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The Factory Girl // Book 1 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Factory Girl // Book 1 in the...by Amelia Harper
Rosie Grey was only seven years old when she arrived at Mr Thompson's cotton factory. Now fourteen, she has become accustomed to the treatment of the workers and the har...
The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the...by Amelia Harper
Fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey has experienced her fair share of pain and suffering. After finding a position with the Ealing family, Rosie hopes for a fresh start and a...
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in t...by Amelia Harper
A month after leaving her life as the Ealing's scullery maid, fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey had to go back home without so much as a reference. Her brother helps her star...
Maddox Academy: Grievous Beginnings - Wattys 2022 Shortlister by Spruce_Goose
Maddox Academy: Grievous Beginning...by Amelia Harper
After passing the prestigious Maddox Academy exams, Flick Grieves is shipped off to the middle of the country to attend her new school. With a social divide evident from...
His good ways by Albrie_
His good waysby Britanny Brey Lazo
His character is very good, hardworking, reliable, respectful and a very good son. That's how Brandon Letiro can be described, he graduated from the engineering course...
The Lost Memory (Completed) by missheaven_
The Lost Memory (Completed)by Blythe Manuel
Charmaine needs a work to help her family, especially to her father that had illness. She found her first job when she applied on Guerro's family to be the personal assi...
Yellow Cake and a Rose [boyxboy] by JumpOvahDahRainbow
Yellow Cake and a Rose [boyxboy]by Marmalade.
a boyxboy romance between a shy freshman, Will Couture, and a collected, cool headed senior, Khyber Graham. :DDDD
Hetalia Yaoi, Yuri and straight ships by Sunnybunny1738
Hetalia Yaoi, Yuri and straight sh...by Mira the shipper
This story is about the hetalia characters an has yaoi (boyxboy) and yuri (girlxgirl) and it is also r18 so if you don't like that stuff don't read. Requests are accepte...
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC) by flxwerswillgrow
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC)by flxwerswillgrow
Rhys and Vale are familiar with each other. They go to the same school, they are part of the same therapy programme. But against the warning of their doctors, they both...
Fearless by MissMimiMoo
Fearlessby (Macey)
This is a fan-made sequel to Heartless by Marissa Meyer! Join Catherine in the adventure she takes to find her lost love <3 ALL CREDIT GOES TO MARISSA MEYER
All Eyes On Me by skylar4ever
All Eyes On Meby Olivia Stallman
Cienna and Alina are both rouge Omegas, as well as bestfriends. Recently attacked, they turn to a nearby pack Alpha Sigmas, where Ciennas destined mate Cameron, heir to...
Internal Infatuation by fatalthoughts
Internal Infatuationby Fatal Thoughts
Student/Teacher Mr Eric Jensen is startled when he meets someone new, someone that when he looks at, it hurts him because she is so beautiful. She has a...
Proper and Polite by UhWhaTheHeck
Proper and Politeby AH_URH0TTTT
Well I don't want to spoil it do I?
I am the weapon of my own destruction :( by fakepearl
I am the weapon of my own destruct...by pearl
its all began in 2015 , during my 10th grade and it was the commencement of my downfall .
words to describe someone's personality by MeiLin9
words to describe someone's person...by Mei Lin
A-Z dictionary on ways to describe someone's behaviour or personality
HEALED by Iamshramana
HEALEDby Shramana Mandal
A drug addict has been healed by a doctor. The person has learnt to view the life from a completely different perspective. How was their journey like? [COMPLETED ON : 21...
Polite by beder123
Politeby beder123
Books are judged by covers, and so are people