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Daddy is home (Murder drones x Male reader) by ianfranzzoniacosta
Daddy is home (Murder drones x ianfranzzoniacosta
this story I hope is good because bioshock is one of my favorites sagas of video games and I like the series of murder drones so I thought why aren't any story's of this...
The Kitsune (High School DxD x OC) by MichaelCantu4
The Kitsune (High School DxD x OC)by Michael Cantu
This is the rewrite version of my previous story, "The Yokai". Raizo Tachibana is the son of Yasaka Tachibana, and older brother of Kunou Tachibana. He's a Kit...
Gamer's Choice by KinnPendragon
Gamer's Choiceby KINN PENDRAGON
Izuku yagi son of Toshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi or better know as the number one hero All Might and number 9 hero Lady Magnet, brother of Izumi Yagi. Born weak and quirkl...
izuku O'connor by AvengedMoon
izuku O'connorby Avenged
izuku O'connor, originally Izuku Yagi, Abused, Neglected, and fed up. What if he had the chance to live the life he truly wanted? What if he went 'missing' but returns a...
MHA React to Fate, Book 2 by ShallowStorm964
MHA React to Fate, Book 2by ShallowStorm964
(Cover is Not Mine) This is the Continuation of my Dekuverse Story "Watching the Dekuverse" However this Book will Focus on them Reacting to The Fate Franchise
Highschool DxD: Sacred Gear Plunderer  by Gil_Fullbring
Highschool DxD: Sacred Gear Gilgamesh
Issei Hyoudou von Einzbern is the son of the ex-Maoh Zor'ol Hyoudou and the greatest human mage in history, getting the attention of all the factions. In this story, Iss...
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo) by whatifdevil
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo)by what if devil
Life is unfair to izuku yagi who was a happy ordinary kid having loving parents and sister and friends wanting to become hero like his idols All might and Green magneta...
Izuku Cleopatra, the Egyptian hero by AvengedMoon
Izuku Cleopatra, the Egyptian heroby Avenged
What happens when a deity of a greater time took notice upon young Izuku suffering. After being abused, neglected, and forgotten Izuku finally get free from his cycle of...
Dekuverse: How it all Started  by seras007bond
Dekuverse: How it all Started by seras torres
UA is a college 98% of earth was concord by an invading alien race calling them selfs Hydrāckēnights or losely translated as Hydraknights, but there stood one man (caus...
Stories Sample by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Stories Sampleby FDWCOLLADO
More stories that I to make but it will take time
My Hero Academia: Iron Man (On Hold) by RenegadeComics
My Hero Academia: Iron Man (On Daimon Gidney
Follow Izuku Yagi a Alternate Timeline version of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku in this epic tale of how even the least likely people can change the course of the future and t...
King Of The Court by Verde_Eleutheria
King Of The Courtby Genesis Arc
Izuku Midoriya in Haikyuu!! Quirkless AU Izuku Midoriya is a name with many titles, "King of the Court", "Little Giant" and "Ace of a Thousand M...
Artificial Hero by DonkaRonk
Artificial Heroby DonkaRonk
Hey guys, back at it again! Even though im working on another book I've decided to do something else while that one is on cooldown. this is going to be....well the title...
Marvel Cheat Room by Madtitan2018
Marvel Cheat Roomby Willie Johnson
When I play Skyrim special edition I loved the cheat room and other Mods that made my character crazy strong. A thought ran in my head, what if two best friends with a l...
Clover's Ace by M3rxity
Clover's Aceby M3rxity
Asta and Yuno, two boys found on the same day at a church in the village of Hage. Yuno who had perfect magic, along with large mana and control. While the other was a bo...
A Devil's Underworld  by MidnightMage3
A Devil's Underworld by Midnight Mage
This is the of Sam Redgrave the third son of Sparda enters the world of vampires and werewolves who are at war with each other I do not own Devil May Cry or underworld t...
Halo x Warhammer 40k (male reader x Red vs Blue small harem) by ianfranzzoniacosta
Halo x Warhammer 40k (male ianfranzzoniacosta
in this story Y/N will be in aventures of the reds and the blues with a little bit of Warhammer like beast and armors all of them will be in the story and I making this...
Highschool DxD: Lucifer Last Hope (Oc X Highschool DxD) by DayDev
Highschool DxD: Lucifer Last CookiesTS
Kryo Asano was just a normal human being like everyone else in the world but what if... One day he was met with the demon Queen Luci Morningstar (Yes genderbend Lucifer...
The Killing Vigilante by ElementOfLife
The Killing Vigilanteby ElementOfLife
Izuku Midoriya is the son of a very powerful villain, one that didn't want his son involved in his line of work. On the villains way out, he encountered his nemesis, for...