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Just For Safe Keeping  (TomTord) by A_Spoonful_Of_Salt
Just For Safe Keeping (TomTord)by oh.
((This was my first ever fanfiction and a lot of the chapters and events were me trying to figure out my writing style. I do not consider this my best work at all. Viewe...
Cat Eyes || Tomtord by Smugegg
Cat Eyes || Tomtordby Smugegg
~After the end~ Tom drank heavily in "celebration" of shooting Tord with a harpoon. Unfortunately, he overdosed and died. The afterlife wasn't what he thought...
Pool Prison (TomTord) by bigdum69420
Pool Prison (TomTord)by ✿Lamer✿
It is the summer before senior year, and Tom has just landed a job with his ex girlfriend as a lifeguard at a public pool. Things start to take a turn when a regular at...
Wine Red (TordTom) by MehWhyDoIEvenRead105
Wine Red (TordTom)by (DeadHeadBand¿)
*TordTom* *This is in a fantasy AU.* *Cover is mine.* *Not an attack on any religion* *Shipping of the characters, not the actual people* When Tord, the king o...
Guarding Angel (TomTord) by Sweety1635
Guarding Angel (TomTord)by Sweety Cake 1635
After the incident with Tord's giant robot, the harpoon hit Tord in the chest. He tries his best to survive, but failed. He wanted to at least apologize to his friends. ...
Swear words and pet names (Tomtord) by Bloodinjuryinjection
Swear words and pet names (Tomtord)by jeph
Tom is frustrated with not being able to understand Tord when he insults him in Norwegian. After an argument, he sets off to learn as many Norwegian swears and insults a...
Who are you? (TomTord) by Sweety1635
Who are you? (TomTord)by Sweety Cake 1635
(After The End) Tord woke up on the hill, his head hurting. He was just laying on the ground in pain coming from his face and his arm. He found out he couldn't see out o...
What's a soulmate || Tomtord by bluethedorito
What's a soulmate || Tomtordby N A D I A
{REWRITING) "what's a soulmate?" "well its uh.. like a best friend but more, it's the one person in the world the one person in the world that knows you...
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic) by Cannedbabs
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic)by Brave
This is a Tom x Tord FanFiction! Oneshots of them will come later if I feel like it// Warning: Possibly NSFW Material! (I will put at the beginning of the chapters), cur...
Strawberry Panic {TomTord} by god-wont-answer
Strawberry Panic {TomTord}by Time is fake and you are valid
Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something...
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord  by onionlion
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord by onionlion
Tord is an insomniac with his late night terrors that keeps him up late, and when Tom accidentally finds out about this, he decides to help Tord out. After all, they're...
Scissors and Strings  by fabiolatorres784
Scissors and Strings by Kios
Tomtord Soulmate Au Tom and Tord has hated eachother. They always think they'll be enimes forever. But what happens when Tom keeps carying scissors and trying to cut the...
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Experiment Blue by mossysprout
Experiment Blueby Sprout
Very old fanfic that I wrote back in middle school. Will never be completed sorry <3
I Used To Hate You [Old] by Reactier
I Used To Hate You [Old]by If You're Straight, You're Not
Once Tord landed and sat upon that hill he felt... Weird. He didn't know what it was, but then his eyes landed on Tom as he was walking away with his other 2 former best...
Worries ( completed) by artiedemon
Worries ( completed)by Can’trespondtodms
Tom and tord likening each other ..... with some fluff but that's it HOW IS THIS PIECE OF TRASH GETTING SO MUCH VIEWS?!
TomTord Highschool (Alpha Omega AU) by Melody-Wonder
TomTord Highschool (Alpha Omega AU)by Angel<3
Tord Lynn is a submissive omega with a horrible past in Norway. When he goes to England for a new start he meets 3 people. A omega name Edd Gold which is mates with Matt...
No Fear by Reactier
No Fearby If You're Straight, You're Not
Growing up Tord always tried to make Tom cower in fear, but Tom was never afraid of Tord to even show a response to his attempts to scare him. It started when they were...
A Future War ~  Future Au TomTord Eddsworld FanFiction by Fangirl-9-1-1
A Future War ~ Future Au Fangirl-9-1-1
Tom wakes up in a strange room unable to move and with no memory. Waking up in this confused haze surrounded by interesting characters as he discovers the events that le...
"I'm sorry":TomTord REMAKE by xplrsh3y
"I'm sorry":TomTord REMAKEby ♡
This is a remake of my story - "I'm sorry" on my old account @/cosmicstar9. hopefully this one is less cringe. If you need to read the old one for this one to...
The Angel With Demon Wings by TrashBabyRemus
The Angel With Demon Wingsby TrashBabyRemus
This is an AU where Tord was experimented on and was turned into a demon. Tom is his caretaker, and the two hit it off at the start. Hope you enjoy!