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Three Petal Flower by asensualboy
Three Petal Flowerby A sensual boy
A romantic tale of a husband and wife and their hidden desires
after hours. by kinksandall
after kinksandall
Fantasies-we all have them. Explore your innermost desires with "After Hours", a collection of short, erotic stories that will tickle your fancy.
Down at the Cove by AmandaBecker4933
Down at the Coveby AmandaBecker
Sanditon, this is a story of my series "What if?". What if...the meeting down at the cove, had taken another way? Disclaimer: I don't own the rights on the cha...
Charlotte in the bathtub by AmandaBecker4933
Charlotte in the bathtubby AmandaBecker
Sanditon Fanfiction: A new story of my "What if?" series. What if Charlotte would have tried Dr Fuchs' bathtub by Lady Denham instead of Clara? Disclaimer: I...
The Witch's Blood  by Coquiwriter
The Witch's Blood by Mr.Coqui
Sokovian Gypsy Wanda Maximoff becomes victim to the Dark Lord Count Dracula, turning her into a monstrous vampire for centuries where she hides in the shadows of Earth t...
Criminal Love by ChaosAPPZ
Criminal Loveby Chaos
A new undercover unit is created by the FBI to infiltrate the inner circles of illegal art dealing. Dylan Wang is a convicted and talented forger that will be forced to...
SWITCHING by Pricy81
A Freaky Couple Passionate In Love. The Male Is Dominant and Female Is Submissive But One Day She Wants To Get Hold Of Scene And Wants To Be A Dom. She Wants To Return...
FIELDS ( P.JM )🔞 Brink Of Insanity by 2ideefixe2
FIELDS ( P.JM )🔞 Brink Of Insanityby Sadist ₩riter
Jimin- was an Innocent He was kind, sweet, charming... But something happened.... Jimins middle fingers dip inside of the pond, before sliding between his plump lips t...
The Disguised Love by sensuous1ink
The Disguised Loveby sensuous1ink
James, a respectable investment banker, crosses paths with Sophie, a woman already scarred by lost love. Sophie's heart had been ensnared by Gabriel, a mysterious strang...
Two Months and Three Days (Sinister Romance #1) by TatianaVedenska
Two Months and Three Days ( Tatiana Vedenska
An irresistible mixture between Fifty Shades of Grey and a detective story When 19-year-old Arina, a student of Veterinary Medicine, wanders into the photo exhibition of...
The Night I Painted Your Body. by CarnivalWrites01
The Night I Painted Your Dheeraz .B. Samuel
Might not be the best, but honestly the only night I truly unraveled you. The true yourself. The first time it is. A rainy night.
The Knight and the Lady by sappho-is-my-wife
The Knight and the Ladyby Lover of Sappho
In the end, it isn't always the prince that wins.
A writer's fantasy by swriter420
A writer's fantasyby swriter420
Short story of a few moments of a lived fantasy of a writer, alone, in a dark room, writing on her white table, under a single wooden lamp. When someone comes, from behi...
The Day We Met by Xiax_77
The Day We Metby Xiax
After battle bad 2019, Téja meets Les Twins, Larry "Ca Blaze" Bourgeois and Laurent "lil Beast" Bourgeois. She was given a club VIP ticket to spend...
R.A.W. by eviteenemova
#15 Nudi Pleura
An erotica about an old professor and a young, eccentric fan
On Her Majesty's Secret Service ✔️ by Veedeeann
On Her Majesty's Secret Service ✔️by Veedeeann
Suave, sexy CEO Raman Bhalla is a man on a mission, and his mission is to secretly romance his beautiful wife Ishita. Except that their families think Raman and Ishita a...
Driven Crazy by Hadal84
Driven Crazyby Hadal84
Remember the days when you still wanted to lose yourself in someone's arms going wild. Staying up whole night, craving for inches while lightning the vibe Read if you o...
Tonight, I Am Loved. by Sheshallnotbenamed
Tonight, I Am Sheshallnotbenamed
Hell hath no fury like a long dreamed fantasy brought to life... Steamy and explicit short story with nuances of romance, love, intimacy and longing. May you enjoy this...