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Jungkook Oneshots [sickfics, hurtfics] by kookiebunny90
Jungkook Oneshots [sickfics, kookiebunny90
Bts love each other. They are a happy and healthy family, but sometimes it doesn't go according to plan. TW (don't worry, it will be written in each part): depression...
Home Is Where Family Is by 0nly0cean
Home Is Where Family Isby Ramdoe
15 year old Tommy has been a orphan upon his mother being a teen parent. He was also diagnosed with FND which causes daily seizures. He's been in and out of homes since...
Potion seizure by DeticatedToMyself
Potion seizureby Just Another Fan
(Y/N) has a seizure in the end of Potion class. Severus Snape is there to handle the situation and refuse to leave during her recovery.
if mirabel stop Trying to make the family proud of her  by jackfox1235
if mirabel stop Trying to make Diamond
in this story mirabel stop make her family proud of her in stop get the family wait her became depression and fear of her family in no her isn't a villain in the story t...
Dumping Ground by BeautifulRain2020
Dumping Groundby BeautifulRain2020
The DG kids looking out for each other and caring about each other. Fanfics based on episodes of Tracy Beaker Returns and S1 & S2 of The Dumping Ground.
Fate of the Fragile by Monster_EnergyAddict
A girl who suffers from dissociative seizures has to figure out how to live her life with them, even if it means blocking everyone out of her life. Will she get the free...
Even Buckley 911 hurt/sickfics  by Mad_Max__
Even Buckley 911 hurt/sickfics by Maxuel
Here are some different stories about buck from 911 the show hurtfics and sickfics and angst. Please leave me requests I usually will do anything.(^∇^)
Sophies Seizures (true story ) by Giraffezlover
Sophies Seizures (true story )by Giraffezlover
A college students life gets tipped upside down in a matter of seconds... Seizures change every aspect of Sophies life *this book is finshed*
Maze Runner Trilogy by BeautifulRain2020
Maze Runner Trilogyby BeautifulRain2020
Newt fanfictions for The Maze Runner, Scorch Trials & Death Cure
The Seizures that Overcome my Life by MrSiriusBlack1959
The Seizures that Overcome my Lifeby Everyone Is Anonymous
#1 in disability!!! Finished but editing to make it not suck :) Hayden is a junior in high school. He is new to this school and is trying to make his way around. He has...
Money (can)'t Buy Happiness by Perseus_Peter_Potter
Money (can)'t Buy Happinessby Perseus_Peter_Potter
Peter's life is slowly falling apart. May gets injured and her work hours are cut off. As Peter picks up a job, has to cut off most of his food intake, and the long radi...
Salvation by KaitlynP
Salvationby Kaitlyn
She's his prize, his beautiful, flawless prize. She's his trophy, a girl he stole from the world. He holds her captive in the harsh shadows of the basement and tortures...
Matteline by lillyiaa
Mattelineby lillyiaa
[ mad • el • ine ] Mattie Becket is a twenty-two year old college graduate. With no sense of direction in her life and lawyers for parents pushing her to follow in thei...
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AU by Amiss_Covert
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AUby Samvert_2023
Eburnean Tommy belongs to @blublu_by either on Insta or YouTube, This AU is completely not mine. The story's filled with the creator's headcanons and ideas, but I also p...
A Second Chance by britthole
A Second Chanceby britthole
WARNING BASHING!!!! Bashing of Dumblodore, Mrs. Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger Sirius Black Lives!! During the battle the in the Department of Mys...
Karl Jacobs-Disability/Neurodivergent ONE SHOTS💖 by PavFlixShortcake
Karl Jacobs-Disability/ KarlJacobsSunshine
Karl Jacobs IRL one shots for angst! (Pretty much sick fics) If you don't like it-then you don't like it! *NO SMUT*
End of the Day // One Direction Sickfic by l0u_t0mm0
End of the Day // One Direction l0u_t0mm0
Third book of the No Control series It's the final leg of tour for the One Direction boys, and now they're taking on Europe! Unfortunately for them, their bad luck foll...
Lockdown (One Direction) by StylinsonLove28
Lockdown (One Direction)by Sunflower6
People in London are being told to stay indoors, due to a huge chemical spill, that has formed a massive toxic gas cloud. Residents are being asked to keep all windows a...
one thing can lead to a life full of changes (chronically ill bakugouxidk yet) by ItzRaeRae
one thing can lead to a life Rae
what happens if bakugou gets diagnosed with over a school holiday which causes him to miss an extra month of school. its the beginning of December and his goal is to be...
He's our moony. by riahbear14
He's our thatonelesbian
Different occasions when Moony needs the other Marauders.