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✓ | tampons ( GATEN MATARAZZO. ) by febrvary
✓ | tampons ( GATEN MATARAZZO. )by katie
in which a girl just needs some tampons, and ends up meeting a boy in disguise. ( published 2018 ) ( plot by sovthside ) ( gaten matarazzo x fem!oc ) ( best gaten matara...
Those embarrassing questions that you just don't want to ask by maisieloft13
Those embarrassing questions that...by Psychotic Devil
So, I went through all of the trouble of scouring the internet for both questions and answers of some of the things people wonder but don't ask. Not only do I tackle the...
All Because of a Tampon // Finn Wolfhard by harryslonely
All Because of a Tampon // Finn Wo...by harryslonely
he laughs at her for buying tampons. she yells at him for it. who would've thought it would change their lives? - contains some mature content! trigger warnings will be...
King Charles III  & Crusty Camilla's Tampon by TigerLily_Tilly
King Charles III & Crusty Camilla...by Tilly
Please don't execute me your majesty, but your and crusty's phone sex has traumatized me, so I turned it into a wattpad fanfic... #sorrynotsorry
minion tampon  x reader  by crustycummysock
minion tampon x reader by FARTY y/n
you buy minion tampons and things escalate im slowly loosing my mind
Period talk. (Menstruation information.) by harrys_bbys
Period talk. (Menstruation informa...by D A P H N E 🌈
(Everything you need to know about your period) All about your first period and so on! Pads, tampons, and menstrual cups too! #4- Menstruation ❤️ Disclaimer: I am NOT a...
Tampons // PAUSED by casual_dolan
Tampons // PAUSEDby casual_dolan
When puberty hit a girl, periods are one of the most painful things that happen. Period means blood, which means tampons.
Road Trip With Mr. Annoying (In Editing ) by ChellybeanLovesFood
Road Trip With Mr. Annoying (In Ed...by Chellybean
I glared at Tony and held out my hand. "Give me my tampons" I hissed through gritted teeth. Tony smirked and held the package high above his head. "Come a...
10 reasons why you should kill me right now. by the_fattest_rat
10 reasons why you should kill me...by Born2die
Ten reasons why you should kill me, and me going into detail on how I want you to do it
You're making me feel like the bad guy by HopeSeok37
You're making me feel like the bad...by bighit oppa
an epic love story between two butt ugly men with mediocre dick and victim complexes
It was going to be a fart! by Claudia_g_01
It was going to be a fart!by Claudia_g_01
This is a fictional story that I made up after hearing about a friends accident. I hope you enjoy, I'm not a writer but I have a big imagination:)
My Prince Not-So-Charming by Sarden2000
My Prince Not-So-Charmingby Sarden2000
What happens when you ask a random guy for a tampon? You get emabarassed. And what if the guy turns out to be a prince. Double the embarassment. Well, adding that the gu...
The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Uterus by that-bish13
The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Ute...by Lia
While the boys are away, the girls come out and suffer because of stupid sex organs no one asked for. Boys stay. Educate yourselves. Please.
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Period Advice & Stories by prettydamngoodx
Period Advice & Storiesby lisa al
Is it that time of the month? Well you've come to the right place to learn how to deal with it, It may be your first time or even your 18th time but we can all learn fro...
Daddy's Home (18+)🥵😘😩😏 by evenewsong
Daddy's Home (18+)🥵😘😩😏by evenewsong
A story in which daddy's brings his kitten some tampons home because he is nice🥺🥺
Periods by grace2311
Periodsby grace2311
My Period Put Into Context.
The Goddess Of Blood And Life by tao_lao_loa
The Goddess Of Blood And Lifeby Boo Tao
Once there was a young child. A weak and lifeless child. One day the child found a goddess who promised a good life for the child... The child became a goddess but who k...
forks,spoons, all the utensils u can name by ANGIEEETUT
forks,spoons, all the utensils u c...by ANGIEEETUT
you daily kitchen smut👩‍🍳 🍴🥄 prepare ur cabinets cuz this is abt to fill it with kitchen utensil coom 🥛
Demigods on their periods by yessireexx
Demigods on their periodsby nosireeeee
This book will include each female demigods first periods and normal periods. It's important that we normalise periods and i hope to achieve this through fanfic. I am a...