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The Cafe  by MsDelicateRose
The Cafe by Leigh
A neutral place where Vigilantes, Villains, and Heroes can enjoy beverages, cupcakes or cakes. It has simple rules. No shady business, capturing or interrogating anyone...
Hawksdeavor oneshots by CareNoOneGives
Hawksdeavor oneshotsby CareNoOneGives
Disclaimer: The story cover does in fact belong to me! The characters however belong to BNHA creator Horikoshi! This book contains a bunch of different oneshots, going f...
warm you up by hicccuj
warm you upby khæna
The story of two men, who grow to be each other's soulmate. Keigo's precious heart is filled with love for the flame hero, who seem to be an arrogant person with cold at...
TodoDeku Oneshots by its_cold_in_december
TodoDeku Oneshotsby salem
Hey there! This is my official TodoDeku Oneshot book! Each oneshot has a different prompt, and many of them are set in AU's (Alternate Universes) meaning that some of t...
No Ones Puppet {Child Todoroki Shoto x Aunt Reader} by MidnightStars7
No Ones Puppet {Child Todoroki B
"I refuse to allow him to be raised by someone of your status" "You have no Strings to tie you down you are free to be you" ~ ~ ~ {Y/N} had always be...
The Many Married Lives of Izuku Midoriya by MaidinHeaven08
The Many Married Lives of Izuku MaidinHeaven08
Current Chapter: Female Izuku(Izumi)/Shigaraki Tomura: A peek into the LOV's Tik Tok account. Oneshots depicting the many married lives that one Izuku Midoriya and his...
Rewritten Soulmates EnDeku by Momokitty14
Rewritten Soulmates EnDekuby Momokitty14
I wanted Enji and Izuku to be the biological parents of all the Todoroki children but hide it because of both of their jobs, but mostly Izuku's jobs. Working for the gov...
Enigma  by yelenas_anthem
Enigma by yelenas_anthem
[yandere! todoroki family/fem! reader] Being Touya's twin came with more cons than pros, but that was just life. Her family dynamic was crazy... but it was getting bett...
Celos [EndeHawks] by La_Gay
Celos [EndeHawks]by Iresme
Hawks ama poner celoso a Enji, eso es un hecho. La primera cita. Contiene Lemmon v: -Imagen del manga xdxd Esa porque si c: Fanfic creado para el "Hidding Friend&q...
Honesty || Todoroki Family Oneshots by Randomfandom300
Honesty || Todoroki Family Oneshotsby Todoroki-kun
Todoroki family Oneshots, mainly angst, revolving around the siblings and how they cope. {Cover image does not belong to me} ____________...
Bubblegum | BNHA / Hunter x Hunter x Reader by MidnightStars7
Bubblegum | BNHA / Hunter x B
"Well this confuses me more than you" "Apparently I'm a secret love child that's just great" - - - In Which a Fifteen year old assassin finds herself...
The Shape of Fire by Vhaenya
The Shape of Fireby Vhaenya
Security Officer Needed. The Federal H.E.R.O. Public Safety Commission Inc. is searching for motivated individuals to fill the role of an Armed Security Officer. In this...
Fixing Things by rayahclaypoole
Fixing Thingsby Vanny_Afton
This is a Renji (Rei x Enji) MHA AU. Rei and Enji loved and still love each other very much. Shortly after graduating from UA they got married and two years later had To...
A Todoroki's Tale: Expecting a Hero by Nexlaru
A Todoroki's Tale: Expecting a Heroby Nexlaru
After school, Hotaru thought things would slow down for herself and her growing family. With all of her classmates getting married, having children, and becoming an aunt...
Wrong Moves! by comedyxtragedy
Wrong Moves!by comedyxtragedy
Hawks met Fuyumi at charity party. At first, he just wanted to play and had a break from his job. However, things went downhill and the Todoroki's were out hunting for h...
Rabbit Heart / Lion Heart by villainscomplex
Rabbit Heart / Lion Heartby Marimo (ON AO3)
Unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, his mind keeps skipping like a broken record. It's been damaged for as long as he can remember, repeating over and over since that day w...
Todoroki x Midoryia yandere story by X0XTodo
Todoroki x Midoryia yandere storyby X0XTodo
When todoroki falls for Midoryia he'll do anything to make him his.
The Archangel by JaxTheDragon
The Archangelby Jax Raylum
Shota Aizawa, paranormal expert and demonologist, hiding as a preacher for his family church Hizashi Yamada, a demon too kind for his realm, a person too kind to harm an...