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis ❤️Katy❤️
Kacie Jones, Soc by blood, and greaser by act, hates her life. Her mother killed herself when she was young, and her father ended up marrying her best friend's mother, r...
Toni Petti LIVE by Roberrific
Toni Petti LIVEby Robert Hugh Campbell
Recording Black Lives Matter protests during the COVID19 Lockdown in Toronto transforms cub reporter Antonia Petti into a battle-tested Charter Rights auditor. The scrap...
Perception by yme123
Perceptionby yme123
Homeless and savagely beaten, Amy Mair sits waiting in a police interrogation room. She witnessed the murder of a friend and the police want to know more. But what can o...
Tank x reader by lqvly_
Tank x readerby iloveyouu
Soooo...this is a little fan fiction of the tall specops guy from the bml protests. They're might be a little smut in here but it's mainly just gonna be some fluff! :) p...
Behind the Mask (SpecOPs Riot x Reader) by bearogatorade
Behind the Mask (SpecOPs Riot x Emma
You think your life can't get any worse - or any better for that matter. Your mom is a raging alcoholic and your dad has been dining with Michael Jackson since you were...
Anarchy by samoftheland
Anarchyby samoftheland
Y'all already know what tf is up. A fanfiction of specops people and anonymous? Maybe Anyway it is gonna start boring but I wanna build it up.
INJUSTICE by sokeefeforlifeduh
a protest to George Floyd.