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I Choose You.  by Lisamstu
I Choose You. by Lisamstu
Completed. Kaitlyn's and Lydia's worlds collide in a way they never imagined. But what will happen when these two meet. War? Lust? Friendship? Will they change the minds...
Dangerous Love [BoyxBoy] by itsmemarkiee11
Dangerous Love [BoyxBoy]by @mister_markiee
Ang kwentong ito ay isang BL, BoyxBoy, m2m, bromance. Kung hindi sakop ng inyong pang unawa ang ganitong klaseng uri ng kwento. Maaari niyo ng lisanin ang kwentong ito...
COLOUR RUSH ( Ongoing ) by LAZHU_98
COLOUR RUSH ( Ongoing )by ◈◉◈__ 𝐀𝓩𝓱 __◈◉◈
BL Story __________ ඇත්තටම මං කොහොමද මේ දේවල් පිලිගන්නේ ...මේක බොරුවක් කියලා මට කියන්න රුනාල් ... මේක බොරුවක් කියලා මට කියන්න ...
I can make you laugh by sunsetsiren
I can make you laughby sunsetsiren
Ash and Gladion have a bet; Ash has one week to make Gladion laugh and the winner gets whatever the winner wants. And Ash and Gladion are determined NOT to lose. I don't...
Him and I by Zack796
Him and Iby Zack796
Its ur senior yr in high school and u seem to hv a lot of questions that only a certain man can answer
The Purrfect Kitty (On Temporary Hiatus) by OssieThe0celot
The Purrfect Kitty (On Temporary LittleNight
Katsuki Bakugou, a neko was mistreated all of his life thinking it was normal. But then these men come and take him away from home. They teach him that what his mother d...
Larissa Weems X Fem.Reader  by Melilvy
Larissa Weems X Fem.Reader by Melilvy
You're Y/n and a new student at Nevermore Your parents have decided to send you to the Nevermore Academy. Because Ethel blame you for everything...But things don't go a...
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My One And Only (Dkbk) (On Hiatus) by OssieThe0celot
My One And Only (Dkbk) (On Hiatus)by LittleNight
Katsuki Bakugou is a calm, quiet and collected person, he doesn't really like loud noises and has a really poor job. He is trying to pay his dad's hospital bills but it...
Dad Next Door: Volume 2 by SammiBSykes
Dad Next Door: Volume 2by Samantha Sykes
Being together for eight years hasn't been easy. Especially when it means that the kids are growing up and with it, a lot of teenage drama. From secrets and lies from th...
Haaru | JIKOOK SINHALA FF 🌙 by Saarakim9795
Haaru | JIKOOK SINHALA FF 🌙by • Saarakim •
" එක ආත්මයක අපි මගහැරුනත්.. මේ ආත්මයෙ මං ඔයාව අතාරින්නෙ නැ! මගෙ හාරූ.. "
Her Everything  by novelistic_mind
Her Everything by Novelist
(This is part 2 to my story Lynn. You will have to read part 1 to understand part 2. But please enjoy 😊) Being the loyal respectful friend that Lynn was had her fightin...
Same Flight by raejax1
Same Flightby Raegan Jackson (Daughter of P...
Cassiopeia is heading to Paris to start her own design company. She clutches her sketchbook for dear life as she gets ready to board the plane, when she sees the most go...
රත් මල් ~ by Kim_White_Camellia
රත් මල් ~by _කැමී_
ඉහල පැලැන්තියක උන මගේ පවුල අපිට වඩා පහත් මිනිස්සුන්ට සැලකුවෙ මහ නපුරු විදිහට ~ බුවනෙක එයා ඉහල පැලැන්තියක උ...
" මං දන්නවා ඔම්මා. ඔම්මා මට මගෙම ඔම්මා වගෙ කියලා. අනික ඔම්මා අහන දේත් මං දන්නවා.. මට එච්චර වාසනාවක් නැ ඔම්මා. මං ..මං නිකන් ගත්තෙ " ජිමින් කටහඬ බාල කරලා කියද්...
Just A Touch of Your Love by Sisi6161
Just A Touch of Your Loveby Sisi
3 same sex female couples 14 locations 3 stories 1 thing in common... Pearl and Violet (Pearlet), Vixen and Aquaria (Vixria), and Trinity K. Bonet and Lineysha (Trineysh...
Pangaea: Amongst the history  by GodellinaDewdrop
Pangaea: Amongst the history by GodellinaDewdrop
《Book 3》 What happens when the sphere of time lands in your hands? Will you walk in the past as the present? In the colorful kaleidoscope of history as you walk among t...
Soraxx oneshots.    ☆♡>[]<♡☆ by LeSupernaturalBitch
Soraxx oneshots. ☆♡>[]<♡☆by ThatBitch<3
RE-CONTINUED republished I'll warn ya if there's smut Sora x Jaxx - Soraxx I don't own the cover art, I found it on google
Both Sides Now by DotDWizard
Both Sides Nowby DotDWizard
Nascar driver Juliana Valdés is well known for her triumphs behind the wheel and with the ladies. Famous Mexican actress Valentina Carvajal is still reeling from a painf...
The CEO's Personal Stripper by iTALAmosabuwan
The CEO's Personal Stripperby Krystal Claire Briton
At a young age she was forced to become a stripper in a club just to pay for her familys debts. She's experienced a lot of abuse, hard ships, and struggles that makes he...