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Unknown. || Country/Statehuman(s) AU by NorthXXMERICA
Unknown. || Country/Statehuman(s) JLS/ an idle
It's always unknown of what will happen next. READ WITH CAUTION! This book contains topics that may disturb you. Began : Jan 4th 2020 Finished : July 15th 2021 ~ Feb 29...
WTTT headcannons by Cyansong
WTTT headcannonsby Cyso
Welcome to the table headcannons bc I don't want to fill my message board with them. Chapters without names are just random headcannons while the rest's names are their...
The United States Of Hetalia by Antoniolovestea
The United States Of Hetaliaby Antonio Perez
America kept the secret as long as he could. How would the countries react to his states? This is going to be very stereotypical.
Handcuffs (RusAme) by RaccoonMania
Handcuffs (RusAme)by Im a raccoon-
Yeah... ok, so, Russia and America get in a fight, UN cuffs them together for a month in hopes to make them get on a friendlier level, or just to teach them a lesson. So...
Small Secrets; Big problem by Canisleepnow09
Small Secrets; Big problemby Canisleepnow
America is the loud, obnoxious, immature nation the countries know, right? But what if he wasn't? What secrets surface after a more than odd call shoves the crew of nati...
Wait, the States? by NorskyPuppy
Wait, the States?by NorskyPuppy
After France noticed a crying baby and a 7 year-old are standing in the Meeting Room, things get crazy(er), and America swears, he is going to KILL Delaware.
American truth by Nightshade962
American truthby Nightshade962
The nations are starting to see a new sides of America and Canada and they're going to meet some people that they are connected to and learn more about their pasts the t...
USSR X THIRD REICH ( book 1) Betrayed and than Forgive by Nightshade820
USSR X THIRD REICH ( book 1) 🇺🇦Aster Rosé🇺🇦
Reich betrayed ussr with the peace treaty. Third reich shoot ussr in the stomach and chest five time so he can be eaten alive in the forest. ussr was thrown in the fores...
50 Crazy Kids! by -King-Hetalia-
50 Crazy Kids!by -King-Hetalia-
When a week of world meetings just so happen to be in America, one of Alfred's kids gets lost. Causing a few misperceptions, complications, and Arthur living with Alfred...
Darkness of Ours (RusAme) by Amaura1406
Darkness of Ours (RusAme)by Amaura
The year is two- thousand, twenty-seven. The USA has collapsed. America is dead. The Cabinet of States has arisen from its ashes. Their very own Countryhuman, Cabi, in...
Hetalia - Pandora's Box  by Enderz_16
Hetalia - Pandora's Box by Ezra.D.Uchiha
A/N - This is a Hetalia Fanfic so if you have never seen the anime or are familiar with the Manga you will be confused and lost. I'm new at the accents so if you see a...
Light of Mine (RusAme) by Amaura1406
Light of Mine (RusAme)by Amaura
"Good is such a strange word, don't you think? You think that you're good and I think that I'm good, but we both think that each other is evil." The person hud...
Deadly Secrets by ghost1018
Deadly Secretsby Jane Doe
Countries are disappearing and no one knows why or by whom. This story follows America as her friends and family begin to disappear while she tries to find a way to help...
Mother Dearest by Canisleepnow09
Mother Dearestby Canisleepnow
Amelia has been running her country in the shadows for centuries. Not a single nation has even seen her. Of course they don't know that. The nations think that the Ameri...
Life of a State by KarlaKilling
Life of a Stateby KarlaKilling
When America runs out during a world meeting after receiving a call, the nation begin to get curious and follow him home only to discover that america has been hiding fo...
54 Secrets And Counting by angy_boop_noodle
54 Secrets And Countingby [author]
so, America is a single father of 50 states and 4 territories. everyone knows he's hardworking and friendly. Wait, sorry I forgot almost nobody knows about his states or...
States, States, and more States![Being Edited!] by BarusuIsBestBoi
States, States, and more States![ Mango
Just the awesome and beautiful states of my awesome country!
50 states 1 Country (Completed) by TheMushroomWltch
50 states 1 Country (Completed)by TheMushroomWitch
America has 50 kids that no one knows about not even U.N he can take care of them but they make it harder to take care of himself. He usually only gets 30 minutes to 3 h...
Wait, You have Kids? 50 of them?! by galaxy-hellhound
Wait, You have Kids? 50 of them?!by galaxy-hellhound
Oh America. The lazy man who sleeps in meeting. Most likely because he plays video games all night. That's what they think. But they don't know he has a very big respons...
Fifty and a Half Children [Book One] by ErrorClouds
Fifty and a Half Children [Book ErrorClouds
It wasn't uncommon for countries to have children, some had few, some had many. Although America is one of many, not 4, not 10, but 52 mouths to feed, all living under o...