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turtle tot stories | tmnt 2012 by VioletPixels
turtle tot stories | tmnt 2012by – pix ♡
[EDIT 8/2/2020: This story is no longer being continued. It's also very old and not a reflection of my current work! Feel free to read if you'd like, though!] Ever wonde...
Ask or Dare T.O.T.S.! by TorchTorque
Ask or Dare T.O.T.S.!by Stupid With Love
K.C.: Hello, dear readers! *smiles sincerely*Thank you for picking out this book! Pip: K.C., I'm not sure we should do this *scratches his neck* Freddy: Come on, Pipster...
30 days of  totsember  by BiancaSantana880
30 days of totsember by Bianca Santana
Family drama prompts at headquarters in T. O. T. S. About each member of T. O. T. S. have a family problem but everyone at tots help each other fight their inner demon...
Ask Or Dare T.O.T.S.! (My version inspired by TorchTorque) by ThePenguinFanGirl14
Ask Or Dare T.O.T.S.! (My ThePenguinFanGirl14
Ya know my old account, @ThePenguinFanGirl13? Well.... I'M BACK!!! I had to take a little break for a while and decided to come back with a new account and more stories...
Christmas at T.O.T.S. by TorchTorque
Christmas at Stupid With Love
C+*+H+*+R+*+I+*+S+*+T+*+M+*+A+*+S It had always been Precilla Preline's dream to work at T.O.T.S. as one of their Junior Fliers. She had been preparing since she first h...
General Art & Stuff Book by Minkbearr
General Art & Stuff Bookby Minky
Just a silly book for stuff I wanna dump here. Primarily art and kids show related stuff. (Placeholder cover)
Turtle Tots: A to Z by Kittymasterofall14
Turtle Tots: A to Zby Kitty
Splinter, raising his 4 little sons and learning the ups and downs of parenthood. Ages will vary. lot's of fluff and turtle tot cuteness! Disclaimer: I do NOT own the pi...
Pip & Freddy Stories (T.O.T.S.) by Owlnard
Pip & Freddy Stories (T.O.T.S.)by Owlnard
A little story about Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo, from the show Tiny Ones Transportation Service. Two male birds who might just be friends, or maybe somethin...
T.O.T.S.- The Bully Problem (My version inspired by @Uniquedoll602) by ThePenguinFanGirl14
T.O.T.S.- The Bully Problem (My ThePenguinFanGirl14
Pip felt something he's never felt before. Something weird, unknown, and different. He was...scared. Scared of something crazy that was entering T.O.T.S. as their new fl...
~Fip Oneshots~ by xFipDipx
~Fip Oneshots~by xFipDipx
Don't read it, it is not worth your time- I honestly don't know what this is
Owned by authorwriter15
Ownedby authorwriter15
Can they help each other by means of faking it all out or will they end up falling in love with each other?
My Drawings by UltraLolbbPlayz
My Drawingsby WakaPop86
Any drawings of mine (or if you want me to post your art here, I'll gladly do it and credit you too) will go here.
 FEU Meet UP: Book 1 (Celine Domingo & Tots Carlos) by MichHanwilass
FEU Meet UP: Book 1 (Celine Mićh Elle 🇵🇭🇪🇦
Between meet with unexpected reason....i tell you on what is my mentioned... #UAAP #CCS #Toline
Mi Amore by dani_elle04
Mi Amoreby Dani
Jema and Deanna's first interaction happens inside the court, with a heated staredown. The staredown that became the hot topic of fans in social media. But how can this...
One Night With A Stranger by FckingPerfect08
One Night With A Strangerby FckingPerfect08
Deanna Wong and Jemma Galanza
T.O.T.S.- Pip's Ball by ThePenguinFanGirl14
T.O.T.S.- Pip's Ballby ThePenguinFanGirl14
T.O.T.S. has its very first ball (think of this like Prince Charming's ball in Cinderella) and Pip is chosen to be the prince! But when Pip's ex and enemy show up, what...
Expect the Unexpected (ToLine) by tolinecardo_
Expect the Unexpected (ToLine)by tolinecardo_
It is all about Tots Carlos of UP and Celine Domingo of FEU. Hope you like it. Fanfic lang 'to mga bes.
Mine . by Kai-avil
Mine .by Azure-rokai
just another chloenette story Male! marinette = Mathues ship name Chloeus and more ships in between
Little turtles by Melflormelissa
Little turtlesby Melissa Garcia
Donnie makes a young potion and acidentally splashes in himself.raph and mikey.and then turn into baby turtles.then leo needs to do something to make his brothers back t...
The Best Unexpected (toline)  by Volleyphr
The Best Unexpected (toline) by Volleyphr
Newbie here. Just trying to make some story according sa mga nakikita ko. Since mabenta sa feed ko yung Celine Domingo at Tots Carlos (toline), eto na nga po hehehe