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Singularity (Rimuru x Arifureta) by Aestics
Singularity (Rimuru x Arifureta)by Aestics
If you hear the word reincarnation nowadays, it is usually an untrue fairy tale of being transported into a new world and overcoming the greatest evil to bring about a g...
Origin of the Death Goddess  by NullAzatoth
Origin of the Death Goddess by Null Azatoth
what if Rimuru was Olivia's Father, what if Olivia valedstorm was actually a Princess and the daughter of the Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest and Testarossa the Killer Lord, T...
Rimuru|One Shot/Reaction/Shorts/AU/Ship|Tensura by NullAzatoth
Rimuru|One Shot/Reaction/Shorts/AU...by Null Azatoth
One Shots|Shorts stories|Reactions
Rimuru's Restart by NamelessStoriess
Rimuru's Restartby StoryTeller
Rimuru Tempest is the Strongest Fighter in the tensei slime universe at the end of the series! so let's take a look at this world where Rimuru restarted from the start a...
The Second Dragonoid's Tale by zairrik
The Second Dragonoid's Taleby zairrik
Follow an unlucky fellow as F/N discovers a new world and things he never knew. Rediscover things he would rather have forgotten and left back on Earth. Then is the futu...
COTE and Tensura by nearfun
COTE and Tensuraby nearfun
It happened so suddenly. No one expected it. Just after the year changed, a meteor fell from the sky and hit the ANHS. No one survived the incident. Everyone was killed...
So I became a trainer huh? (Pokemon Fem SI x Tensura fanfiction) by Spetsnaz_soldier_578
So I became a trainer huh? (Pokemo...by alexander dragovich
What if you could live a pipe dream? would you do it? I sure as hell would. So to anyone who reads this welcome to SIBATH! it's basically a parody/crossover with tensei...
Rimuru Back 100 years by NullAzatoth
Rimuru Back 100 yearsby Null Azatoth
in the void we could see the strongest fighters of the cardinal world facing off against 2 dragons. A firce battle considered as the fight among Gods(Capital G) In the m...
Rimuru x MHA by meteormoonnight
Rimuru x MHAby meteormoonnight
Come join rimuru on his journey in the world of MHA where he will be teaching a bunch of problem children and fight villains (I will be looking in the comments sometimes...
The Mother of All by Weixian_Yu
The Mother of Allby Weixian_Yu
Rimuru who's known as the creator and mother of all monsters and humans, creator of the world who was dead and finally humans and monsters decided to cause trouble when...
First Firmament (Tensei Slime Fanfiction) by Aestics
First Firmament (Tensei Slime Fanf...by Aestics
(August 2023: This was something written back on August 2022, a whole year ago. I took it down not long after it was published but I thought about reuploading it. No pla...
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Kijin by GodlySaiyanWarrior
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a...by The Alpha Saiyan
When a young teenager dies in a house fire attempting to save his sister, they are reincarnated as a Kijin. Will this new monster adjust and thrive in the strange fantas...
Silver Primordial Demon by Weixian_Yu
Silver Primordial Demonby Weixian_Yu
Rimuru was the second primordial demon. Also suppressed the True Dragon she was known as the "SILVER PRIMORDIAL DEMON" some people call her "silver"...
God of Wisdom・fem rimuru・ by Weixian_Yu
God of Wisdom・fem rimuru・by Weixian_Yu
What if Rimuru is the god of wisdom in Genshin impact? and was the first god in the Genshin impact world . . . . ➢ all the gods know Rimuru ➢ Rimuru still has his 1...
True Dragon Siblings by Weixian_Yu
True Dragon Siblingsby Weixian_Yu
ships : veldenava x lucia velgrynd x rudra rimuru x ruminas? rimuru x guy? siblings : leon x chloe rimuru x ciel fem!rimuru [Past title 'True Dragon Siblings'] veldenava...
(HIATUS)Meeting OF Two Shadows |Tensura x Eminence OF Shadow| by NullAzatoth
(HIATUS)Meeting OF Two Shadows |Te...by Null Azatoth
Adventures of soui shadow squad in another world| Soui the shadow of the great demon lord Rimuru Tempest one of tempest Executive and one of the few people in tempest wh...
Tempest Adventure by LordVelda
Tempest Adventureby Lord vel 1.0
I did this for fun..... Pls don't be harsh . . . . . . Due to tempest massive growth and their hunger for knowledge made them one of the strongest super countries to eve...
We Devoured Even The Gods - Tensura x God Eater by Haru_Sakagami
We Devoured Even The Gods - Tensur...by Haru
Ivaraj and Rimuru Fought Across the Universe and the Magic Energy that the two are releasing cause chaos within the planets in the universe. after the battle Rimuru Emer...
Slime goes Back in Time, but with a Twist? by Sleep_Deprived_Slime
Slime goes Back in Time, but with...by Insomniac Slime
Summary: 420 years after the great Tenma war, Rimuru got bored and went back in time. (Wow, so original) This is my first ever fanfic and my attempt at making my own Ten...
The Fun Without Us by Weixian_Yu
The Fun Without Usby Weixian_Yu
| genshin × tensura crossover | Rimuru, the 3rd strongest harbingers also the manipulative member of the Octagram most known as the Fatui Harbingers. eventually the pup...