Tenseislime Stories

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Rimuru's Restart by NamelessStoriess
Rimuru's Restartby StoryTeller
Rimuru Tempest is the Strongest Fighter in the tensei slime universe at the end of the series! so let's take a look at this world where Rimuru restarted from the start a...
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Kijin by GodlySaiyanWarrior
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a...by The Alpha Saiyan
When a young teenager dies in a house fire attempting to save his sister, they are reincarnated as a Kijin. Will this new monster adjust and thrive in the strange fantas...
The Mother of All by yue_yue1102
The Mother of Allby linou
Rimuru who's known as the creator and mother of all monsters and humans, creator of the world who was dead and finally humans and monsters decided to cause trouble when...
Tensei Slime X Op male wizard reader: A wizard who was Banished to the woods by JustyTurner
Tensei Slime X Op male wizard read...by KamenRiderMaster117
This is a story of the most powerful wizard in the world who only wants to help people and protect his kingdom from any outside threats so he can make them safe. Everyon...
True Dragon Siblings by yue_yue1102
True Dragon Siblingsby linou
ships : veldenava x lucia velgrynd x rudra rimuru x ruminas? rimuru x guy? siblings : leon x chloe rimuru x ciel fem!rimuru [Past title 'True Dragon Siblings'] veldenava...
God of Wisdom・fem rimuru・ by yue_yue1102
God of Wisdom・fem rimuru・by linou
What if Rimuru is the god of wisdom in Genshin impact? and was the first god in the Genshin impact world . . . . ➢ all the gods know Rimuru ➢ Rimuru still has his 1...
The Fun Without Us by yue_yue1102
The Fun Without Usby linou
| genshin × tensura crossover | Rimuru, the 3rd strongest harbingers also the manipulative member of the Octagram most known as the Fatui Harbingers. eventually the pup...
tensei slime x ??? by Theslimyboi
tensei slime x ???by theslimyboy
so i will be using wn rimuru. I was thinking giving a try to write a rimuru fanfic crosover with some other anime. The second chapter is for recommendation s you can use...
That time i got reincarnated as a demon (Tensura x male reader) by Biohazardbycod69
That time i got reincarnated as a...by katayama nakamura
a soldier named Y/N L/N found himself in a freezing world from human meddling of nature called the freezing due to the global companies and rich people wanting people to...
The Second Dragonoid's Tale by Zairrif
The Second Dragonoid's Taleby Zairrif
Follow an unlucky fellow as F/N discovers a new world and things he never knew. Rediscover things he would rather have forgotten and left back on Earth. Then is the futu...
Smile by yue_yue1102
Smileby linou
Slimes. it was an uncommon animals in the world but you can only see it during winter so they cannot melt but. . . What does it feel like seeing a slime but can tal...
The Fifth Ancestral Spirit by CharysTheBurdened
The Fifth Ancestral Spiritby Nikolai Walker
What if the Divine Ancestor had incarnated the fifth great spirit... that's all.
A Very Eccentric Demon by CharysTheBurdened
A Very Eccentric Demonby Nikolai Walker
This story takes place in "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime" The summary is that after Rimuru defeats the orc disaster, a new problem is presented when...
Harry Potter x Reincarnated as a slime by Blacknight936
Harry Potter x Reincarnated as a s...by HollowKnight
Harry Potter the boy who lives dies as a young boy as his body even with his magic working to keep him alive can't take anymore he is reborn as Satoru Mikami living thi...
Slime in Infinite Dendrogram  (A world of infinite possibilities) by Anos_Isekai_Fan
Slime in Infinite Dendrogram (A w...by Anos_Isekai_Fan
This is not a crossover story In the year 2043, Infinite Dendrogram the world's first successful full-dive VRMMO was released. In addition to its ability to perfectly si...