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Swordsmen: New Generation by Skiezidy
Swordsmen: New Generationby Skiezidy
Phoenix Arc (Chap.1 - 10) Glory Arc (Chap.11 - 17) Xenfold Arc (Chap.18 - 24) Academy Arc (Chap.25 - 36) EoTW Arc (Chap.37 - ???)
The Seeress by DavidHLee
The Seeressby DavidHLee
A group of mercenaries must escort a mysterious woman through the dangerous lands of Nordlund, where she must reunite with her people in a battle against time.
For The Greater Good-World 1: A Corrupted Cove || World//Zero || by WhereWeGoodFew
For The Greater Good-World 1: A Co...by Where We Good Few Hide Away
For centuries, civilians from World Zero have been transported to other realms for the purpose of defeating foes and gaining rewards in the process, the ultimate goal be...
Demon Slayer:New Gen by HappyRainbow12
Demon Slayer:New Genby HappyRainbow12
After Muzak's defeat, a new and powerful evil took his place as the ruler of all Demons but a new generation of Demon Slayers have been formed to combat this new evil.
SAO Dark Swordsman: Dark Song (Vol 2)  by Kirikito
SAO Dark Swordsman: Dark Song (Vol...by Kirikito
The story of Kenji Hatake goes on In Alfheim Online, a world of fairies and magic, as the the hero of Aincrad, Kenzan, together with his friends try to conquer the float...
REINCARNATED  by Lunarlyeclypes
REINCARNATED by Lunarlyeclypes
Sofia Ray was just a normal girl with just normal life, though she is contented with this life. Unfortunately she got hit by a truck while she's crossing the road causin...
SAO Dark Swordsman: Dark Realization (Vol 3) by Kirikito
SAO Dark Swordsman: Dark Realizati...by Kirikito
Kenzan and and friends are invited to be beta testers for a brand new VRMMO said to be the predecessor to of Sword Art Online, now known as Sword Art Origin, but when Ke...
Bloodlines: Severed Ties by LahTay13
Bloodlines: Severed Tiesby Taylah
Time is running out... Can Sylvia and her gang unite Ammertia before the invaders come? The orb has spoken. A hero must rise, and unite all the creatures of Ammertia to...
Disenchantment Sagas by AkiraAkiyama9
Disenchantment Sagasby AkiraAkiyama9
A Re-imagining of the Disenchantment Story which will follow some plot points from the original canon Netflix series with new adventures and new characters
Pirate King by Renaryn
Pirate Kingby Renaryn
An execution gone wrong throws a witch and a runaway bride into the world of pirates. Seren - a girl too smart for her own good - and Eiryn - a noble girl forced into m...
The Assassin Core: A Path to War Book 1 by JerryWriting
The Assassin Core: A Path to War B...by Jeremiah Ochieng
Fourteen-year-old Matthew Andros, raised in the Castle Phenoix of Andrea, had always dreamed of becoming a soldier to give back to the home that was given to him. Howeve...
The Journey For Glory by aladeensjinnie
The Journey For Gloryby Haider
This a story based on Muslim believes and focused in the modern era and end of times era I will be do some changes in the Muslim believes in This book so it becomes mor...
Fated by seraamour
Fatedby seraamour
In a world ruled by destiny.. which had already decided whom you should be with... Destiny who had already decided by which way you should go.. There was a girl w...
Sao Rewritten (Kirisuna) by XoroCanRead
Sao Rewritten (Kirisuna)by xoro
What if Sao was real? What if there was an Sao school? Well, this is it. BTW it will start at the school after the new first years joined(Kirito and Asuna and a few ot...
Scouting For Romance by Richard_Percival
Scouting For Romanceby Richard_Percival
Malina has had a crush on her best friend, Tytus, ever since they were kids, but Tytus has only ever seen her as a sister. While Malina is determined to fix this, the bi...
Protected Passage by SharinPGP1
Protected Passageby Gloria. P
All That is Gold does not glitter - the hidden gems are hard to notice Not all who wonder are lost - they search The old that is strong does not wither - they surviv...
Grayson by Shanyiss
Graysonby Shanyis
Grayson lives the dull lifestyle as a high school sophomore at Katchburg High. He's grown bored with everything around him. Everything changes for him when he has a once...
•Sea of the Living~Dead Mans Chest• by damagedanvil
•Sea of the Living~Dead Mans Chest•by Anvil<3
--- IN WHICH A not-so hidden away pirate continues to fall for a fellow scallywag, getting caught up in her sisters fiancé's business. --- Book 2 Started : 2 May 2022 Fi...
Martial RPG by STakeshi
Martial RPGby S. Takeshi
Xie Mo can't cultivate. In the Jianghu where strength reigns Heaven and Earth, people like him aren't even an ant. Born without a Meridian and Dantian, he faced inevitab...
Dewdrop | Kimetsu no Yaiba by Lyric_Boyd
Dewdrop | Kimetsu no Yaibaby 🍄mushroom🍄
!Manga Spoilers! This is a tale about a teenage girl named Ameno Arashi, who was an ordinary girl before her mother passed by an illness, her mother asked her for a seem...